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Here are some of those working against corruption fight in Nigeria – Activist Eholor

Frontline civil rights defender and philanthropist, Chief Patrick Eholor has taken government officials and parastatals in President Mhammadu Buhari’s government to the cleaners.

Eholor believes there are many elements in the government that are too neck-deep in corruption that they would never let the fight against it succeed.

In this interview, he mentions names and explains why he does not see any ray of hope, with such elements serving in the government.


Minister Chibuike Amaechi:

Chibuike Amaechi is one of the problems of this country. As a Minister, he has done nothing else but to follow the north sheepishly.

Do you remember when he was a governor? Amaechi started the worst elephant project ever in Nigeria, by jumping into monorail construction. He claimed he wanted to connect it across Port Harcourt, but after a few kilometers, the project was abandoned, permanently, and is today, a monumental waste in the city. That monorail project cost the Rivers State Government a whopping N33.9 billion. As a matter of fact, the technical partners handling the project then, Arcus Gibbs Nigeria Limited described the project as a hoax!

Amaechi is a white elephant project man. At the moment, he is very busy connecting roads, and two roads from Jigawa and Sokoto to Niger Republic. While the railways will gulp a whopping $1.96billion, the roads will consume N30 billion.

Sadly, the old rail roads that connected his homestead of Rivers and the rest of the country are abandoned, and there is no plan on ground to start the projects.

While at it, Amaechi is busy, warming up to become a president!

The Inspector General of Police

The Inspector General of Police, Muhammadu Adamu is supposed to be the watchdog for good behavior among Nigerians, but the police force has continued to be an organization lacking in morals and ethics, and swimming in corruption.

Every year, the IG would announce that road blocks have been cleared on our roads, but that statement is always in theory. As a matter of fact, the road blocks usually increase in size of police officers, and they have ended up making the road blocks cash cows. There, senior officers compel the junior ones to make daily returns for them, and thereby exploit transporters. The IG is very much aware of this, but chooses to pretend he does not.

The same ritual is repeated every year, about police attaches to VIPs. The IGP would order the withdrawal of officers attached to VIPs across the country, but fail to do anything to implement the order. This way they have reduced respectable officers to bag carriers and mere drivers to rich men and their wives.

The police is paid over N300,000 per personnel by the VIPs, and only a little fraction of this money gets to the officers themselves. You can see why they refuse to withdraw them in truth. They are fantastically corrupt, and are making money from the VIPs!

State Governors, FG, Covid 19

The government has turned the fight against Covid 19 into a mere jaw exercise. First, NCDC and the FG started by bandying figures that didn’t really exist, and when they got funds to cater for citizens who were locked down in their homes, the funds were hoarded by governors and states, palliative measures were hijacked, and items meant to be shared were hidden away from the people, even perishables. It took the End SARS protests to expose this shameless act by our governments.

In Lagos, they are busy arresting poor people who cannot afford to defend themselves claiming that they are fighting Covid 19, yet they pretend they don’t know about the parties and feasts being hosted by their fellow moneybags.

It is at these parties that the London, and American, and other foreign returnees have been using to spread the disease, and this has led to the recent spike.

Despite the fact that he United Kingdom has cried out over the new dangerous strain of the disease, Nigeria has refused to close its borders from Europe and other such vulnerable countries. The result is that our people get exposed to Covid 19 infections.

All that the Federal Government and States are interested in is the Covid 19 funds. No one is genuinely interested in fighting the disease. Or ensuring that Nigerians are well cared for, medically and otherwise.

I can tell you that Nigeria is not yet serious about the fight against Covid 19. They are treating the pandemic with kid gloves, and it will be suicidal if this unseriouness and love for money overwhelms us and lands this country in a mess where it becomes impossible to deal with the pandemic.

Godswill Akpabio

Senator Godswill Akpabio has no business being a minister, with the level of corruption cases against him. At first in 2015, a whopping N108 billion corruption case was brought against him by the EFCC.

A few years after down the line, Senator Akpabio in his capacity as the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, along with the Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Mr Daniel has been accused of embezzling N40 billion.

This man was brought to testify at the Nigerian Senate and he could not defend himself. This is the man that heads the ministry, and says he has come to clear up the Ministry.

