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REBBUTAL: Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry not burnt, APOLOGIES

Jungle Journalist Media Limited has just learnt that Adoration Ministry, Enugu has not been attacked, as was reported in an earlier publication.

Our source juts confirmed that it was a mix up.

The story has been pulled down, and the video has also been pulled down.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited regrets the mix up, and hereby tenders an unreserved apology to any party affected.

Our intentions here is not to run anyone or group down, but to bring you accurate reports as they occur.

Heavy scandal rocks Reverend Father Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry as Lady reveals VERY dirty secrets 

*Says he lied about Buhari, Hope Uzodimma prophecies

*Accuses Fr Mbaka of attempt to commit ‘an abomination’ with brother’s wife

A lady who described herself as a former worshipper at Adoration Ministries, Enugu, where the Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka oversees has come out to say that the popular man of God has a lot of dirty secrets he is trying to hide.

The lady, Princess Ikodiya Uche Monica Ottah, popularly known as Adaukwu Ihechiowa spoke with journalists at her home in Enugu, where she discusses reasons why she earlier accused the reverend of plots to kill her.

During the interview, which was captured by the Enugu State Correspondent of Jungle Journalist Media Limited, Ottah also accused Reverend Father of blocking the marriage of his younger brother, Mr Edozie Mbaka, who swore to go ahead with the marriage since the senior Mbaka has refused to give any tangible reason for telling him to stop the marriage preparations.

She spoke of his ‘political prophecies, scandals, threat to her life, and her resolve to ensure that the right thing is done.

To prove that she was not lying against the man of God, Madam Ottah also availed journalists the opportunity to interview Edozie, who was present, and confirmed some of the allegations. The interview is also reproduced here.

Calls put across to the phone numbers of Reverend Father Mbaka The were not answered, and a text sent to him on the matter was not replied. For the avoidance of doubt, the text read:

‘Good afternoon father. I’m part of those that interviewed Princess in Enugu. Sir, I’ve been making effort to reach you for the purpose of hearing from you. I spoke to Favor earlier today and she told me that she later spoke to you. Can you please make time to talk to us so as to balance the story. I’ve also called severally but I understand you are a busy man. Thanks’


Madam, what is the issue you are having with Reverend Father Mbaka?

Reverend Father Mbaka told his younger brother to go and marry, and even presented a girl for him to marry, Chinaza. Suddenly, he turned around and said that he should not marry the girl anymore.

He gave no reasons. The dates for marriage was fixed before Covid 19, and they were asking him why he wants the marriage cancelled. He said they should give him time, that his brother should marry a girl from a poor background. He even called the parents of the girl and told them to come and take their daughter away.

This imbroglio, where is it going at the moment?

I don’t know. Mbaka himself knows where it’s going. But what I know is that he should leave Edozie to marry his wife. He himself said that he does not want a wife, that he wants to be a reverend father, so he should not be paying attention to Edozie and his wife. He ought to play the role of an elder brother, and be an adviser to Edozie, not a spoiler.

He wanted to sleep with Edozie’s wife, and I said no, that is an abomination in Ihechiowa where I come from. In Ihechiowa, if you marry and go to sleep with another man, you will die.

This is a very weighty accusation madam. How did you find out about this?

I discovered through some kind of moves that the Reverend Father made. His body language also told a lot. He has been doing it in the past, but we have said that it will not happen again. That this time, it will end.

Were you told this story of his plans to sleep with Edozie’s wife, or you were there?

I got that information from a very credible source. I don’t spoil people’s names. God should judge me, if I have lied, may it never be well with me. I am an advocate of peace and justice. I will not be alive and watch where someone is being unjustly treated, when I can stop it. Edozie was not close to me before now, but because of this matter, I decided that I will fight this fight and get to the bottom of the matter. This will be the last time he will try this kind of rubbish.

And I warned him. I also asked people to go and appeal to him. We begged him and even knelt down to ask him not to do what he is doing.

This accusation is a very grievous one in Igbo land, and in the Christian church, especially as regards the clergy. Like you said earlier, there has been other instances where the reverend was accused of sleeping with other people’s wives. Can you throw more light on this?

