Equity in 2023 PDP Guber Ticket: Nkanu East in Perspective, by Ambassador David C Ani

Since the creation of Enugu State from old Anambra State, Enugu has remained one of the most peaceful states to live in(The Sun Newspaper in 2016). There has been interlocution within and outside the state on the ingenuity of such credit.

But this may also be attributed to the state’s one party system and lack of competition which in itself, brings backwardness and lack of development.

Constitutionally, we have three senatorial zones in Enugu State. Since its creation, political powers and proceeds has been revolving around these political niche and enormous peace has been obtained through this process.

But some months ago, there seem to be a rise in political awareness and consciousness, and probably, power may change hands to another political party due to alleged plans of the sitting governor of the state, Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to hand over the PDP party ticket to an Isiuzo man who is more Nsukka (Enugu North) thank Nkanu. Due to this, some analysts are predicting the expiration of PDP in the state if this is done.

Others have argued that the next governors must come from Awgu extraction which are part of Enugu west senatorial zone

Some of this new political principalities against the age long equitable distribution of political power in the state are themselves the by-product of the arrangement. They have resorted to so many unfounded political languages in the state just to attract emotions and sympathy.

Some have started manufacturing so many languages just to suit their selfish ambition, and while a group said they’re now “greater Awgu”, another even argued that “when Anambra was created out of Enugu, we had only Enugu, Abakaliki, and Nsukka senatorial zones and that when Ebonyi was created out of Enugu state, we had Enugu and Nsukka zones left”.

However, following the original agreed pattern of Enugu State for equity, the governorship ticket should be zoned to Enugu East Senatorial Zone, and this should not be dragged with Nkanu East LGA. Nkanu East remains the most underdeveloped and magenalised LGA in Enugu State, with the highest land mass and highest capacity of food production in the state.

Before and after 1999, Nkanu East have been backward in infrastructure and politics despite her contribution to the feeding and development of the state.

Nkanu East is supposed to have two or more state constituencies considering her nature of settlement and population. For instance the people from the northern part of the LGA will have to cross over three LGAs in the state before getting to the LG headquarters(Amagunze). Secondly, Nkanu East despite its huge land mass and population, has just one state assembly seat till date.

Most large towns in Nkanu East such as Nkerefi have not produced even a local government chairman since the creation of the LGA due to the huge population and land mass of the LGA.

Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, a former governor of the state 1999 ruled for eight years without constructing a single road leading to any part of Nkanu East.

Since the creation of Enugu State, this local government have not been shown any sense of belonging, unlike our brother LGAs Nkanu West, which produced governors, senators, House of Reps members and is the host of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT.

There is also Isiuzo Local Government which have produced so many vital political positions and also hosts a popular Federal College of Education located at Eha Amufu.

As a matter of fact, Nkanu East in particular has not done anything unconstitutional, rather we’re just abiding by the peaceful provisional arrangement of the state through the PDP rotational system of leadership. To set the records straight, the population of an Nkanu Land is put to about 48% in the state. We have also over 35% of our people living all over the other zones. If numerical strength is power in a democratic set-up such as ours, then it becomes only fair for our brothers in the other side of the world to reason with us.

Meanwhile, the three constitutionally recognized zones since the creation of Enugu State has been happy with the arrangements as every zone has been producing the governor at their own turn.

Since PDP dwells on the equitable distribution and rotation of political powers, (and as we all know that) it’s the turn of Enugu East to produce the next Governor of the state. Furthermore, in as much as equity must be attained, Nkanu East being the most underdeveloped local government in Enugu State should be considered based on the language of equity.

As a peace loving people, Nkanu East people have endured the underdeveloped nature of the local government, believing that Enugu State’s PDP equitable distribution and rotation of power will come to Enugu East and by extension, Nkanu East is in the right position to get the ticket.

The good people of Nkanu East are also ready to turn their support against anybody or group of bodies, political parties that may dream to murder their rights.

Hon Ambassador David C. Ani
(Odogwu na Nkanu) writes from Enugu.

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