ANAMBRA 2021:I Will Revive Education- Chika Jerry Okeke(Guber Aspirant)

Just like Awolowo did to the West, so will I do to Anambra State. My government will pay special attention to education. Minimum wage for the teachers will be raised higher to attract qualified teachers most especially male teachers to the sector thereby injecting more seriousness and discipline into our students Teachers should be given car loans and affordable houses.

My government would not collect any school fees from primary 1 to 6 school pupils. All the exams conducted in the state would be free of charge.

I will pay special attention to schools in rural communities because I want to be the governor of the poor.

With the exception of Onitsha North, Onitsha South, Awka South and Nnewi North LGAs, my government will build 17 new secondary schools. One in each of the 17 LGAs in the rural areas of the state. The new schools which should be boarding schools will be model and of world class standard. Special exams should determine who gets admission into the schools. The children of the poorest of the poor who are brilliant enough should have the opportunity to study in thoe schools. The schools should be tuition free, free uniform, free feeding and free textbooks

I will launch education tax fund in the state and money will be raised to renovate all the schools in the state from primary to secondary schools. I will bring back the boarding school system in some schools. I will build teachers quarters in most schools as well as principals” houses.

There should be functional e-libraries in our schools and functional science laboratories.

There must be at least one standard technical college in each of the 21 LGAs.

I will build one standard teachers training college TTC in Anambra state into to train my teachers.

All the PTA teachers presently suffering in our public schools will be trained and converted to permanent teachers. I will officially announce this on my inaugural speech in March 2022 during my swearing in ceremony as the brand new governor of Anambra state. About 10 thousand teachers will be recruited in education sector before the expiration of my 100 days in office.

Fellow Anambrarians, you don’t need to know somebody that knows somebody before you get a job in Anambra. You don’t need to fast and pray again before getting government jobs in Anambra State. We have disturbed God enough. The time for Grace is now. And God will take all the Glory.

Teachers will be promoted based on the performance of the students. One best teacher in each of the educational zones in the state will be rewarded with a brand new car or its cash equivalent. Other nominees will get consolation prizes.

There should be one state university, one state polytechnic and one state college of education in each of the three senatorial zones in the state to take care of admission problems of our youths that want to study.

I will reactivate the Anambra state scholarship board to take care of our students that want to study abroad or at federal universities. There should also be a bursary award in each of the 21 LGAs

Poverty will cease to be a barrier to any one who wants to excel in education.

The money I will use to revamp education sector will be raised through grant and funds especially from UNESCO, affluent Anambrarians, our friends and people in diaspora and as well as education tax fund.

Chika Jerry, gubernatorial aspirant for Anambra State 2021

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