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Linda Ikeji still mum about engagement


Linda Ikeji, the model who turned number one blogger in Nigeria had revealed sometime ago that she is engaged, alebit, secretly. However, we are yet to know what ha become of her engagement story since then. This is what she wrote then: Well, for your information, I am now engaged. I said Yes to Him recently. Please don’t ask me who he is, we have decided to keep the story secret for now. 
You must have observed that my ring is on the right hand
Very soon, all the special peeps, especially my LIB fans will be invited, 
Location? Omotola did her own at……………………………
Stephanie also boasted of a Location in……………………………
Some went as far as France, USA, London and Spain, even South Africa is not bad now 
Or Ghana here
I will sure let you know 


LAGOS FLOODING: Lagosians now ply roads in canoe (Photos)


Tales of woe spread through Lagos and Ogun state communities yesterday as residents bemoaned their losses, aftermath of an all-night downpour. The rain, which lasted about 15 hours, almost sank the two states with many residential areas submerged. The two major roads linking them -Lagos/Abeokuta and Apapa/Oshodi/Tollgate, were not spared as they became flooded, given motorists and commuters hellish experience.





The ugly development was almost a recap of last July’s experience, which led to lost lives and property. In several areas, it has been reported that residents now use canoes to cross. 

Sex and Religion: Which of these sexual practices is allowed by your religion?



We have a very disturbing issue on hand. This matter is what many people do not put into consideration in their everyday lives, yet its most important. Excuse us for a little vulgarity here, but just ignore that and answer the question. Be truthful in all:

  1. Is oral sex a sin, that is, sucking your husband’s penis or wife’s breasts, vagina a sin during sex?
  2. Anal sex, that is, having your husband have sex with you through the anus, is it a sin?
  3. What sex positions are considered righteous, and which are sinful?
  4. Is polygamy a sin, that is, marrying more than one wife? For Christians, what do you have to say about the leaders of the Bible in the Old Testament?
  5. Is it right for a man or woman to be single all through his/her life?

Please support your answers with reference to the holy books-Bible, Quran, Gita, etc.


According to Global Peace Index – Nigeria is the 6th Most Dangerous African Country to Live in

This is not funny at all. According to the Global Peace Index, conducted by the Research Institute of Economics & Peace, Nigeria is the 6th most dangerous African country to live in. It recently released its top 10 most dangerous African countries in 2012 and Nigeria was number 6.

The ranking is based on countries most affected by war, terrorism, political instability, regular violence etc.

Here’s the top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in Africa 2012

10. Ethiopia. 9.Burundi. 8. Zimbabwe. 7. Chad. 6. Nigeria. 5. Libya. 4. Central African Republic. 3. Democratic Republic of Congo. 2. Sudan. 1. Somalia


Shitting in the bush

Shitting in the bush

Say the truth and shame the devil! If you know you have never done this in your life, raise up your hand. Don’t lie o, Amadioha is watching you o!

I will marry again in December-Chris Okotie: says he fell for his ex-wife’s physical looks


Barely a week after the General Overseer (G.O) of the Household of God announced an end to his four-year-old marriage with his wife, reports say that he is planing to remarry in December.

Okotie, who broke up with his wife due to irreconcilable differences, said that he fell for his estranged wife based on her physical looks without considering other important virtues.

But it will be recalled that in 2008, Okotie had said that the Holy Spirit revealed to him that Stephanie was his wife. The 42-year-old woman, who was a divorcee at that time, was declared by the Pastor as not being married before.

“There is a difference between a man abandoned by his wife and the one that divorces. The only thing that breaks a relationship is a divorce and even when there’s a divorce, the Bible says you can re-marry,” he said at the time.

He was also said to have told his congregation on their first Sunday as a couple that God was going to bless them with a set of twins.

The Household of God G.O has once again reiterated that God has told him to remarry for the third time, as he said that everyone needed a companion and it wasn’t right for a man to be alone.

If he marries again in December, it will be his third marriage after he had seperated from his first wife, Tyna, after 17 years of marriage.


Woman catches ex-husband having sex with her dog!

ImageA WOMAN who refused to go to bed with her ex-husband found him having sex with her DOG soon afterwards, a jury heard today.

Naked Nicholas Saunders whistled Sasha the bull mastiff to his ex-wife’s bedroom, it was said.

Stunned Kelly Thacker, who had gone downstairs to sleep, told police she opened the door to the shocking scene.

Prosecuting, Frank Abbott said Ms Thacker “found it difficult to believe” when she saw Saunders “clearly trying” to have intercourse with Sasha. Mr Abbott said: “Ms Thacker just couldn’t believe what she was seeing to start off with so she looked away and then looked again.”

Shocked Ms Thacker told 46-year-old Saunders “in no uncertain terms” to leave her house, Mr Abbott told Gloucester Crown Court. The dad-of-two later agreed to have a swab taken – and dog DNA was found by a forensic scientist, the court heard.

