Oshiomhole Remains Edo State’s Political Shining Star, by Sebastian Ebhuomhan

Re: The Osazua Ivbaze Column

No matter what nay sayers with infected pens like Osaze Ivbaze write and no matter how low they attempt to denigrate Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s towering status, Oshiobaba, as he called the former labour leader, remains one of the greatest political shining stars of Edo State.

Just to briefly answer Ivbaze’s failed commentary above (before I reply him and his ilks extensively in my next essay), the fact that the NEC with President Muhammadu Buhari in attendance overwhelmingly ratified the candidacy of the APC, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, without any ado at the meeting is a resounding affirmation of the indelible marks of the responsible leadership of APC by Adams Oshiomhole.

Indeed, Oshiomhole had never said, at any time, that he would chair the APC for life or forever! In life, everything that has a beginning definitely has an end. So, I’m sure as I sincerely believe now, that Oshiomhole must be very satisfied with his APC tenure and eternally grateful to Mr President as well as the entire leaders, members and stakeholders of the APC for the opportunity he was given to serve.

Considering that Mr Ivbaze had expected the APC NEC to nullify the candidacy of POI, as Victor Giadom had drunkenly announced earlier, what I will kindly advise bubonic writers like him to do now is to channel their energies to the scandalised and doomed 2nd term bid of Godwin Obaseki of the PDP so as to overcome the mountain of problems, challenges and issues that will prevent him from returning to Dennis Osadebey Avenue.

With the ratification of POI by APC NEC, there is no hiding place from now for the ingrate, called Godwin Obaseki on September 19, 2020. Hence, all hands would now be on deck to chase Obaseki, not only out of APC but also from the immunity of Edo State Government.

After all, what Ivbaze would not disagree with is that to rewrite the record of incompetence, ingratitude, lies and hypocrisy that are the hallmarks of the Godwin Obaseki forgettable administration in Edo State, the challenges before Obaseki require much more than he, Ivbaze, merely attacking Oshiomhole and posting his sons’ videos on social media to affirm support for Obaseki and PDP!

Sebastine Ebhuomhan, an award winning journalist writes from Abuja

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