Buhari should jail the idiot called Naira Marley or I lead a million man march against his government – Activist

Patrick Osagie Eholor, President of the One Love Foundation and Social Crusader, has called on the government to prosecute and jail Naira Marley, if found guilty of contravening Covid-19 pandemic guidelines.

“Are we retrogressing or progressing in this country? People like the late Majek Fashek and the late Bob Marley always sang to correct anomalies in the society. Even the likes of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti were known for using their music to fight for social justice. “Now, what can we say of Naira Marley whose songs are amoral. He keeps elevating fraud like Yahoo plus, rape, illicit drugs, prostitution, law breaking and other irrelevances.

“How can we be promoting this kind of idiot? An aeroplane that is supposed to convey essentials like doctors, medical equipment, drugs and other things that will save lives in this Covid-19 pandemic era be assigned to convey Naira Marley and his crew to Abuja for the concert.

“Can’t we prevent a crime from happening? I am calling on heads of security and anti corruption agencies to be redeployed or sacked for negligence of duty. Failure to do this I will lead a million man match to fight this nonsense.

“If Naira Marley is not prosecuted and jailed if found guilty the government will be encouraging many of us to become lawless. I don’t see why the law should be bent in some cases. The law is never known to respect anybody.

“Naira Marley has become a recurrent nuisance in the society thus the authority should use his present misdemeanor to cure his malady. He has no good equity contribution to the society. He is an outlaw.

“If the government is serious about the fight against corruption it should revoke the licence of the Jabi Lake Mall where the Naira Marley concert was held. The mall should be converted to a facility to accommodate homeless kids. “The organisers of the concert should be punished as they are culpable of going against the law,” he stressed.

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