PROTESTS: Protect non-natives, Igbo communities in the North, Igbo Group appeals to Security Agencies

A front line Igbo organisation, OCHIE IGBO has called on security agencies in Northern Nigeria to help protect Igbo lives, businesses and interests in the region.

Ochie Igbo in a 5 paragraph letter, signed by its Coordinator, Mazi Benedict Okoro and made available to journalists said the civil disturbances in parts of the country, especially in parts of Rivers State is worrisome and capable of sending the wrong signals across.

While calling on Igbo youths to avoid violence and tow the path of peace, Okoro appealed that the security of Sabo Ngeris (non-natives) is very paramount in the 19 states of the North, especially in this trying times.

It said in parts:

“We write to call the attention of Security Agencies in Rivers State concerning the activities of some irrate youths at Oil Mill.

“The violent activities by a group of young men from the North brandishing matchetes, metals and dangerous weapons, whilst chanting Allahu Arkbar puts people at harm’s way.

“We wish to suggest that these chants have the capacity to create chaos, breakdown of law and order and cause anarchy.

“We urge the Security Agencies to ensure safety of lives and properties in all the Sabo Ngeris and Igbo settlements throughout the 19 Northern States.

“While the dogs of war are baying for blood, it is pertinent that we rise to the challenge of this season; together we shall overcome.

“OCHIE Igbo”.

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