How can a man stinking of so much corruption be able to fight it, and clean up the Ministry?

Festus Keyamo

The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo said N46 billion had been budgeted to provide certain jobs for 774 Local Government Areas across the country.

In their projection, they are to pay each of the beneficiaries who is either a graduate and Masters Degree holder N20,000, when the government realised that the minimum wage is N30, 000.

Literally, they will be giving a graduate N60,000 within three months, which is less than $200. The disbursement of such money to the graduates will not address the issue of unemployment in the country.

The best option was for the Federal Government is to use that money to establish industries across the geo-political zones to absorb the teeming unemployed youths in the country.

The Minister also kicked off this so-called empowerment programme with wheelbarrows and cutlasses for the youths, most of who are graduates. How can you give cutlass and wheelbarrow to graduates? When they have openings at the NNPC, FIRS, CBN, Nigerian Customs, Immigration, NIMASA, NLNG, and so on, then give it to their own children.

The children of the common Nigerian is only good for wheelbarrows and cutlasses. They spent N46 billion to acquire those things. Tell me how we intend to end corruption in this country.

ASUU and Covid 19

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has began to play the kind of dirty politics that the Nigerian Labour is used to. After keeping our youths at home for one whole year, and then having reached an agreement with the Federal Government, they are now saying that they cannot go back to the classrooms to teach.

Apparently, they want to begin to demand for more money to return to school.

ASUU, in as much as he had a genuine cause to go on strike initially, must avoid the temptation of keeping our youths at home again.

Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu: We are heartbroken-Prof Ibe

When I visited you at your country home in Ovim on 30 December 2020 we discussed everything and planned many things without knowing it would be the last time. Indeed it is true when the Bible says that man is like vapour that easily evaporates away.

It is therefore with sadness and grief that I received the shocking news of the transition to eternal glory of our admirable Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, who until death was Chairman of our Board of Trustees(BOT)

Admiral Kanu was a man among men, a Primus Interpares. In the course of his naval career, It was no mean feat that he became the first governor of old Imo State upon its creation in March 1976. He later moved on to serve as the governor of Lagos State in 1977. While in the military as a naval officer, our Chairman, Board of Trustees would rise to become a Rear Admiral and Chief of Nigeria’s Naval Staff.

To underscore his personality and his pro-stance on human development, while in office as governor of old Imo State, much of what the city of Owerri has become today is as a result of his leadership in town planning , roads construction, expansion of Local Government Areas and the establishment of Imo Broadcasting Service which still broadcasts to this day.

Admiral Kanu upon his retirement from active military service to the nation, led an increasingly active lifestlye as a civilian. He was a man filled with uncommon strength and abilities. Regardless of his professional background as a military officer, he played a leading role in the agitation for pro-democracy and its tenets in the aftermath of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election.

Our now departed chairman successfully ventured into business, occupied leadership positions in corporate organizations and socio-cultural groups, held honourary doctorate degrees from notable universities in Nigeria, a statesman, a leading light and a very vocal voice within the Nigerian polity regarding true federalist practices.

Here at Gregory University, Uturu, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi G. Kanu freely offered us great insights and invaluable contributions in activating and sustaining the growth of our blosoming university. He was billed to hold an interactive mentoring session with our scholars on their return from Christmas break.

Indeed our hearts are broken at this great loss. May the eternal light of God which never grows dim continually shine on him.

Prof Gregory Ibe,PhD, OFR ( Enyi Abia),
Gregory University Uturu,
Abia State.

NIN deadline stands, as NCC awaits govt’s advice

The Nigerian Communications Commission on Wednesday said it was awaiting the advice of the Federal Government as regards the deadline for the integration of Subscriber Identification Modules with valid National Identity Numbers.

It also stated that the earlier announced deadlines were still in force despite the clamour for extension or outright suspension of the registration process.

Calls for deadline extension were mainly due to the large crowds that gather daily at the various offices of the National Identity Management Commission.

The Director, Public Affairs, NCC, Ikechukwu Adinde, told our correspondent in Abuja that no deadline extension had been approved.

He said, “Right now, apart from the recent information that we made concerning the extension, no further update yet.

“The information on this matter was the one that talked about when we moved the extension to January 19 for those who have NINs and February 9 for those who do not have.”

