NIGERIA/GHANA: Retrace your steps for the sake of Africa, Edo Indigenes tells Ghana

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association, EPIA has appealed to Ghana to retrace its steps over the draconian laws its making against Nigerian business owners in the country.

EPIA said its high time Ghana president, Nana Akufo-Addo realize that whatever policies are made against Nigerians will breed bad blood and mess up the much needed unity of African nations and people in the long run.

The Ghanaian government had imposed a $1million levy on traders in the country, who are mainly Nigerians, claiming that its action was due to the border closure policy of the Nigerian government.

Ghanaian Foreign Minister, Honorable Shirley Ayorkor Botchway had cited the border closure policy by President Buhari as having very badly affected the revenues of Ghanaian exporters.

But in reaction to the policies EPIA founder and Edo indigenous leader, Chief Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo stated that this is not good for Africa, while addressing newsmen in Benin City.

He said “We expected Ghana president to be civilized, given his past speeches and presentations. It’s sad that he has a disunity mindset. The act of levying such a huge tax on Nigerian businessmen is condemnable. Should there be anything Africans should expect, he should show leadership qualities.

“We expected him to be an African leader. We call on him not as Nigerians alone but as African Indigenes to please stay away from his discriminatory and condemnable act. What he is doing is not different from what apartheid government did-marginalization, oppression, and this is doom for Africa.

“Nigerian leadership and Ghana must come together now and know where each has erred and retrace their steps. We must return to our brotherliness as soon as possible. Ghana and Nigeria must play a good role as leaders and show example”, the Edo leader advised.

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