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BREAKING NEWS: Killings begin in Kano too


Reports reaching JUNGLE JOURNALIST have confirmed that fighting broke out this afternoon in some parts of Kano. According to Ndi Igbo Facebook page,  scores of people have ben killed so far. Most of the dead are traders and businessmen from the South East, the page reported.

ADVISORY: If you are a Southerner in the North, JUNGLE JOURNALIST advuises you to leave for your own safety! Your destroyed wealth can be replaced, but your life, onec taken, CANNOT BE REPLACED. BE WARNED!


KADUNA: 4 Igbo Traders Killed

(CURRENT SITUATION: Kaduna is still raging on..Properties are being razed – many are being lynched. Stay where ever you are. Igbos do not under any circumstances attempt going to your shops for the time being.)
The mayhem unfolding in Kaduna State may have recorded its deadliest blow yesterday as Muslim youths took their rampage to the markets located at the Northern Kaduna where Muslims are the dominant group. Information available to us indicate that the Kaduna Central Market was attacked owing to the premature relaxation of the 24hour curfew across the state to a 6pm to 6am curfew. As the traders of Kaduna Central Market arrived at the gated marketplace to unlock their various shops to beginning the business of the day at across minutes to 7am, a group of irate Muslim youths pounced into the market premises and locked the gates – and commenced/launched an attack on the traders that had arrived to unlock their shops. Many of the traders who were caught unawares ran for safety while the unlucky one who could not escape the youths – were knifed to death. Four Igbo traders believed to be Anambra in origin were brutally killed – before the security agents arrived at the markets to secure the area. As the security agents staged in Kaduna [Operation Yaki] arrived to the Kaduna Central Market, the irate Muslim youths escaped the scene. The security operative have remained tight lipped on the identities of the 4 slaughtered traders.

Similar scenario played out at the Kaduna Polytechnic – as irate Muslim youths from the vicinity of Tudun Wada took advantage of the relaxed curfew and briefly gained unfettered entry into the polytechnic campus armed with exotic knives/daggers and other dangerous weapons at about 2pm yesterday Tuesday June 19, 2012. The students were caught unawares as they scampered for their lives while others managed to fight for their lives. Before the men of the Operation Yaki could arrive to the campus, two bodies believed to be students of the polytechnic were laying lifeless near the entrance of the campus. The identities of the two dead students were not available.

The communities in the northern part of Kaduna within the vicinity of Kaduna Central Market, Tudun Wada, Kawo and Rigasa experienced violent activities yesterday. Exclusive eyewitness reports indicate that three Churches were hazed yesterday during ruckus. An ECWA church located in Tudun Wada was attacked, another church [name not known] was attacked in Tudun Nufawa and another church [JAWOM Church] was attacked in Ungwan Nua’azu. Other attempts were made by the irate youths to attack other church. But the attempts were not successful due to the quick acting vigilante security setup by some within the Christian communities who refused to 

CURRENT SITUATION: Kaduna is still raging on..Properties are being razed – many are being lynched. Stay where ever you are. Igbos do not under any circumstances attempt going to your shops for now.

ATTENTION: Help numbers for people in Kaduna


@EVERYONE: Are u in Kaduna or have loved ones there whom you love? Then note these numbers. A friend also helped me with the. Please, if within Kaduna contact Operation Yaki( POLICE RAPID RESPONSE TEAM) on these numbers below: 
For quick response in ur area. Thanks!

Nigerians Selling Their Kidney For $30,000 Abroad

ImageThe global economic crunch that is affecting all sphere of life is really having its tolls on Nigerians abroad who have resulted selling their kidneys and other sense organs for money.

These Nigerians abroad whose lives have been so unbearable for are actively seeking markets to sell their kidneys online and have been making journeys to countries in Asia, – Malaysia and India particularly, to sell usually just one of their two kidneys for over $30,000.

The spoil: N5-10 Million, which translates to about $30-60,000 for the vital blood filtering and red blood cell (RBC) generating organ has become a booming market for them.

Our research have disclosed that  there is a sophisticated online network of vendors, agents, resellers and hunters, who actively seek candidates, sometimes going to the extent of kidnapping them and supply these usually desperate, hopeful-for-a-quick-fix to life’s financial dreams, young Nigerians, to ready slice-and-pop physicians in shed facilities.

