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Horror as cult killings resume in Enugu

For the residents of Bunker, old UNTH Enugu, Wednesday night was like a horror movie as two rival cult groups attacked each other in the area leading to the death of one while another is missing with his blood spattered everywhere.

The two cult groups, Jungle Journalist Media Ltd learnt, are Ayes and Baggars whose members unleashed terror on one another, leading to the mowing down of a member of Baggars confraternity by Ayes cult group.

According to the report, a member of Ayes group is still at large, but the Bunker site where the attack took place is currently littered in human blood.

An eye witness who narrated the incident described it as a “horrible incident” that forced them to run for safety.

“We were relaxing last night when we heard that someone has just been killed in a place called ‘F Line’ and there was pandemonium everywhere.

“The person killed belongs to Baggars cult group and his assailants were wearing masks.

“His name is Iruka from Ezza area of Ebonyi State and his remains has been deposited at Colliery mortuary, Enugu.

“One of Ayes member who allegedly led the attack popularly known as Chibuzo from Nsukka area of Enugu State was traced to his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night, his girlfriend jumped the fence while the body of Chibuzo is still missing but his blood was found everywhere,” the witness who craved anonymity narrated.

A member of the local vigilante in the area, Okuiyi Amalgamated Neighborhood Watch gave a vivid account of the incident; “What happened yesterday was a result of the protracted cold war between the rival groups. Members of Baggars beat up a member of Aye one Sunday in July and the Ayes in retaliation, went in their numbers to beat up any member of Baggars on sight.

“The circle continued until the members of Baggers saw this Chibuzo that his body is missing now and beat him to pulp. We even reported these incidents to the police but the boys keep evading arrest.

“It’s these clashes back and forth that gave rise to what happened yesterday and it was purely a revenge mission and painfully, one person has been confirmed dead and we can’t even confirm if the Chibuzo is still alive.”

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How we can reform EFCC, NDDC, end Boko Haram – Patrick Eholor

President of One Love Foundation and Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Patrick Eholor has enumerated ways through which the myriad of problems facing the country can be tackled, including those of corruption at the EFCC and NDDC, as well as end Boko Haram and banditry challenges in the country:

EFCC in a letter to a civil society group said that it is currently investigating corruption charges against Minister Akpabio and Pondei. Sir, do you think the EFCC will be able to do this?

I think the EFCC is an institution that’s to be compared with the FBI or KGB. The KGB or the FBI or Interpol or other serious agencies all over the world recognize that no man is above the law. The EFCC in Nigeria is a joke like every other institution is a joke without exception.

For example the chairman of the EFCC for four years was acting as the chairman without confirmation with outright disrespect to the members of the Senate including Mr speaker. This is very unfortunate unlike the international security agencies who will take investigation seriously, who will even investigate one of their own or even Mr President because they know no one is above the law. But in Nigeria, they use it to fight Yahoo boys and political opponents.

Security agencies in Nigeria including the police needs reform, we have become a laughing stock.

Recently, the President was urged to create an NDDC board to check Akpabio’s excesses. Sir, do you think this will bring to an end the issue of corruption emanating from there?

The president is part of the problem, he is surrounded by so many people that Nigerians can’t trust including Mr Akpabio. Nigerians will not forget in a hurry when they said that when Akpabio leaves PDP for APC his sins will be forgiven. The people of Akwa Ibom won’t forget in a hurry how he embezzled the common patrimony of that state and yet the chieftains of APC said his sins has been forgiven because he crossed over to APC.

Until the ordinary people seek collectively for capital punishment or life imprisonment and reform the judiciary system, we will never start to have hope that things are about to change for real.

Bandits on Tuesday kidnapped the children of a former commissioner for local government, Alhaji Dankande Bello in Zamfara State. Boko Haram also attacked communities in Borno, razing down a hospital and communication mast. In the light of this, how do you think these bandits and Boko Haram may be stopped?

