Osaro Onaiwu, Politics aside, respect your elders!

By Dominic Osaigbovo Okuosa

Last night, I was shocked to come across a tweet made by an otherwise respectable Edo-born gentleman, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, against our mentor and the elder statesman, Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo.

In the tweet, Onaiwu said “#Edo2020, Captain Hosa Okubo(sic), don’t bring the wolves out, keep your last integrity”, and he signed it with his name.

For a man of Onaiwu’s standing to stoop so low and tacitly insult Captain Okunbo in the name of politics is a joke taken too far.

Captain Okunbo is certainly not a man to run his name down for the crumbs of politics.

He has paid his dues in building a business empire, and is using same to build sustain the image of Edo indigenes.

Captain Hosa has been honored with the prestigious Global Peace Award, in Geneva, Switzerland, by H. E. Robert Blum, in recognition of his efforts in global peace and business innovations. He was bestowed with the prestigious Order of Lafayette award at the United Nations day for Global Peace. The Order of Lafayette is a patriotic, hereditary, nonpartisan, and fraternal organization established in New York City in 1958 by Colonel Hamilton Fish III (1888-1991), a former Congressman from New York and decorated veteran of the First World War.

He started out his eventful professional life as commercial jet plane pilot at 21, logging almost 10,000 hours of flying time and flying with several airlines including the defunct Nigeria Airways. He ventured into agriculture where his company, Wells Hosa Farm Limited, has invested millions of dollars in green house farming and agro-allied business in Edo State. Wells Hosa Farm Green House project is now operational and attracting off-shore interest from the US government.

Wells Farm Limited has about 9000 hectares farmland in Edo State that would in the end be built into an agricultural park. The investment is so big that it is projected in the first instance to generate 25,000 jobs, with a capacity to create over 60,000 indirect jobs. In the sea, he has over fifty sea vessels, both for security and crude oil movements. His companies; Ocean Marine Solutions Ltd and OMS Tankers Ltd wrought wonders in bailing out NNPC from its challenge when he had to move crude in marine vessels to the refineries in Warri and Port Harcourt as oil pipelines were massively vandalized.

For over 15 years now, his company, OMS Tankers Ltd, has supported in raising the level of oil production in Nigeria and its sustenance by providing dedicated and efficient security solutions for offshore production assets of the major international oil companies operating in the country.

To this end, Captain Hosa not only invests heavily in Edo land, especially in his farms, he also repatriated his earnings home for the overall development of Edo State.

Getting an international, a global peace price is no mean feat, and Hosa has always demonstrated in word and deed that he does not have time for unnecessary fights. Why Onaiwu is dragging his name about is what we do not know yet.

Earl on the other hand, has risen too in the annals of Edo fame, having served as the Coordinating Consultant of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum(no mean feat), the CEO of runs a protocol company, a fashion outfit, and a real estate, leasing and sales company in Abuja.

Onaiwu must understand that the fact that his companies serve the affluent is not enough an achievement to begin running his mouth against a colossus like Captain Wells Hosa Okunbo.

In Abuja, Onaiwu lives like a king, and is supposed to command respect. In 2016, he even stood up tall to run for the highest elective position in Edo State- he wanted to become our governor! But this is a man, with all his name, fame and pomp, does not own a house of his own!

Yes, let me say it here for those who don’t know- Earl Osaro Onaiwu has been junketing from rented apartment to another rented apartment. He understands what leadership is all about but he cannot boast of a place to call home. This is unbecoming of a man who should understand what leadership means in Edo State. A man of his standing, of Edo origin, am sure understands what it means to be the leader, first of a family, a kindred, a community, and a people. But I am befuddled that a man who cannot even boast of his own house, four years after he ran for governorship of our state sees himself as an authority regarding what happens politically in Edo land.

And yet, Captain Hosa, in all humility, has continued to insist that his name should not be dragged in the mud of political arguments. Why Onaiwu masticating on his name, and even mentioning wolves side by side his name is what shocks me. If I may ask, what wolves? Just be aware that we don’t do wolves in Edo land. We do leopards and lions, it it’s not time for war yet.

Take caution sir, because if you stretch out the hand of battle against our beloved mentor and respected statesman, we will tell you, and also prove to you that WE DEFEND OUR OWN BY EVERY MEANS NECESSARY. As you chew on your next meal, ruminate over this.

Leave Captain Hosa alone, let none play with the tail of the napping leopard.

Okuosa, a public affairs analyst writes from Benin City, Edo State capital.

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