Edo Indigenes fault Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s claim that black means evil  

Edo Indigenes leader and president of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), aka Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide has faulted Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for stating that Africans should stop identifying themselves as black which he said is evil.

Chief Dr Bishop Omogiade Edokpolo who spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Limited correspondent on the phone in Benin, advised Oyakhilome to quickly withdraw the sermon that black is identified with evil,while arguing that black is the origin of all other color, and therefore, even better and superior to the others.

Edokpolo said; “The statement that black people should stop using the word black as identity is completely unacceptable, and we condemn it. We are black people, and we are proud of being black. If you look at the color of your hair, it is black. The most surprising aspect of it is that Pastor Chris is an Edo indigene, and that is why we are very concerned about your statement, and we urge you to withdraw that statement, and stop trying to classify black people as white. I don’t know where your research came from. As a pastor, and a minister of classified Christianity, we are very proud of you for being a global minister, but please do not wrongly represent Edo indigenes and black people with all those terminology.

“If you look at your skin, and want to maintain who you really are, you will know that you are black. Your skin color is black. The color of your hair is black. So I want to use this opportunity to inform you that the statement you made is borne out of a slavery mentality, so withdraw it, so that the world will not misinterpret your statement and by so doing, reduce the global value you have.

“You are not supposed to use that terminology that black is evil. What is evil about black? I don’t understand. God created light from darkness, there was darkness before light. Light cannot work without darkness. Once it’s night, darkness must come, whether you like darkness or not. It’s a reality, and moreover, that does not really relate with color of skin. We use this English to identify the color of who we are. If you look at white people, they are not truly white in color. How do you identify them?

“There is a difference between the white color and the white man. If you also look at the black man, it’s also not exactly black. The black man is a bit of chocolatey in color. The white has bit of yellowish, red or pink.

“You told us not to identify as black, but you have not told us what to identify ourselves with.

I don’t know how color relate to evil, evil is a thing of the mind. Calling someone black has no way in any shape or form, relate to evil. What it does is identify a class of people. Your state of mind determine whether you are evil or good.

God bless Edo indigenous people worldwide, God bless black people, God bless Africa, and God bless us all, he finished.

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