We will frustrate your efforts to occupy our land, MASSOB replies Miyetti Allah

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have said that they are ready to frustrate the plans of Miyetti Allah Fulani terrorists, in the South East and Niger Delta areas of the country.

MASSOB in a Press Statement sent to Jungle Journalist Media Limited
described the declaration of Miyetti Allah to set up a security outfit across Nigeria and occupy the South East/ Niger Delta areas (old Biafra territory) as a systematic agenda that President Muhammadu Buhari knows about and has given his blessing to.

The Statement also accused the Federal Government of using security forces and Fulani terrorists in the ‘implementation of the systematic agenda of President Buhari led federal government of Nigeria to forcefully islamize the citizens of Old Eastern Nigeria and Middle Belt regions’.

The tersely-worded Statement, signed by MASSOB leader Comrade Uchenna Madu read

“Miyetti Allah as the federal government recognized body regulating and overseeing the affairs and activities of the terrorist Fulani herdsmen and militias in Nigeria has overwhelming back up from President Buhari led federal government of Nigeria in implementing and complimenting the islamization agenda of the federal government of Nigeria.

“For the fulanis to boldly issue out this sacrilegious and abominable statements proves that the establishment of their security vigilantes are already in execution stage. They merely want to know the reactions of Igbo leaders which will always be the temporal noisemaking.

“No amount of the so called national peace talk or political cohesion hypocritically and subtly executed by the Fulani oligarchy will ever save this geographical expression called Nigeria from her imminent collapse.

“In the bias and shallow mind of President Mohammed Buhari, he thinks that he is executing the agenda of Othman Dan Fodio and his other Fulani ancestors in making Nigeria the permanent home country for the Fulani wanderers but not knowing that all his activities and primitive policies are speedily destroying Nigeria and helping our agitation for Biafra to gain more international and diplomatic attention and recognition.

“MASSOB wishes to reiterate our earlier resolution with other pro Biafra coalition that Fulani security vigilance services will never be tolerated in Biafra land. They should establish their vigilante services in their Fulani villages in Arewa land not in Biafra.

“It is only the indigenous people of the tribes that make up Biafra with the spirit of heroism that will always withstand President Buhari’s foot soldiers called Fulani herdsmen and militias. The people of Biafra are ever ready to defend and protect our land, lives and properties with every available means and methods.

“President Buhari and his Fulani Service Chiefs can never subdue or defeat the people of Biafra. The technological experiments of Nigeria Biafra war of 1967— 1970 can never be compared with the modernized technology of today.

“President Buhari and his Fulani herdsmen should know that their British back up and Islamic countries alliances against the people of Biafra and middle belt Christians will never withstand Biafra’s diplomatic relationship, sympathies and accord with super nations of the world that are more advanced in modern technologies than Arabs countries”, Madu stated.

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