What happened to Alhaji Dankande in Zamfara state is no longer news. There have been too many innocent lives that were lost in that area. There are so many children that has been displaced, there are so many women that have been raped in that area, many Nigerians have joined my voice to echo my message that the Nigerian service chiefs must resign immediately and apologize to Nigerians.

Mr president is a good man. He meant well for Nigerians, he was our messenger and we voted for him for a change. We the people are saying that if we can’t trust a messenger we can’t trust his message.

INSECURITY: When Silence is no longer golden, elites should speak up, says Patriot Eholor

Considering the ugly security situations ravaging Nigeria and the inability of the Muhammadu Buhari led government to address the security challenges confronting our nation, a renowned activist and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor, also known as Democracy Observer-General, Federal Republic of Nigeria has condemned the inability of Nigerian elites to speak up against the wanton killings going across the nation.

Chief Eholor, in a statement through his media office said,
It is no longer exaggeration to say that since independence that Nigeria is currently facing the worst form of insecurity.

“The activities of killer bandits in Plateau, Benue, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kaduna and Taraba states without anyone to challenge them is totally unacceptable. These group of killers go about with sophisticated weapons like AK47 to kill and maim innocent people. They burn houses, and take over people’s land by force. In fact some of their apologists have told the whole world that these people are from Chad, Niger and Libya and that they own the land of the proud Tiv people by conquest. These bandits had brought sorrow and misery to the people. These marauding bandits are bad news to the people of Nigeria as they have brought untimely death of up to 5,000 people and we are still counting.”

“Nigerians from every part of the country are complaining about the escalating crime wave in the country. People are disenchanted. There is fear of uncertainty about the future of our country. This explains why We hope and pray that the discontent in Nigeria will not escalate to violent demonstrations, as we have seen different groups protesting in Katsina, Abuja, Lagos,Ogun, Osun, Imo etc. “

The popular philanthropist also wondered why the elites are silent on the issue of insecurity

“What we hear and read everyday is the news of innocent lives being killed by people in the country. These killings happen at homes, on the road and in religious worshiping places. In fact, there is no safe place for Nigerians in their country. Every one of us lives like a captive or a prisoner. Those in power are the only few who get protection against attacks. You hardly hear about the kidnap of a governor, son of a governor, senator, son of a senator, a member of the house or his son. Almost in all cases, ordinary Nigerians are the casualties of violent crimes in Nigeria. The problem does not affect those in power. That’s why we shouldn’t expect banditry and kidnapping for ransom to end soon. It’s no surprise why they are silent on the issue of insecurity.”

“When a nation is adrift and the future seems shaky with attendant national disaster, it behoves on men of conscience and past leaders of such a nation to speak out and point out ways of avoiding the danger confronting such a nation.”

Police arrest 10 suspects, recover arms, ammunition in Enugu

The Enugu State Police Command on Tuesday said it arrested 10 suspects in July for various criminal offences within the state.

The state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Abdurrahman, said the offences included conspiracy, armed robbery, unlawful possession of firearms and cultism.

Abdurrahman said the items recovered from the suspects included six arms, 15 ammunition of 5.56mm caliber, 36 live cartridges and 12 expended cartridges.

Other items recovered were a television set, one mobile phone, one cutlass and other miscellaneous items.

The commissioner said the arrests and recovery were made possible by intelligence and robust collaboration with other security agencies, and local security outfits like the Neighbourhood Watch Group of the state.

“We also have to thank our partners, stakeholders and the general public as well as the dedication and diligence of the officers and men of the command,” he said.

The Commissioner said two suspects were arrested at Ugbawka, Nkanu East Local Government Area on July 26 and Onueke Izza South Local Government on July 30 through a combined operation.

Abdurrahman said: “Their arrest is sequel to intelligence gathered that the duo and other members now at large, allegedly attacked and killed one Onyebuchi Aninwagu, the Chief Security Officer of Amodu-Awkunanaw Community on July 19.

“They were also alleged to have on July 21 at about 6am attacked police officers attached to Ozalla Division of the Command and carted away two assault rifles, after killing one of the police officer, ASP Ominiyi Chukwu, while the other, Inspector Princewill Ebiriem, sustained severe degrees of bullet wounds.

