Judiciary, arms of govt must operate on absolute separation of powers – Activist Eholor

The Democracy Observer – General and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has stated that unless the three Arms of Government operate on the basis of separation of powers, doom awaits the upcoming generations of Nigerians.

Eholor made his position known to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, while discussing issues of governance in the country. He decried the increasing spate of impunity, which he said is a result of the abuse of the laws of separation of powers.

Hear him “It’s imperative to draw attention to the above subject which has been undermined by our leaders.

“The constitution of Nigeria allows for absolute separation of powers of the three(3) arms of government which include:
The Executive Arm,
The Legislative Arm and
The Judicial Arm.

“These arms of government were created to checkmate the excesses of each other to create a balance in the affairs of effective governance. For the purpose of the injustices consuming the country in all sectors, emphasis will be laid on the Judicial Arm of Government.

“The Judicial Arm of Government is very sacrosanct whereby laws created by the Legislative Arm of Government are interpreted for execution by the Executive Arm of Government. Over the years, the rot in the system has disabled the judiciary to perform optimally which is supposed to be the hope of the common man in the streets.

“There are many factors militating against the judiciary which some include; reports of cases where judges collected bribes to subvert justice, nepotism (where judges are not selected based on merit but by nepotism), poor infrastructure resulting in the delay of judgments, poor renumerations and partial autonomy of the judicial system. If this trend continues, the country will be doomed and the future of the generations to come will be in jeopardy.

“Every citizen of this country has a right to be protected by the law and deserves justice when infringed upon. If the Judiciary cannot live above board owing to some of the factors enumerated above, where else can justice be served? It’s worthy to note that in our Judicial system today, court judgements have been so conflicting on similar cases which has worsened her situation thereby creating double standard.

“This is very appalling because it reduces our democratic values as a nation.

“As a developing nation, we are must continue to sincerely emphasize on the absolute separation of powers for every arm to be autonomous and independent of the other.”

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