Foundation commends US over sanction on election riggers

The Coordinator of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has commended the Government of the United States of America over the latest ban on politicians who rigged elections.

Eholor was reacting to questions from journalists who sought his opinion on the development.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, he said “It’s a welcome development. I honestly think it’s the most sincere thing the American Government has done for Nigeria. The European Union should also follow suit to restrain all Nigerian politicians who have been involved since our Nigerian democracy; there has to be a sanction for anyone who have been involved in the past or present.

“They and their families have to be banned from entering America or any European country. This will serve as a deterrent for present and future politicians. In fact, should go further more to seize their assets anywhere in the world because what they are doing is criminal and banditry, and also, they should extend the olive branch to some of our notorious pastors and some of our notorious military officials and all ministries and institutions, including Customs and Police for human right violations and theft.

“America should use their military intelligentsia and we would support them with our whistle blowers to give them information required to nail these bandits so we can have a better society. So the exodus of refugees will stop. We don’t need their foreign aid if they can assit us with this, for a better Nigeria is possible”, Eholor stated.

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