“The deadly gang was further alleged to have attacked one Alhaji Ibrahim Yaro at Isiaji Road in Nkanu West LGA, shot him on the leg and made away with his unregistered Bajaj Motorcycle.”

Abdurrahman said on July 26 at Premier Layout, Enugu through a combined effort of police operatives and Neighbourhood Watch Group, two armed robbers, who forcefully took possession of valuables of residents on gun point, were arrested.

He said the command also arrested two suspects on July 17 and recovered some home items, phones, wristwatch and a belt belonging to residents of Independence Layout, Enugu.

“This group specialises in using cutlass and other dangerous instrument to rob,” he said.

The commissioner, however, said investigation was ongoing on the nefarious activities of the various suspects as well as manhunt for their other members that were presently at large.

“The command will not leave any stone unturned until these criminals are apprehended and given appropriate punishment for their actions so far,” he said.

Enugu State: HELP, People after my life! Adaba Community Town Union President Cries Out

The following is a narrative made by the Adaba Town Union President, Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, Agubuchie Eugene

Good day great people of Adaba Community, last time I informed the general public about the mini general assembly meeting convened by the Elders Council on 20th June.

One agenda of that meeting is the lingering issue of selected town union executives and Premier Brewery land. I had also been off line because I had to stay at home and face the many challenges confronting our people.

I sincerely apologise for my absence on this platform. But today, I am pleased to update you on the resolutions of the Elders Council and the state of things in Adaba Community.

Before my election on 1st December 2019, we as a community witnessed factions which was a result of the constitution violation orchestrated by Jude Okonkwo.

The present councillorship position of Adaba was zoned to Amaogbo by our constitution but Jude Okonkwo gave it to Obinagu/Umuezeke zone for reasons best known to him.

This led to the suspension of our constitution during the President-General election. My election was done on gentleman’s agreement. So as it stands, we do not have another working constitution except the one of 1976 which basically spoke on election of Igwe, and lacking in other matters in the community.

Note that we were also singing progress and change during the election.

However, a week after my election, I was summoned by Jude Okonkwo and Chukwuma Ekwueme in a hotel and I was told that I must start paying two of them 100,000 naira every month. I pleaded to pay them 50,000 each but the refused. They threatened to drop me and put another PG if I do not play along with them. I did this for a couple of months and then the timber dealers noticed that there were no meaningful project going on from the money they paid and they stopped paying into the account.

Then Jude Okonkwo resorted to using the selected town union executive that he planted to checkmate me and possibly use them to impeach me if I try to pull out of the agreement. In one of the occasions, his PA Osita Ochi (Figo, sub committee chairman on electricity) on Ifeanyi Okonkwo’s instruction collected electricity money to the tune of 300,000 naira and went to pay only 100,000 naira to EEDC and share the rest to God knows. Two weeks after that our light was cut for two months and my name was ringing bell every where in Adaba. I managed to pay 320,000 naira out of 634,000 naira that was billed to us before our light was restored.

Then two weeks after, EEDC brought another bill in my presence and handed it over to Osita Ochi and I asked him to give me the bill so I can view but he refused and told me that the stakeholders of APU Enugu branch gave him the job as I was given. That evening, I summoned him and his committee for a meeting but he declined and went ahead to collect money from the people in the community. When I approached him to stop, he beat me up in the old Nkwo market.

The next day Jude Okonkwo summoned me for a meeting at Dragon Recreation Centre, 82 Division with the stakeholders. In that meeting, Osita Ochi was asked to bring two cartons of Heineken while I was told to bring one carton on top of the beating. So I refused and pulled out of them and told them that I had already dissolved that committee on electricity. But Jude Okonkwo told me that I don’t have the capacity to do that.

Before now, Jude Okonkwo and Benjamin Ogwudile had told me that I can never assert myself as a PG, that they must control me. In three occasions, I as the PG of Adaba had knelt down before Ifeanyi Okonkwo and the so called few Enugu stakeholders pleading for forgiveness on offense I never know but was alleged by Ochi Uchenna (ocha) and Uche Okafor (Uche O) who were imposed on me as the Bush Manager and Secretary by Ifeanyi Okonkwo. Ifeanyi Okonkwo once told me that his boys will beat me up one day and they had done exactly that.