I have heard that there is something he does whenever his brothers wants to marry. If he does not do that thing, you won’t be a wife in the family. He boasted that he is the one in charge of the marriage. That if you don’t accept what he said, it won’t work out.

Has there been attempts to settle this matter?

He has not made any effort. Whenever you are doing anything with him, he tries to intimidate you. When he does this, everyone becomes scared. He does not feed me. He has insulted me that I pack refuse from gutters, but I thank God that I have a job to pack gutters. I don’t stand at Otigba (Junction Enugu) to seek for men to sleep with.

Wherever he has gone to report this matter, he has always gone to ask that I shouldn’t stand behind Edozie in the matter. His goal is not to make peace. He will just tell them that Edozie must send his wife packing. That means he has a ready-made objective. That is different from peace. But I will not allow this to happen.

Usually at every place he has gone, they have always concluded that he is wrong, and told him to let the young man marry his wife. For instance, the last place we went to, they said that Edozie should go ahead with his wedding plans. We were referred to the Bishop of Enugu, and it’s the bishop that will handle the wedding.

So the bishop is aware of this matter?

Of course. When a crayfish seller leaves his crayfish and comes to you to buy yours, won’t you know that something is wrong with his own crayfish? The bishop knows that for us to bring the matter to him, something is definitely wrong. If Edozie whose elder brother is a reverend father comes to him for wedding, then there is a problem.

I understand that the matter got to your father in the village. Can you give us an insight to this?

Last Friday (9th October) my father called and said I should call him back. When I did, he said Father Mbaka sent three people to our village, to see him. They were two males and one female. There is Chinwe Okafor, also known as Infinity, Brother Elisha and Chidi. According to my father, they said that if he does not caution me, if they kill me, there will be no one to bury him.

My father is 76 years old. He was alarmed and that was why he called me. He told me to leave whatever will make them want to kill me, but I told him that it is better that they kill me, because I cannot be intimidated to leave the path of truth.

My kinsmen then invited me to come home, and I visited my hometown, Ihechiowa that Saturday. They asked me what happened and I told them. They poured drinks for me in the ground (blessed me), and told me that I can return to Enugu. What I am saying is truth. God is Spirit and He sees and hears everyone and knows the things done in secret.

Has this matter been addressed by the Ituku community where Father Mbaka comes from?

Mbaka acts as if he owns Ituku. If he wants to make you Igwe, he will make you Igwe. If he wants to to make you a reverend father, he will do it. If he wants to give you a scholarship, he will. He is a one man squad, and this has made them to become almost subservient to him. If he decides what he wants them to say, he will mandate them and they will invite Edozie, and compel him to say it exactly as they want it said.

It’s only of late that their later father came to Edozie (in a vision) and told him not to be afraid, that he is with him in this matter. If not so, he would have been very well dealt with. His father is strongly behind him.

Do you think his Edozie’s kinsmen will come?

We can’t say who will come or not, because it’s only God who knows which of us will be around on that day. But we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding. When the invitation card is out, Edozie will present it to them. Abroad, two or three people are enough for a wedding. It’s only in Nigeria that everyone wants to come.

There will be chairs, there will be food, enough for everyone.

We heard that some people wants to kill Father Mbaka. I want to ask you, do you have any plans to injure or kill him?

Father owns a great church with a large congregation. Do I have a church? Do I have an altar? He has seen how the whole matter is going, and is getting embarrassed, that’s why he is crying out. If you want to catch a thief, he will first of all accuse you of robbery. That’s why he is crying out. No one wants to kill him, he is the one who is threatening to kill.

Before this problem started, was there any other disagreement between you and the reverend father?

God forbid, I have no issues at all with him. I attend his church, and I make contributions to the growth of e church, according to the way God promotes me. I support his projects, I even bring people to support the church.

Did your father identify those who came to your village as Adoration members sent by Father Mbaka?

No, but they identified one of them. We now hazarded the identity of the other two, based on the description we got. But how I was able to conclude was that on the Sunday after they visited our hometown, he brought out those three in the church, and humiliated them publicly.