When probed further on whether there had been moves to either extend or suspend the exercise, Adinde replied, “No, no, no; if you follow the opinion of the public, it is in favour of extending it.

“And then, of course, recently there have been concerns on the effect of COVID-19 and all that. But I am sure government is listening and once we are advised, we will go to the press and announce the new position.

“However, as it is now, we are waiting to see what happens at the end of the day, as the recent deadline extension still stands.”

The Federal Government had declared on December 15, 2020 that after December 30, 2020, all SIMs that were not registered with valid NINs on the network of telecommunications companies would be blocked.

It later extended the December 30, 2020 deadline following widespread opposition against the earlier announcement and gave three weeks’ extension for subscribers with NIN from December 30, 2020 to January 19, 2021.

It also gave six week-extension for subscribers without NIN from December 30, 2020 to February 9, 2021.

Commenting on the development, the National Coordinator, Alliance for Affordable Internet, Olusola Teniola, said the massive crowds at NIMC offices showed that it would be tough to register and integrate all SIMs with valid NINs.

“It is clear that the dates that we are trying to achieve are not going to be met,” he said.

The President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, Ikechukwu Nnamani, said it was obvious that the number of persons without NINs was so large.

BREAKING: Former Military Governor of Imo, Lagos States, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Is Dead

Jungle Journalist Media Ltd has just learnt that Rear Admiral (retired) Ndubuisi Godwin Kanu is dead.

The new of his demise broke out this morning from a family source. Kanu was appointed military governor of Imo State of Nigeria in March 1976 during the military regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo.

He was the first governor after the decree that established the state from part of the old East Central state. He was transferred to become governor of Lagos State in 1977, leaving office in July 1978.

Sen. Kalu: Gift of Democracy to Abia North – by Benjamin Kalu

Best thing that happened to Abia North Senatorial Zone was electing Dr Orji Uzor Kalu to the Senate . No senator would have been able to accomplish what he has achieved in these few months despite the six months of incarceration. Thank God the Senate leadership did not listen to wailers who wanted his seat declared vacant.

A seat many had occupied for longer period with next to nothing to show for it in the lives of our people. I am glad for boldly defending the Senate’s decision on the famous TVC interview , where I publicly told Nigerians that fair hearing was yet to be given to Dr Kalu and until he is heard at the Supreme Court , his right of appeal cannot be said to have been fully exhausted. This was when many were reluctant to speak up on this issue because they considered it sensitive .

What was more sensitive to me was the needs of the zone which he had assured me he wanted to take care of having missed a few of them as a Governor owing to the fight with the President that was in charge then . Today Dr Orji Kalu is impressively living up those promises he made to me in private and to Abia North in the public . Those in doubt should draw up the comparative analysis between him and the previous ones in their 17 months in office . You will be shocked at how well he has represented the Senatorial zone .

Ask around though we are very close and he raised me in politics but am one of his worst critics and would have told him if he was not accomplishing much as promised . Therefore, on behalf of Bende Federal constituency of Abia State who have mandated
me during the last town hall meeting and have asked me to publicly commend him for a job so well done so far and to pledge my support for future accomplishments considering his marks all around the Bende federal constituency, I hereby officially commend the Senator representing Abia North senatorial zone , Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu for changing the face of the zone within a short space of time in office despite initial challenges .

Truth be told it is not about the position as a Senator but the web of contacts he has built over the years , his wealth of good wills and his desire to bring dividends of democracy to the people of Abia North. Instead of influencing the projects out of our zone on selfish grounds he is insisting the electorates must experience the dividends of democracy from the present Government of APC. He is doing well and we are following his foot steps . No wonder the APC as a party is the most beautiful bride in Abia State today .

While we leave the big projects for him to handle we partner with him to cover the small ones . Because we are in it together ; The beauty of synergy , political cohesion and dedication to one goal under loyalty . Thanks for setting a good example for those of us that you are leading .

Abia North has not seen any thing yet , watch out for more in the coming years. We came to sincerely serve our deprived people , it is not about us it is about you the people . The people irrespective of political affiliation should encourage and support good governance, isn’t that what democracy preaches ?