Mr Abbott said Saunders had gone to see his ex-wife – they married in 1999 and separated three years later – after being kicked out by his girlfriend. She agreed to let him stay the night in her bedroom – but made it plain she would not be having sex with him and would be sleeping downstairs.

They chatted for half an hour before going upstairs to her bedroom where she sat on the bed as he got undressed and got in it.

The dog turned up and Saunders said to it: “You’ve just ruined my chances”, said Mr Abbott.

He added: “You may think that he had rather hoped to have sex with his ex-wife, and the dog getting on the bed had got in the way.”

Later Ms Thacker heard Saunders whistling the dog to go upstairs. She followed it up – and then saw her husband having sex with Sasha, said Mr Abbott.

The prosecutor said when Saunders was arrested he told cops the dog had got on the bed when he was naked and woken him up by licking his face.

He denied any indecent act had occurred but refused to make any further comment. The prosecutor said the jury would be hearing from forensic scientists for both the prosecution and defence.

He added: “It is not only something unusual but it is also something which you might find repulsive. “It is something which of course is wrong and criminal to all right-thinking people.”

Saunders, of Lechlade, Gloucestershire has pleaded not guilty to having intercourse with an animal.

Trial continues.

EDO GUBER RACE: Oshiomhole attacked again: Its PDP,says ACN; Its a lie, says the police


Precisely two months after he narrowly escaped death following an attack on his convoy at Auchi area, Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole again came under attack by yet to be identified gunmen while his campaign train stopped at Usen town, Ovia South West Local Government Area of the state.


Oshiomhole had paid the customary homage to the Onogie of Usen, His Royal Highness Oluogbe II at his palace where he received a rousing welcome from the monarch and the council of chiefs as well a tumultuous crowd of well-wishers gathered outside the palace.


At about 6pm, Oshiomhole’s convoy left the palace. It had not travelled too far down the road when it ran into a barricade. Naturally, the security details attached to the governor came down to remove the bar. As they were clearing it, tens of heavily armed thugs emerged from nowhere and opened fire on the governor for several seconds.

Dutifully, the brave security details attached to the governor, supported by an additional contingent of regular policemen deployed to maintain law and order, rose to the occasion. They were able to shield the governor, key government functionaries and others including leaders of Edo Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to safety without sustaining any human casualties.


But several official vehicles including Toyota Landcruisers, Hilux pick-up van and Toyota Corolla saloon car were either badly damaged or riddled with bullets.

Apparently annoyed that they missed their target, the thugs later descended on the near-by police post and vandalised it.


However, the Nigeria Police Force on Friday debunked allegations by the ACN-led government of Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State that the PDP was behind the attack on his convoy during a campaign rally on Thursday.
The Oshiomhole administration, through the state’s Commissioner for Information, Louis Odion, had issued a statement claiming that the governor was attacked at Usen in Ovia South-West Local Government Area by suspected assassins who shot at the vehicles in the convoy, and had pointed accusing fingers at the PDP.

Man or Giraffe

Man or Giraffe

This guy looks great. His neck is the best bet for passing exams in this age of mass failures in JAMB, WAEC and NECO. Or what do you think?

Mother Catches 67yrs Old Man Making Love To Her 14yrs Old Daughter




“I sent my daughter to go and fetch water. When she did not come back on time, I sent her sister to fetch her. Her sister came back to inform me that an old man was making love to my daughter. So, I went there and saw things from myself.” 
Mrs. Hadijat Saliu said while narrating how a 67-year-old man, Ahmed Atanda of Oke-Adi area of Ilorin, Kwara State, impregnated her 14-year-old daughter. 
Atanda, a driver and divorcee father of two, allegedly lured the girl to an uncompleted building at a nearby well at Sango area and allegedly had carnal knowledge of her. 

Mrs. Saliu said she was surprised when she caught the man live making love to her daughter  (name withheld). She said when she could no longer bear it, she tapped the man on the shoulder, and he quickly jumped up. She added that a doctor had confirmed that her daughter is now pregnant. 
The victim also acknowledged that Atanda had made love to her. But the accused, Ahmed Atanda denied having sex with the girl, alleging that he was being framed up.

But the accused man, Atanda denied it: “On that day, I was just passing by to collect cashew and dogonyaro leaves to treat myself. The girl said I should help her lift her bucket of water she fetched from the well. In the process, I heard one woman shout, ‘Everyone come o! Come oh! He is raping my daughter. 

“I did not have carnal knowledge of her because I had an operation near my private part and I cannot have sexual intercourse now.”

The Division Police Officer, Kulende Police Station, Mr. Aminu Abdullahi, on Monday confirmed the incident. He added that the matter would be transferred to the state’s Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.