Omobude Agho: The Indisputable ‘Godfather’ of Civil Society Movement in Edo State

By Leftist Osazee Edigin

A lot of persons have given the wrong meaning, interpretation and impression about the word ‘godfather’ in Nigeria probably they have refused to look up the dictionary for it or because they have acquired half education just to follow whatever trend that comes their way.

There are certain persons who will pass through the planet earth and leave behind indelible marks to be remembered for many years to come owing primarily to their selfless contributions to their generations and the ones thereafter. One of such persons is Leftist Omobude Agho, the immediate past Coordinator General of Edo Civil Society Organisations.

It will be important we consult the Oxford English dictionary first to be able to know what the meaning of godfather is.


1. A man who presents a child at baptism and promises to take responsibility for their religious education.
“he is godfather to her son”

2. A man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization.
“the godfather of alternative comedy”

Leftist Omobude Agho is more than qualified to be called a godfather in the civil rights movement in Edo State. He has over the years maintained consistency and resilience in building a formidable movement that has thrown up thousands of godchildren across the world through his mentorship disposition.

It’s very unfortunate, in Nigeria we have demonized the word godfather and what it depicts due to the type of politics we do here. There are godfathers in every sphere of life including the church where it presupposes the word emanated from, looking through the dictionary meaning of it. Godfathers are enablers to growing enthusiasts who become mentees before they could stand on their own.

What Omobude had succeeded in achieving over the years is to redefine what a godfather stands for, not the type of political godfathers a lot of Nigerians are familiar with.

As a godfather of the movement, he has stood on the front line with his leutenants that he had groomed confronting societal ills that tends to muscle the masses to a state of hopelessness. He has led many battles for and on behalf of the masses without a single compromise on his part.

He doesn’t enjoy a monthly salary or allocation to stay afloat, neither does he place demands on any of his numerous godchildren like the political godfathers do. He has maintained a fair family size from residue and passive incomes from his private ventures unknown to many. He hasn’t touched the organisation’s kobo as a leader.

He is a man largely loved by his numerous godchildren and distanct admirers. His presence is a threat to the oppressors in the society. He has over the years built what is called Study Centres across Edo state. These are community based educational classes where locals are equipped with the requisite information to be able to stand and defend their rights even without formal education.

Omobude Agho has faced several challenges in life by denying himself opportunities before him. Not to mention several accidents that has threatened his life. He is currently bedridden from a ghastly motor accident he had on his way back from Edo Central Senatorial Zone, where he went to set up four study centres at a go. In one of the accidents he had, a commercial bus driver rammed into his old Mercedes Benz V-boot and destroyed it beyond repairs, due to his compassionate life, he forgave the driver.

Much love was to be shown to him thereafter by members of EDOCSO who realised how he has used his personal car to do interventions in pushing the interested of the masses passionately and with fierce commitment, reasoned amongst themselves and collectively bought and donated a vehicle to him. While that was ongoing, another person from nowhere donated a Toyota Hilux to him which he had the recent accident with. He only drove the vehicle donated to him by members of EDOCSO for a while and gifted it away to someone who he felt needed it.

A major internal battle he has always had is the attempt by the political class to hijack EDOCSO which he led to an enviable height. This they have made attempts to do over the years by themselves or through their sponsored proxies. Even while still bedridden and no longer a Coordinator General of EDOCSO, there have been attacks on his pedigree. Thank God for the godchildren he has imparted on, who have stood firmly to repel any of such demonic attacks adequately.

Omobude Agho is a great motivator and he is bold. Many of his godchildren refer to him as the ‘oduma’ of civil society. ‘Oduma’ means lion in Edo language. I think the proper qualification should be the ‘godfather’ of civil society in Edo state. Who in his right senses wouldn’t want to have a selfless, committed, passionate and altruistic godfather like Omobude Agho. He is getting up soon to join his godchildren in energizing the struggle. The love and support thus far from the people have adequately been responsible for his medical expenses. They are well appreciated.


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