Daughter from Hell:Horror as woman slaughters mum, uses flesh as peppersoup and dry meat in restaurant

Mfon Umoh is a restaurant business lady who runs a restaurant at Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State.

Recently concerned neighbors started questioning about her mother’s whereabouts as she was not seen for days and they both always have clashes.

Almost every time Mfon would promise to kill her mum and use her as dried meat.

As neighbors could not see the woman for about three days, and noting that her daughter Mfon wasn’t worried about her mother.

Concerned neighbors decided to take her search serious.

Few days ago into the search, Mfon apartment was invaded and neighbours discovered that Mfon has slaughtered her mother and was selling the flesh of her mom as dried meat to her customers in her restaurant.

Men of the Akwa Ibom Police Command have since arrested her, and what is left of her mum’s carcass taken away.

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