These ‘experts’, we gathered, excavate the organs and ice-box them to the eager transplant centers, thriving with Asians, Middle Easterner’s and Europeans on the waiting list, hoping for that fresh, cheap paupers kidney.

How much do clients pay the harvesting centers for these kidneys? About $100-200,000. And they are teaming on the waiting list. “Sometimes kidneys are harvested with meager remuneration given the ‘donor’, or rather, seller- paid as little as $5,000 for the vital organ, and many others die at operation or soon after,” a source told us.

As you read this article, there are possibly 1000 Nigerians reading it with you, hoping to find a link to the underground network where they can get the hook-up to sell their organs. T

Cult war in Enugu: Group kill, cut out brains of victim(viewer discretion advised!)

Another waste of human lives is currently going on in Enugu. Like what happened at Ugbinedion University, Okada last Sunday, rival cults are killing themselves. In this latest onslaught, the young man pictured below has been killed by the dre-devil cult group, and spilled his brains just to show how heartless they can go. 

With these killings getting increasingly terrible by the day, only God knows where we are going!


























Three robbers killed by angry residents in Lagos today


It was a day of reckoning today for three armed robbers who were killed by an angry mob at Obanikoro area of Lagos State today.The robbers who have successfully robbed some people in the area of the valuables met their waterloo when they couldn’t make good their escape and were surrounded by brave residents,motorists and pedestrians. In the ensuring stampede,three of the robbers were given jungle justice before the arrival of security agents.

Breaking News: Kaduna crises:Militant youths shoot down police helicopter

Information reaching Jungle Journalist indicate that the security situation in Kaduna has worsened and degenerated to a near jungle warfare. The is as available information indicatesthat reprisal attacks continued beyond the State imposed curfew of 6pm to 6am – and the federally imposed patrol of men of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] throughout the State by the orders of the Inspector General of Police [IGP].
As gathered, attacks were ongoing as at 11pm at southern Kaduna state areas of Kakuri, Barnawa and Nasarawa – with significant casualties reported. It is uncertain the details of the latest outbreak of violence. But an eyewitness told our correspondent that there appear an influx of Muslim youths from outside the State – from areas believed to be Borno and Mubi area of Adamawa State. The eyewitness states that the youths appeared armed and battle ready.
The police and the joint task force [JTF] on their part have been engaging the angry youths [believed to be men of boko haram] in a heated but sporadic gun battle – since the evening of Monday June 18, 2012. Unconfirmed source reports that the security forces may have been shocked and/or shocked by the resilience of the angry Muslim youths who appeared heavily fortified with ammunitions that matches favorably with that of the Nigerian security forces. The security forces were also armed with a police helicopter.
“ Somehow these boys brought down the new copter “ exclaimed the shocked police officer whospoke to 247ureports.comfrom the field – indicating that the men of the police had called inthe helicopter to use for the purposes of enforcing the curfew and for the purposes of ensuring the calm in Kaduna remains intact. But the angry youths believed to be either Muslim or native youths shot the helicopter out of the skys and brought it down. It is uncertain if the occupants of the copter survived. “ This has turned to something else “.
Meanwhile, the non-natives to Kaduna have begun leaving Kaduna in drooves. The popularly used transport park, the Mando Park was said to be busy with travelers heading out of Kaduna. Other non natives who have decided to stay are reported to have armed themselves in readiness to defend themselves.
In a related development, the President is scheduled to take off to Brazil today [June 19, 2012] for a business meeting.

19 year old strangles 3 weeks old baby

ImageLIFE has always proved to be a paradox; when many millionaires are running from pillar to post asking God for even a child, many others term theirs unwanted and most often get rid of them by all means.

Such can be said to have been the case with a 19-year-old lady, Nsidibe Sunday Effiong, in Akwa Ibom State, who out of frustration strangled her three-week-old baby and dumped her in a pit toilet.

Nsidibe, who hails from Ikot Abasi Idem Village in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, was arrested and paraded at the Ikot Akpan, Abia headquarters of the Akwa Ibom state police command recently for the crime which she admitted to during interrogation.

Narrating her story to Crime Features, Nsidibe who was paraded alongside other crime suspects by the police command lamented that she dropped out of school while she was in Junior Secondary School 3, (JSS3) when she was pregnant with her first baby.

