Stroll Lagos streets to prove you are still Jagaban, Eholor challenges Tinubu

By Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor

I will not encourage anybody to burn and loot but I will always encourage people to fight for their rights because their rights is their life. I am appealing to journalists that they should henceforth show civility by addressing people appropriately. If you address us as thugs and hoodlums when we travel out of the country those who are over there will see us as such.

I am surprised at the emptiness of Governor Obaseki’s address to the people of Edo State recently. He was blatantly accusing members of the opposition of wielding guns and other deadly weapons during the #endsars protest. As the chief security officer of the state. He is vested with all the authority to arrest such people but he didn’t rather he was apportioning blame. We are tired of this unnecessary fight.

I am appealing to Governor Godwin Obaseki to desist from inciting the people of Edo State against each other. He has won his second tenure election. Let him go about ensuring that we all enjoy the dividends of democracy which he promised during the campaign. He, not his aide, should tell us why he stored palliatives while people were starving. We have millions of street urchins carrying plates and begging for food in the north yet northern governors stored palliatives not minding that the people are dying of starvation. If there is a definition of wickedness it is Nigerian politicians.

I listened to Bola Tinubu saying that he is still the Jagaban. Let him prove to us that this is true by strolling around a major street in broad daylight unaccompanied by police escorts.

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