I have been seen severally supporting any good works of the government of the state , where they score higher . Politics should not blindfold us away from truth and reality . Yes constructively criticise but to condemn where you ought to commend is not necessary. Does my political weight go down because I said well done to an opposition party who has scored a good point for the electorates ? The answer is no . If actually, we are in politics for the people , it should not be about self .

Often, others complain not because they are not seeing but because political blackmail is a strategic tool for them to attract a biased attention to their self centred needs over and above that of others . It is not effective once discovered, effective lobbying of the office holder is more strategic than blackmail and unfounded criticisms. There is still honour and truth in political governance remember as I have always said “ we were first brothers before we became politicians and will still be family after politics “. Therefore, let’s not destroy what holds us together first as a people .

There is no smartness in seeing the truth and politically or diplomatically speaking against it . See that Dr Orji Kalu is working and encourage him to do more for the zone rather than play to the gallery of pettiness against truth that stares in the face.

Welcome to a brief summary of the catalog of some of his numerous interventions spread across the zone in the last 17 months ( even while he was incarcerated he worked for Abia North);

1. Rehabilitation of Three (3) Primary School Blocks in
a) Ndi Agwu Abam primary school
b) Okweji memorial school Ozu-Abam
c) Agbagwu primary school Aro-Town in Arochukwu L. G. A Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State.

2. Rehabilitation of 2Primary School Blocks in
a) Ugwuafia Primary School
b) Kpoke Primary school in Ohafia L. G. A Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State.

3. Rehabilitation of 2 Primary School Blocks at
a) Otamkpa Community School
b) Ahaba IMENYI Community School in Isiukwuato L. G. A, Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State.

4. Rehabilitation of Two Primary School Blocks at
a) Umuelem Central School, Isuochi
b) Eziama Community School, Nneato in Umunneochi L. G. A, Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State.

5. Rehabilitation of 3 Blocks at
B) OKAFIA Primary school
in Bende L. G. A Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State.


1. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt from Ututu to Isu in Arochukwu LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

2. Construction of 2km rural road with drainage and asphalt in Itumbuzo, Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District N180m.

3. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt from Apanu to Akanu in Item, Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

4. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt in Uzo Rubber in Amaokwe Item in Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

5. Construction of 2km rural road with drainage and asphalt in Amankalu Alayi to Akoli Imenyi in Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N180m.

6. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt in Amaoku Alayi in Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

7. Construction of 2km rural road with drainage and asphalt from Abia to Akanu Ukwu in Ohafia LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N180m.

8. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt Isiugwu, Ohafia LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

9. Construction of 2km rural road with drainage and asphalt in Uturu Township in Isuikwuato LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N180m.

10. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt from Ozara junction to Umuasu in Isuikwuato LGA (junction of university road), Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

11. Construction of 1km rural road with drainage and asphalt from Ndi Uduma Awaoke(Chief Awa Kalu SAN road) in Ohafia LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N90m.

12. Construction of students hostel in Holy Rosary Secondary school, Umuahia, N50m.

13. Supply of motorcycles, sewing machines and generating sets for Bende LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N100m.

14. Supply of motorcycles, sewing machines and generating sets for Ohafia LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N100m.

15. Supply of motorcycles, sewing machines and generating sets for Arochukwu LGA, Abia North Senatorial District, N100m.

16. Supply of wound gel and gynaecological (cervical cancer gel) for Abia North Senatorial District, N100m.

17. Supply of rice and fertilizers for rural women in the 5 LGAs of Abia North Senatorial District, N200m.


Benjamin Kalu (MHR) is the spokesperson for the Federal House of Representatives

Covid-19 2nd Wave: How Nigerians will cause fresh lockdown-FG

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 says the attitude of Nigerians will determine the imposition of a fresh lockdown amid the second wave of the pandemic.

Recall that in March 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari imposed a locked down on the FCT, Lagos, and Ogun States for over five weeks as part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic.

But speaking on a television programme on Tuesday, PTF National Coordinator, Sani Aliyu, said Nigerians need to adhere to COVID-19 protocols not to risk another lockdown.

He noted that the task force has not decided on a fresh lockdown but public attitude will determine its next line of action.

Aliyu said, “A lockdown is not going to be decided by the PTF but it is going to be decided by the behaviour of the public when it comes to these rules. We have countries abroad that have very strict non-pharmaceutical intervention measures and everybody follows it. The flights are coming in, schools are open, churches are open and they don’t have Covid problem because everybody observes the rules.

