Activist heads to court to bar Governors, President, Legislators from being addressed as ‘Honourables, His/Her Excellency

Fiery and fearless human rights activist, Chief Patrick Eholor has revealed plans to approach a court of competent jurisdiction in order to determine if its proper to address political office holders with exalted appendages like ‘Honourable, ‘His or Her Excellency.

While speaking to members of the press at his country home in Benin City, the Edo State capital, Eholor who also is the President of human rights organization, One Love Foundation said that most of the political office holders were too criminally-inclined to have such appendages to their names. He said rather, they were ‘dishonorables’, and do not have anything excellent about them to deserve such titles.

Hear him:

“We have members of the public who have joined the government, and now represent us at the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, or the Senate. What is really funny about the whole thing is that they are addressed as ‘Honourable Members’.

“I am soliciting for the support of Nigerians, I am going to court, to find out if its constitutional to address most of these dishonourable members as honourable members. I am not saying that we don’t have a few good men and women out there, but we have a lot of rotten apples there, and we cannot address them as Honourable again. It’s very annoying when our streets are not safe, when we have no palliatives, where they don’t represent t us very well, and we call them Honourable. This is insulting to our children, because we are not teaching them anything.

Members of the national executive Council consisting of Mr President, the Governors and security chiefs

“So I am going to approach the court, and see if there is anything we can do and begin to address them as ‘Mr’ with their names. They have first name and last name.

“So when they merit it, or when they live up to expectations, we can address them as Honourable.

“Also too, the reason of calling some governors or the president, ‘His Excellency’, what is excellent about them, who steal your common patrimony? What is excellent about someone not been able to provide for you what is enshrined in our constitution, like life and property?

“Why should we address such people as excellent? So am going to court, and I hope that some of you who hate me, or don’t like my face, reason with me about what I am saying. Why should we reward a rapist because he is big in the society? It makes no sense.

“So if we have people who steal our common patrimony, we should henceforth, never address them as Honourable. We should address them by their first and last names. And when they govern us and lead us well, when they merit it, we can address them as honourable”, he argued.

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