Why PDP must insist on giving the people only the best – Kalu

The National Publicity Secretary, PDP Youth Alliance, PDPYA, and the Director General, Gobal Initiative for Good Governance, GIGG, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has once again called on the largest party in Africa, PDP, to heed the cry of the masses by giving them true leaders whose onus is not self aggrandizement, but service to nation.

In a statement he peesonally signed and made available to the press, Dr Kalu argued that the essence of leadership is to offer solutions that will help improve the lot of the masses, insisting that anything short of that is blackmail.

“We have been on this path for too long, this is the time to think for the masses because there’s no other way to grow, progress and unite Nigeria than investing in improved life for the general citizenry” he said.

He therefore encouraged PDP to scout for the best aspirants with reputable character not the ones that go arround to give citizens little token because it is election time.

“This is time for us to define our future as we ought to drive our own progress by making sure that we elect qualified aspirants that will work for the nation, not the ones that will only see election as investment time.

“We must reject those that only start to do humanitarian works like building houses and doing hospital assistance only because they want to fool the people. Leadership in Nigeria must be taken behond this obvious” he argued.

As a man that have been a staunch advocate of Good Governance through service, he maintained that qualified candidates are people with the interest of the citizens and the party at heart.

“This is time to wake up and get involved to make sure we get the best for our people and stop this business as usual that will always cause us our rights.

“Nigerians have borne the brunt of political miscalculations in the past. PDP must own up to this task to save the nation because we have no other place to call our nation”

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