In all these, what hurt me most, is that even the selected executives have been handling me as a mere stooge.The VP 1 Oforedu will always tell me that as VP 1, I cannot do anything without his approval. The worst of it all is that Jude Okonkwo mandated my financial Secretary Philip Udozor to be the only signatory that will sign before I withdraw money out of the four signatories. So that only Philip Udozor will be aware of what we are doing. Last time, there was a need of 10,000 naira by the Elders to visit Omasi but the Financial Secretary refused to sign until I took permission from Jude Okonkwo.

The Town Union Government has been run by the four of us i.e. myself, Jude Okonkwo, Chukwuma Ekwueme and Philip Udozor while other executives are ignorant of what we are doing.

One Saturday (Eke day) while I was having a meeting with the Elders Council, Prince Engr Arthur Eze came in the ccompany of Chief Isaac Amalunwaeze and Chief Cyril Iloanya. Nobody was informed of his visit. He gave the Elders Council 1,000,000 naira as a palliative for Covid 19 and told us that he has a land in Adaba (Premier Brewery land )which he wishes to start agricultural farm immediately. He also asked us what we want him to do for us. I enumerated our problems but he told me to write them down and bring to him. He also promised to give 20 youths Federal jobs employment and as well will summon the Governor on our behalf to talk about autonomous communities which I requested.

However before, he left, I told him to send his team of lawyers and land documents that will help us know more because as for me, Premier Brewery land was sold in 1987. So I will need to have the documents of the said land. I also called Barr IK Ekwueme to update him and ask him to search his father’s archives for such documents.

Then to my surprise, I was summoned for a meeting on 27th of May by the Enugu State Commissioner for Rural Development with all my Executives. When we got there, it turned to be an impeachment saga by my Executives sponsored by Jude Okonkwo and Chukwuma Ekwueme forcing 27 of my excos to sign against me.Their claims were that I personally sold Adaba land to Prince Engr Arthur Eze. But God gave me victory before them. Unfortunately, when we came out of the Hon Commissioner’s office, my younger brother saw Osita Ochi and beat him up. Five days later, Jude Okonkwo and Chukwuma Ekwueme sponsored again five of my executivesa, namely Barr Osita Ekwedigwe, Oforedu, Philip Udozor, Osita ochi and my Secretary Abraham Chineke in writing a petition against me and 7 Amaogbo youths in the state CID accusing us of banditry, conspiracy, planning local war, attempted murder and stealing etc.

Police came and arrested me and 5 others which I paid huge amount to bail myself and others. Till now, that case is still open.All these issues made the Elders Council to call for a General Assembly. After both parties explained what happened, the Elders Council wrote a resolution as attached in this platform and sent to each parties and to the Ministry of Rural Development. When APU Enugu Branch/Town Union executives recieved theirs, they flared up and sent their selected township-based executives to go home and demonstrate that the PG had been removed and that the VP 1 Oforedu is now the PG.

On 24th of July, they demonstrated. While they were doing their demonstration, I was reliably informed that I am their target to be killed as directed by their boss if I came out.Precisely on Tuesday 21th July, I was at Umulokpa Police Station to bail one boy from Adaba when Jude Okonkwo , Chukwuma Ekwueme, Benjamin Ogwudile, Dr John Chineke and their agents drive in from Enugu to Umulokpa Police Station and had a closed door meeting with the DPO for close to 3 hours and left back to Enugu.

The next day, police started invading Adaba everyday to extort money from people especially those that loading firewood they cut from Nkume communjty.

Then on Friday 24th, police came to extort those loaders again but they refused while they were quarrelling with the loaders.

Some of our boys who were returning from work at Prince Engr Arthur Eze farm saw the police and join in the issue because of previous provocations from the police.