“We definitely don’t want a lockdown and because we don’t want to lockdown, we need to make sure we do everything we can to prevent ourselves from reaching that state where the government will have to take action.”

COVID-19 2ND WAVE: UNILORIN begins online lectures, as ASUU insists on alternative learning techniques

The University of Ilorin has commenced online lectures for students of the institution.

Kunle Akogun, Director of Corporate Affairs of the institution, announced this in a statement in Ilorin on Monday.

The statement urged students to disregard the information going viral on social media that the arrangement had been put off.

“Management wishes to assure all our students that we are fully committed to covering all lost grounds as a result of the long break occasioned by the Covid-19.

“All necessary arrangements have been put in place to ensure hitch free online classes pending the time when it will be safe to conduct normal physical lectures,” he stated.

Recall that the institution announced recently that academic activities will commence via virtual learning on January 11, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, on Tuesday, insisted that Nigerian universities in the country are not ready to re-open at the moment.

The Union said it finds it difficult to return to classes in the middle of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recall that the National Universities Commission (NUC) had earlier directed the lecturers to go back to classes on January 18, 2021.

But ASUU is demanding that the Nigerian Government should review the decision owing to the increase in COVID-19 cases around the country.

“Our concern is rooted in the safety of our members,” ASUU’s National President, Biodun Ogunyemi, told Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday.

“What happens to congested hostels, crowded classrooms? What flexible arrangements are in place? It is a situation of emergency. I’m not sure the Universities can cope,” he said.

When asked if e-learning was an option for universities, the ASUU President said the necessary infrastructure was not in place.

“We are aware that some universities are putting measures in place, with alternative learning models,” he said, adding “some are even trying blended classes, virtual and physical.

“But these efforts are limited. They get to a point they can’t go further.

“ASUU has been talking about revitalisation since 2012. These are some of the areas where the assistance would have helped. Universities need huge funds to do this.

“People are saying start virtual classes, but more than 60 percent of our students will run into trouble – they can’t afford data or smartphones.”

ASUU had on Wednesday December 23, 2020 called off its ten-month-old industrial action.

The prolonged strike was due to Federal Government’s delay in meeting the agreements reached with the union.

PHOTOS: Barr. Ebizi Eradiri, 1st class Law Graduate is the New Face of Bayelsa Girl, says Gov Diri

Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, has honoured the young lady who graduated with First Class Honours at both Niger Delta University, Amassoma and the Nigerian Law School, Miss. Ebizi Blessing Eradiri.

She has been awarded academic scholarships for her Masters and Ph.D in any University in the world as well as automatic employment as lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Niger Delta University.

Gov. Diri, who received her in his office in Yenagoa in company of the Deputy Governor, Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo and other top government functionaries, also announced her as the “New Face of Bayelsa Girl”.

His Royal Majesty, King Bubaraye Dakolo, King of Ekpetiama Clan, led the team from the Kingdom and Eradiri’s family to the Government House for the reception.

More photos:

See full list of vaccines each state will get from 100, 000Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines

The Federal Government has listed conditions for states to meet before the 100,000 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses being expected by the end of January would be released to them.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited learnt that the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), during a webinar tagged “Sensitisation Meeting with Media Gatekeepers on Covid-19 Vaccine Introduction”, at the weekend, said no vaccine would be release to states until facilities such as cold chains were in place.

According to the Director, Logistics and Health Commodities, NHPCDA, Kubura Daradara, the vaccine must be administered within five days of receipt for it to remain potent, and only the states that show commitment would receive the doses when available.

She added that the 100,000 doses would be administered to 50,000 people, because each person has to take a second dose 21 days after taking the first.

The NPHCDA also released the details of how the first batch of Covid-19 vaccine doses would be distributed across states.

According to the Programme Manager, National Emergency Routine Immunisation Coordination Centre (NPHCDA), Bassey Okposen, the country would receive 100,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at the end of January.

Okposen, who stood in for the Executive Director of the NPHCDA, Faisal Shuaib, during his presentation at the webinar, said the vaccines would be administered around the last week of January or early February.

