Video of Abia Chief of Staff spraying money is fake, I can prove it, says cybercrime expert

Mr. Frank Obi a cybernetic and cybercrime expert has called on the Abia State Government not to be rash in passing judgement on it’s chief of staff, ACB Agbazuere as the video making the rounds on social media may be cloned.

Mr. Obi made his position known to newsmen when he was asked to give his expert opinion on the trending video about the chief of staff to Abia state Governor spraying money on a certain man of God in his office. Mr. Obi simply said “do not believe everything you see on social media. With the level of technological advancement, anything is possible”. It is easy to use certain specialized Apps to distort original videos already made to give other meanings to it.

The cybercrime expert called for restraint on the trending video till expert opinion is sought.

He opined that it may be the handiwork of people who are out to tarnish the image of the chief of staff. He maintained that it is very possible that the video is cloned and warned against relying on the strength of the video clip to pass buck.

The chief of staff may be innocent he concluded. I ask for second opinion from experts to be able to ascertain the originality of the said video.

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