In the process, the police started shooting and shot one Ukpata man that parked to mediate with them. He is now recieving treatment at Parklane Hospital.

Jude Okonkwo on hearing the incident at home, connived with Police and told them that my boys was trying to disarm the police.

Furthermore, in a meeting, we Adaba Community summoned by the Commissioner of Police on 27th of July, Jude Okonkwo stood up to mention three young men that he felt that was his problem to having his way in dealing with me and have Adaba pocketed. Then I was mandated by the CP to bring those boys the next which I did.

As I speak, the Elders, major stakeholders of Adaba had been in the state CID for four days now mediating over this issue. One of the young men has been released while two others are still in detention pending when the Police conclude their investigation.

Soonest, I will update us on what transpired over the CSDP project attracted to Adaba and how it was messed up by some selfish persons. For now, I will take time to elucidate to my people why I am being haunted to be killed by some people. They are desperate and determine to pocket Adaba. I had refused to be used as an instrument. Adaba people should know that my life is being threatened because I want to bring the change we promised during my election. I refuse to be a divide and rule PG. Adaba must unite to face our common enemy which is the cause committed in the land by our forefathers. Finally, I make bold to say that I was born and elected at a point like this for liberation of the land occupied by Adaba.Please my people, I need the support of everyone to build Adaba of our dream again. I refuse to be sectional PG and I refuse to be an instrument of war.

I will rather resign to the general assembly of Adaba than succumb to threat and intimidation of selfish persons. I will keep us posted from now and don’t keep silence if you are in this platform. Adaba belong to all of us.


Agubuchie Eugene, Adaba Town Union President General.

PHOTOS: South West Governors perform Pass Out Parade for Amotekun Security

Yesterday, governors of the South West Stats of Nigeria performed a colourful ceremony for the Amotekun Security outfit.

The Amotekun army was adorned in very colourful red military regalia and leopard skin belts.

The Amotekun qmwas launched to undertake the issue of community policing in the South West region of Nigeria by the governors.

See photos:

Edo Assembly invasion: Police arrest 7 pro-Obaseki thugs with firearms

The Edo State Police Command has arrested seven pro-Obaseki thugs involved in the siege laid at the Edo Assembly complex on Thursday to prevent the majority of elected members, who have since impeached the former Speaker and replaced him with Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror, from sitting in the complex.

The arrest was made yesterday when the Police responded to an emergency call from 17 elected members of the Edo Assembly who came under attack by thugs reportedly directed by the Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, to prevent plenary from holding at the Complex.

The thugs identified as Festus Agbonrenren (25 years), Odion Osayande (23 years), Ogbeiwe Wilfred (52 years), Morgan Uwaigboe (47 years), Osayomore Salami (25 years), Ifeoluwa Oladele (36 years), and Iginobaro Collins (26 years) were arrested with five double-barrel long guns, two single barrel long guns, and ten live cartridges within the premises of the Assembly complex.

Sources have confirmed that the arrested thugs have all confessed that they were mobilized by the Special Adviser to Governor Obaseki on Political Matters, Edo South, Mr. Osaigbovo Iyoha, and his Special Adviser on Parliamentary Issues, Mr. Kabiru Adjoto.

Governor Obaseki made an appearance at the Assembly Complex on Thursday to offer a robust defense of the actions of the thugs and the destruction of parts of the Assembly complex under the guise of ‘renovation’, although he failed to answer questions from journalists who sought an explanation on how an Assembly of 24 elected members could be formed and presided over by 7 lawmakers purportedly loyal to the Governor.

Meanwhile, an activist group in Edo State, Democracy For All, has condemned the actions of the Governor and demanded an immediate prosecution of the arrested thugs and their sponsors.

In a statement released on Friday morning, the group denounced the invasion of the Assembly Complex as an ‘egregious crime and affront on the constitution and the rule of law’, insisting that the arrested thugs, who have confessed their ties to the Edo State Governor, must be made to face the wrath of the law alongside their accomplice no matter how highly-placed.

Its statement read in part: “It is a shame that in Edo State today that we have a Governor who is insisting that a House of 24 members should be led and constituted only by 7 members. And to sustain this illegality, he has turned to violence, vandalism, and dark politics.

