Edo State, Role Model of Nigeria’s Democracy, says EPIA

By Isaac Eranga

Edo Progressive Indigenous Association EPIA also know as Edo Indigenous movement Worldwide, said with the free and fair conduct of the Edo Governorship election, Edo Indigenes have proven to the world that civilization started with the Edo people of West Africa.

This was disclosed by the Edo indigenous leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr. Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo in Benin City after the end of September 19th Edo Governorship election. He called on other Nigerian States to emulate Edo State in moving Nigeria forward.

Chief Dr. Edokpolo said Edo election attracted the attention of the world. He said Edo State became the focus of the world, saying Edo election became popular like that of Nigeria general election.

“Even the media was not exempted; the election can be described as one of the most peaceful elections in the history of Nigeria irrespective of the negative predictions of violence.

“This will go a long way to further send a clear message to all the political devourers that Edo people has gotten a clear understanding of what democracy is all about, they now focus matters to them most and not what the party leaders direct.

“Edo Indigenes have also proven that they have a mind of their own, and that to moving forward, the politicians must adopt the choice of the Indigenes and not the reverse.

“Edo can now officially be said to be the role model of democracy in Nigeria. It’s time to project Edo Indigene for presidency come 2023,” said the Edo indigenous leader.

To the winner of the election, Governor Godwin Obaseki, Chief Dr. Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo said he should always be grateful to Edo indigenes in the diaspora who mobilised their people to vote for him and spent their hard earn money to publicise him. He said Edo indigenes in the diaspora did more than enough to promote the candidature of Obaseki, i strongly recomend to the governor elect to join the Edo Indigenes in diaspora for the fight to promote diaspora vote protion to the federal government.

“I want to specially thank President of Nigeria- Muhammad Buhari and the Independent National Electoral Commission for ensuring that the election was free and fair. I also want to thank Edo Indigenous people at home for voting their concience by not selling their votes, he also call on the governor to ignore the none Indigenes who will instigate disunity or hatred among you and your fellow Indigenes and focus more on how you can unite all the Edo people irrespective of their political affiliations and not let Edo unity down.

“My final take is that he should not disappoint Edo indigenes and residents that voted him and pay more attention to Edo Indigenous people by creating empowerment for them as way to show appreciation to Edo Indigenes worldwide, the nonpartisan group EPIA/EIM , assure the governor elect that they will do everything to support
and partner with his administration in every sector to contribute to the development of Edo State ,” said he.

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