Edo Indigenous Movement set for showdown with companies marginalising its citizens

The worldwide uniting body of all Edo indigenes, Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA) has warned that it will no longer tolerate the marginalisation of its citizens by multinationals, banks, government parastatals and other companies in its own soil.

EPIA, also known as Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) while announcing its planned showdown with these companies, frowned at the continued marginalisation of Edo indigenes by these comknakes domiciled in Edo soil.

EPIA /EIM President, Chief Bishop JOE Edokpolo who spoke to our reporter in Benin City on the matter, said they have received several reports of marginalisation by indigenes and would swing into action to verify these issues and ensure they are corrected. Hear him;

“We Edo indigenous people will no longer tolerate marginalization of our Indigenes in their own land. Moving forward, companies, banks and governments must learn to prioritize Edo Indigenes and put them in the priority first class, list that they belong to, as EPIA/EIM is set to verify and expose the companies and banks that are underemploying and underpaying Edo indigenous people.

“This act against our people is contrary to the Local Content Act passed into law by the then Administration of Goodluck Jonathan in April 2010. We can no longer accept to be 3rd class citizens as we are not slaves in our own land”, he warned.

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