State Police Stations should establish Public Complaints Channels-Social crusader

The founder of One Love Foundation, and social rights activist, Patriot Patrick Eholor has tasked the Nigerian Police Force to establish public complaints mechanism across the states in order to enable the general public get responses to issues speedily.

Speaking to journalists, Eholor observed that the police force have a public complaint mechanism in Abuja with social media platforms and phone numbers.

According to him, this has made it somewhat difficult in responding to complaints by citizens in real time due to to its far distance.

He further said “To this end, it is suggestive and appropriate that every state police command should have a public complaint desk manned by Senior police officers, member of the civil society and NBA.

“This complaint desk is to entertain reports from citizens on unprofessional dealings by police officers. Members of the complaint desk should have the power to summon any police officer to respond to accusations by a citizen and the appropriate sanctions in line with the Police Act and regulations with recommendations to the authority for further action.

“There should be social media handles and active phone numbers with which citizens can send complaints to for quick attention. Wide publicity should be given to the existence of the complaint desk for citizens to know and access”, he stated.


It should now be a serious offence for any officer or group of officers to collect money and let go a self confessed suspect to an offence. The punishment for such financial exchange to the detriment of the societal security should attract a replacement of such officer(s) to inherit the offence so committed by the suspect. For instance, if an officer collects money to release a self confessed kidnapper, such an officer should be charged to court for conspiracy, aiding and abetting and the punishment that goes with kidnapping should apply to the officer.

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