You don’t have monopoly for violence, Igbo National Council warns Miyetti Allah

The Igbo National Council (INC) has warned the Miyeti Allah its claimed plans and preparation to establish their security outfit across Nigeria.

INC in a statement said ‘that they should limit their operation only in North West Nigeria and should not make the mistake of encroaching into the territory of the Igbo Nation in Nigeria’, as any such move will mean their sailing on ‘the River that will sink their boat and cause regret to them’ .

The release, signed by Chilos Godsent (President INC) and Zulu Ofoelue (Secretary General) read further:

“Territories of the Igbo Nation in Nigeria remain a No-go-Area for any Jihadist Terrorist Organization that may want to embark in a terrorist expedition against Igbo Communities.

“We thus, reemphasize on our earlier stand that Miyeti Allah should know that no single tribe or ethnic group in Nigeria has a monopoly of violence against others. That the Igbo Race has chosen a peaceful approach to press for self-determination in Nigeria should not be construed as weakness.

“We therefore enjoin the Igbo Race in Nigeria to remain resolute and vigilant. The Igbo Race has never been known to be cowards.

“Finally, we wish to state explicitly that from now henceforth, any person or group that dare the Igbo Race, attack or attempt to invade any member of the Igbo Race or Igbo community anywhere in the world will regret the consequences of the singular act” .

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