Lawyers must represent killers of their colleague – Eholor

Social Crusader and President of One Love Foundation, a not for profit organization, Patrick Eholor, has disagreed with the members of the Nigeria Bar Association(NBA) Benin branch on their stand not to give the suspected killers of one of their members, Osobase Omo Iyoha, legal representation during their trial.

Reacting to the decision, Eholor said: “I disagree with them. I think it is unethical. They have sworn an oath to defend the week, the strong, the poor etc. So, morally they cannot pass a law not to defend the suspects.

“Constitutionally they cannot do it. Let me refer to the case of Ted Kaczynski, a union bomber in America. He was killing his victims with letter bombs. He was represented during his trial. The worst case in American history before George Floyd, Rodney King, the police had representatives.

“The Nigeria Bar Association are planning all these because they are pained. It makes us look uncivilised. I sympathize with the deceased. I demand justice for him. But the suspects have a right for legal counsel. It would be unethical for the NBA to do otherwise. The association has no right to take that decision.”

On the spate of raping and killings all over the country, Eholor stated: “We have such characters all over the world. That’s why we must be careful who we leave our children with. Take the case of Uwaila Omozuwa, who was viciously murdered in a church in Benin. Those who committed the heinous crime should not go unpunished.

“Are we progressing or retrogressing? I remember while growing up that we used to have a forensic and fingerprint section at Alagbon Close, Lagos. We use to have A Division in Benin. When you commit a crime they will take your fingerprint and find you. We also use to have photoshoot called Mug. When you commit a crime they will take your picture so that when you commit another crime they will know that you’re a familiar face to the police.

“What happened to these things? In the advanced world they have surpassed DNA. We don’t have a DNA laboratory in Nigeria. Yet you put a lot of money on security vote. What are they doing with the security vote?

“We are a failed state. If we were not a failed state there should be progression. The police are very fast to find a suspect when a murder occurs. But they are not fast enough to prevent a murder from happening.

“My concern is that the Nigeria Police are inefficient. What they do is to harass people, collect bribe and kill innocent people. That must stop. We must tell the police to do the right thing. The federal government must give the police proper funding, retrain them and equip them with modern gadgets. We must flush out corruption in the police. Police collecting bribes at roadblocks and making returns to DPOs, CPs and IGP should be stopped.”

Eholor took a swipe at Tom Obaseki, who is handling the World Bank flooding project, a continuation of the Benin Water Storm Project, threatening to report him to anti-corruption agencies.

“Before the World Bank takes over your land they must adequately compensate you so that a job is done without disruption. However, Tom Obaseki wants to take us (land owners) for granted by coming up with some frivolous excuses that one Pedro Elamah has interest in the same land that he has promised over a year ago to pay us compensation.

“I have started doing the needful by writing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent and Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC) and the World Bank to expose his nepotism and favouritism. That he is making interest with our money that he is supposed to pay us.

“I am not the only one affected but I am a mouthpiece to all of us affected. Under the World Bank guideline Tom has erred. This is what the elites do to the poor. Tom has made a mistake thinking that we are all collectively stupid. But he has got it wrong. I am going to expose him, we are going to use every legal means to demand justice for all of us.”

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