“While we thought our democracy has evolved and left certain ugly trends behind, Governor Godwin Obaseki, by his actions on Thursday, set us back many years with his flagrant abuse of office, violation of the integrity and expected character of his esteemed position, and the promotion of violence and illegality.

“Our first demand goes to the Police and it is to immediately commence processes for the prosecution of the arrested thugs and their direct sponsors, Mr. Osaigbovo Iyoha and Mr. Kabiru Adjoto.

“Their prosecution will signal to the world that Nigeria is neither home to criminality nor a jungle where appointees of government can break the law at will and threaten law and order through the sponsorship of thuggery, violence, and unfortunate contribution to arms proliferation.”

Biafran, Igbo groups to stage one-million man protest march against open grazing

Grassroots based Igbo groups including the Biafran Voice International (BVI), Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) and Coalition of Alaigbo Religious and Civil Society Organisations will this month organise a one million-man march against open grazing in Igboland.

President of ADF, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala, who disclosed this in a statement, on Monday, indicated that the action was to prevail on Governors of South East and other Igbo speaking states to as a matter of urgency hasten the enactment of anti-open grazing law.

He blamed what people call herders-farmers’ clashes as a major root-cause of the present bloody security situation in Igboland and other parts of the country.

“What is more, criminals from West African and other countries have taken advantage of this situation to invade our communities wrecking all manner of havoc, killing, maiming, and kidnapping our innocent citizens, rapping our wives and daughters with reckless abandon.

“Therefore, the first step in tackling the security challenges is to control the free movement and grazing of cattle. We are not saying that nobody should rear cattle. All we are saying is that open grazing of cattle is bad for our security and is bad for our economy and our survival,” he stated.

According to the ADF President, the Igbo must “assert our collective resolve and call on our Governments to enact the anti-open grazing law as well as put in place all necessary measures to enforce the law.”

The group also faulted the community policing arrangement being worked out by the Inspector General of Police, as according to him, the Fulani-dominated police force cannot guarantee security of Igbo people.

ADF, instead charged the State Houses of Assembly in the region to quickly enact laws backing local security watch or vigilante groups in the communities.

The group urged people in the South East and other areas to immediately follow-suit the courageous and patriotic steps being taken and enforced by their kit-and-kin in the Anioma areas of Delta State to prevent the invasion of their territory by Fulani herdsmen.

“We must say no to the so-called community policing programme being propagated by the Nigerian Police which some Governors are cowardly and for some other reasons are accepting.

Buhari, Osinbajo in meeting with security chiefs

President Muhammadu Buhari is currently presiding over a meeting of the security council.

The meeting, which also has Vice-President, Yemi Osibanjo in attendance, is holding inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

All service chiefs and the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, are present.

Others are the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno; heads of the Department of State Services and National Intelligence Agency; Ministers of Justice, Police Affairs, Defence and Interior among others.

The meeting comes hours after the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) bemoaned worsening security situation in Nigeria.

The governors have resolved to meet the President and the service chiefs separately on the matter.

Husband, wife, die in fresh bomb blast in Borno village

A husband and his wife, (names withheld) were killed in a suicide attack which rocked Kafan Ruwa village in Konduga Local Government Area of troubled Borno State.

Sources also said an unspecified number of residents in the Borno Village were injured in the attack with the destruction of houses.

Kafan Ruwa, a.k.a waterways in English is predominantly a fishermen communities dominated by Hausa origins and a stone throw to Konduga Local Government Headquarters which is about 40km drive from Maiduguri, the state capital.

Reliable sources said
that the incident took place on Sunday at about 12:30 am when the suicide bomber infiltrated a household in the Borno village and detonated an Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) strapped to her body.

When contacted, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Yakubu Mohammed confirmed the attack but insisted that he did not have details on the number of casualties.

His words: “Yes I have been trying to get in touch with the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Konduga, but am yet to get him, whenever I get him, I will furnish you with the details.” He told Vanguard.