Dr Kalu Advices Youths To Stay Within The Periphery Of Geneva Rules Of Protest, Avoid Destruction

Dr Emeka Charles Kalu has this morning called on the Nigeria Youths to desist from destruction of public infrastructures in the name of protest because this is like shooting one’s self in the leg trying to clean a gun.

In a short video message to the youths, Chief Kalu acknowledged the fact that the the carelessness of the present government had infuriated and agravitated a civil matter that could’ve been handled with the greatest caution and maturity to save the nation the pain of another breakdown and the attendant loss of innocent lives, even as she is still trying to wiggle out of harsh effect of Coronavirus.

The best we can do to register our displeasure is to stay within the Periphery of rules of protest under the Geneva convention or the effort will amount to futility when it is classified as riot and unlawful.

Destroying government infrastructures built with our own money can only push us into harsher situations and greater unemployment as those people working in the establishments who are also youths will be put out of job too.

We are all pained by the bad system, we are aware that the youths have been shortchanged and schemed out of control over their destiny, they’ve made their voices loud and shooting any of them was a very bad and condemnable approach to civil matter. But I am appealing to the youths to stay within the reasonable path of rules of protest.

I also call on the government to do the needful by addressing the situation, profer solutions to placate the youths as stick and carrot approach will hardly work in the 21st century.

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