By Ifebuchi, Williams Chime

Indeed, it will be undeniable to say that, Hon Emeka Onunze of Enugu North local government council, is a leader par excellence, who can be quoted to be a replicant of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, the executive Governor of Enugu State in terms of Leadership dexterity and sagacity that is aimed at promotion of peaceful coexistence, as a peace loving leader, a capital human developer, and most importantly, a Youth friendly Governor across the States of Nigeria.

However, permit me to gainfully state who a true leader is, for the purposes of understanding and further clarifications on the subject matter, as i insightfully tablet the kind of leadership prowess that is associated with the personality of Hon. Emeka Onunze ,TATA of Enugu North.

Accordingly, a leader is a servant to all. Who is embedded with the feelings and desires to serve others without minding his or her current position, or without looking for a reward, side praises and or even a gift in return as an appreciation.

Furthermore, a good leader is also someone who can withstand constructive and sometimes, in-constructive critics and still survives the havoc of hate speeches and evil propagandas, without relenting in his or her positive service orientations.

Apparently, TATA, as he is fondly called by many, especially his friends and political supporters, has shown to be a genuine and impeachable leader par excellence, following his resilient commitments towards the service of humanity, for the growth and development of Ndi Enugu North. A subtle evidence of this fact is drawn from his decision to unimpeded the door of political leadership of Enugu North to all, especially those who are willing to partner with him in creating a society devoid of crimes.

As a good leader Hon. Onunze has based his political philosophy on the grounds that, any good leader ought to replicate and reproduce their kind, in other to have a leader champion’s who can directly take their position tomorrow. This is because he has for long accepted the saying that, “every good leader must have a better successor in life”.

Furthermore, as inexhaustible leader, Hon. Emeka Onunze has practised and known to be a famous detribalized and liberal political figure, by a way of imitating His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Executive Governor of Enugu State, who has ultimately built a friendship from all parts of Enugu State and beyond and has equally enjoys acceptability in every looks and crannies of Enugu North Local Government Council as a nationalistic and patriotic figure in the State.

Undoubtedly, Mayor Onunze remains one of the best council chairman currently in Enugu state under this present political dispensation, as he has kept to his promises of fulfilling the utmost responsibilities and oath of allegiance politically and otherwise as sworn on his assumption as the chairman which are not far fetched from defending and promoting peaceful coexistence among the good people of Enugu North, through his exceptional and requisite political cum economic policies, thus, marking him as one of the most preforming and workaholic local government chairman in Enugu State today.

Political games aside, a close relationship with the Chairman Enugu North, Hon. Emeka Onunze has made me to believe that, leadership and governance goes beyond political affiliation, color and race. This fact is vividly seeing in him based on his liberal political philosophy, by making the office of Enugu North local government Council accessible for all, especially those that believes in the leadership of all inclusiveness, with the option of supporting grassroots initiatives for sustainable developments, Youth empowerment programs and enhancement of peace and security within the villages and towns of Ndi Enugu North LGA.

However, TATA, despite his tight engagements as an astute political businessman, usually creates time and opportunity to spend immeasurable moments with his immediate family, as well as his well wishes and political friends (colleagues) within the political spheres of Ndi Enugu State and beyond. This unquestionable character understanding as he has been able to showcase over the time, by actively participating in the football training of Ndi Ogui Nike and other sociable and memorable events, despite his political position as council chairman.

Nevertheless, one could be asking to know the essence of this action, or possibly say that, all his actions are politically driven. But if these radical and scandalous assertion are by anyways opined by anyone, it will definitely not be fun, but targeted at defaming the personality of Hon. Emeka Onunze, because as a good leader, your social status and political attainment in life ought not to make you feel superior above others or should imbibe in yoy the spirit of arrogance and segregation. But should stand to be a tool through which one can easily render concerns, love , kindness, and humility towards the masses. To this end, Onunze’s non-egoistical attitude has distinguished himself from others as he had ovately followed the foot steps of his mentor, Gov. IFEANYI UGWUANYI, who in many ways has planted his foot prints indelibly as birth marks on the sand of times; which in turn was further noted as one of the best outstanding leader par excellence in the region of the South East and beyond.

Against all odds, TATA is known to be a silent but great achiever, whose delicacy of kindness and humility knowns no bound. He is an articulated leader, a humble and devoted Christian, who has chosen the part ways of righteousness, as the only possible means through which one can attain to any desirable heights in life. No doubts, all this exceptional qualities and leadership skills are what has stands him out as a mirror to our younger generation within Enugu North and outside Enugu State.

Ifebuchi, Williams Chime
Writes from Enugu South LGA.

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