He explained further that, states with higher percentage of confirmed cases would be given additional doses.

He also noted that frontline health workers would be prioritised, while other batches would be administered to the elderly and vulnerable persons with co-morbidities based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

“We have other sources of vaccine that are non-mRNA, like the COVAX vaccine. The country and other stakeholders are working towards how they can get additional vaccines from the other countries like Russia and USA,” Okposen said.

“We want to assure all Nigerians that the vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine will be introduced in four phases and this is due to the availability and quantity of the vaccine that will come in at any given time.

“When the vaccine arrives, in the plan, there’s going to be the prioritisation of persons to be given the vaccination so as to optimise the available resources and vaccines that will be received and this will be based on global best practices.

“In the first priority, when the limited doses first come in towards the end of this month and early February, will be the frontline health workers like immigration, airport, police and military on essential duties, those working in the labs and other medical practitioners.

“Those states with higher number of cases will be given additional doses. We’ve mapped out the health workers in each state and locations where these vaccines will be deployed as soon as we receive them. All the states in the country have cases and we need to get the vaccine to them all if we want to achieve herd immunity.”

In a data shared by NPHCDA, Kano, Lagos, Katsina, Kaduna, Bauchi, Oyo and Rivers would receive higher doses for health workers.

The breakdown is as follows: Kano, 3,557; Lagos, 3,131; Katsina, 2,361; Kaduna, 2,074; Bauchi, 1,900; Oyo, 1,848; Rivers, 1,766; Jigawa, 1,712; Niger, 1,558; Ogun, 1,473; Sokoto, 1,468; Benue, 1,423; Borno, 1,416; Anambra, 1,379; Kebbi, 1,361; Zamfara, 1,336; Imo, 1,267; Ondo, 1,228; Akwa Ibom, 1,161.

Others are: Adamawa, 1,129; Edo, 1,104; Plateau, 1,089; Enugu, 1,088; Osun, 1,032; Kogi, 1,030; Cross River, 1,023; Abia, 955; Gombe, 908; Yobe, 842; Ekiti, 830; Taraba, 830; Kwara, 815; Ebonyi, 747; Bayelsa, 589; FCT, 695; Nasarawa, 661.

This brings the total number of doses to be administered in the first phase/batch to 48,786.

It is, however, not clear what the Federal Government plans to do with the remaining 2,428 doses of the vaccine, out of the total 100,000 expected by the end of this month.

Okposen added that the Federal Government intends to administer the vaccine to, at least, 40 per cent of Nigerians in 2021, and another 30 per cent in 2022.

INSECURITY: Navy commissions housing project to boost personnel MORALE in Calabar

The Eastern Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy has commissioned a multi-million naira housing projects in Calabar as one of its ways of boosting the morale of its personnel in the fight against security challenges in the country.

Speaking on Monday in Calabar, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Adm. Ibok Ete-Ibas, said that the housing projects would help in enhancing operational efficiency of navy personnel.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the housing projects that were commissioned include accommodation for doctors at the Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital, accommodation housing for officers at Ikot Ansa, a one storey building for ratings at Akim barracks and accommodation for the Chief Boatswain.

The Chief of the Naval Staff was represented at the occasion by Rear Adm. Perry Onwuzulike, the Fleet Commander, Eastern Fleet of the Nigerian Navy.

“The 24 by one bedroom flat accommodation for doctors would enhanced the operational efficiency of residents doctors working at the reference hospital.
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“The 40 rooms one storey building apartment would also help navy personnel entering Calabar to have a rest at the facility to sort out themselves before finding new accommodation.

“This is supposed to serve as an accommodation room for the officers before sorting out another accommodation,” he said.

The Naval boss also commissioned a 6 by 3 bedroom flats for officers accommodation, and chief Boatswain’s mate house at the Akim Navy barracks.

“These are all infrastructural development projects as envisioned by the Chief of the Naval staff admiralty medal as encapsulated in a strategic directives.

“This is bringing to fruition his vision for infrastructural development for the entire Nigerian navy personnel.

“Obviously, if the welfare of the personnel is well taken care of, we expect optimum efficiency in the discharge of their duties,” he said.

NAN reports that the Acting Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Naval Command, Commodore Priston Efedue was also in the team during the commissioning.