She said her mother merely tolerated her. They faced untold hardship as the man who was responsible for her pregnancy had abandoned her and the baby and life became miserable for her when she got pregnant for another man less than one year after her first child.

According to her, what drove her into taking such a drastic action was when the young man who impregnated her the second time fled the community and it became extremely impossible for her to take care of the two babies all alone.

“I could not even pay for a room I rented and my mother was suffering so much to feed me and my first child. Before I even gave birth to the second one, the man who was responsible for the pregnancy, a barbing salon attendant, was nowhere to be found, and my mother threatened to throw me and the babies out of the house.

“When I gave birth to the second one, life became so difficult, that was why I decided that instead of punishing my mother, let me throw the baby away. So, I used towel to tie the baby’s neck and put her in the toilet,” she narrated.

Findings by this writer revealed that the teenage girl was not getting proper care after she dropped out of school and that she had rented a room in Ibesipo village which she used as both her living apartment and brothel. All sorts of reportedly men came to have sex with her, after which she was paid peanuts.

Narrating how she took the life of her baby, she said: “One morning, I wrapped a towel round the neck. Though she was crying, I made sure she was dead and then wrapped her all over and sneaked into the pit toilet in the compound, where I threw the dead baby inside”.

Crime Features gathered that Nsidibe’s secret deed came to the open when neighbours who knew she had a new baby suddenly started seeing her without a baby.

Curiously and suspiciously, they launched into action by calling the attention of the police to their discovery.

Investigation by the police later revealed that the lady had strangled the three-week-old baby and dropped her in a pit toilet few weeks after delivery.

Nsidibe has since been taken to court and the police command seemed to know nothing about her case any longer.

Also, in a related development, a baby factory run by a fake medical doctor, Mr. Effiong Mbaba, was uncovered by the police at Ekpene Ukim, in Uruan Local Government Area.

Mbaba, whose house and business premises was raided by the police, was said to be in the business of luring young girls with unwanted pregnancies or the less-privileged girls into getting pregnant after which he would take care of them, then buy the baby off them at delivery, to resell for profit. The operation so far had yielded many dividends as young girls, including students, allegedly thronged the factory to sign on for the deal.

According to the state police commissioner, Mr. Umar Gwadabe, when men of his command, who acted on a tip-off raided the factory, three pregnant girls and four others between the ages of 18 and 20 years were rescued from the procreation factory but the proprietor and other members of the syndicate had escaped to an unknown destination. He said the proprietor’s wife, Mrs. Mbaba, was arrested, even as she allegedly admitted to the crime.

Speaking with newsmen, Mrs Mbaba admitted that she and the husband had been engaging in the business for years and that the last baby they sold yielded a profit of N70,000 to the young mother.

SOURCE: Tribune

Ex-Miss world, Agbani Darego agrees to marry Timi Alaibe


Information reaching Jungle Journalist has it that former Miss World, Bayelsa-born Agbani Darego has accepted a marriage proposal from influential Bayelsa politician, Timi Alaibe.

Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite Darego is one of the elegant ladies Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant has ever produced.

She was the first black woman to win the Miss World Pageant in 2001. She is however, a complete shadow of her former self, and rumours are going around that she was taking drugs.Image

Katy Perry: I’m Going To Have Sex With Rihanna

The 28-year-old appears in a US video interview and jokes around with the host about her good friend.
When asked if they’ll ever record together, she says about making a different kind of music with her.
Of the potential collaboration she said: “No, but we’re going to have sex.”
The singer also spoke about revealing her true, make-up-less self in her upcoming 3-D documentary Part Of Me.
She said about looking plain in the film: “I took my make-up off! Oh, everyone is screaming around the world: ‘The horror’.
“Look, I don’t always want to look bloated with zits, but it’s real, it’s human, right?
“We’re not always so pretty and sometimes that can bring people together.”
And she goes on to say that she definitely doesn’t listen to her own music while in the bedroom.
“OK, I’m a narcissist, but that would be over the line.
“Having sex to your own song, that’s horrible. I’m a good Christian girl.”
When asked if she’d ever had a threesome or what her favourite sexual position is, Katy refused to answer.
She did, however, say she’d ‘hump’ Drake and ‘dump’ Chris Brown – Rihanna’s abusive ex boyfriend.
Watch the video!