He claimed that its Onitsha branch of Adoration Ministry, that were planning to spoil his church, since those three came from Onitsha. He denied that he is not the one who sent them on the mission.

I called them on the phone earlier, and told the, that Mbaka will deny sending them, and he did just that. But he is the one that sent them. Now they don’t pick calls anymore, because they are ashamed.

Is there anything else you have against Father Mbaka that you would want to talk about?

His prophecies, I am sorry to say, are fake. They are information handed over to him by people close to government.

Are you alleging that Mbaka did not truly prophesy about Buhari’s presidency?

Yes. Someone told him. The person told him on 27th December 2014, and on 31st, he used it to present as a prophecy. The man who told him was so angry that he had a bitter quarrel with Mbaka. He had to settle with the man.

Are you saying that Mbaka is not a real prophet?

Yes, he is a political prophet that works with information. If he is a true prophet, he ought to have know that this marriage is ordained in heaven. That he should not touch it, and that it would bring him pain and troubles. He would have listened to the advise that people have been giving to him.

Are you also implying by this, that the Imo State governorship prophecy of Father Mbaka is fake?

Val Nnaedozie is part of that prophecy. He and Val are not in good terms at all now.

Did Val Nnaedozie prophesy and Mbaka took the prophecy?

He is not a prophet. But you can get information from someone and use it for prophecy. If it comes to pass I become a celebrity. If you present to me an authentic information, and I use it for prophecy, I will become a celebrity, and it will look like it’s authentic.

Is it true that Father Mbaka went to visit President Buhari and was paid for his prophecies?

I wasn’t there when he was paid. The president cannot give you money if you visit him. He does not. But he can help you obtain a loan, which you will pay back. But you can get waiver because it’s from the president.

But when he returns from Abuja. He goes to the altar and starts to boast that the president is afraid of him. How can you say that the president fears you? Who are you? You visit him as a priest, and you should not exalt yourself.

How then do you correct what has gone awry regarding Edozie’s marriage?

Nothing has gone wrong. You can say that something has gone wrong if someone is dead. Or if Edozie fails to have his wife. But none of these has happened.

We heard that Adoration Ministry has been shut down. Is this your handiwork?

Who am I to close Adoration?

It’s in the story that Father Mbaka allege that there are plots to kill him?

A killer doesn’t allow people to go to his back with a cutlass. He is a killer, and knows what it is about killing. I have no issue with anyone and I have no business killing. He is the one cooking up all those things, including using people to block me on the highway. Since he knows how to kill, issues of killing will keep visiting him. I don’t know how to kill, I have never killed before, God will vindicate me from all the allegations he has against me. He has gone against a lot of rules of the church.

What and what rules has he gone against?

There are so many businesses he has been involved in, which his bishop is not aware. According to them, Canon Law states that a priest cannot run any business more than N1 million without the approval of the bishop. He goes into all kinds of businesses and money is involved. Into billions.

So where did the EFCC come into the whole thing?

I don’t know. But I heard that there is an international company in Kogi whom he is doing one business with. We heard that he had a fall out with them, and they sued him to the EFCC.

When did you believe he started doing the things that you think are unacceptable?

He has been doing a lot, but I have not paid any attention to them, because I am neither a reverend father nor a reverend sister. The only problem I have with him is Edozie and Edozie’s wife. He wants me to leave Edozie so he do what he likes with him but I have said, no way.

He has been trying to oppress Edozie. He has been trying to, to the extent of kneeling down for his little brother, because he wants to use him for his sinister plans.

He knelt down several times for Edozie, begging him not to marry his wife. You will see that there is something fishy behind it all.

From what you are saying, it seems as if Father Mbaka desperately wants his brother to drop his wife. Is there anything you think is the reason for this seeming desperation?

Yes. He must be desperate to separate them, because he didn’t achieve what he planned to achieve.

Is the wife an evil person or is she involved in rituals?

How can she be? She is a little girl in her 20s and Edozie is also a small boy. What can anyone say she has done wrong?

How did Edozie meet his wife?

He is the one that said Edozie should marry that very girl. The girl’s Mum is a member of the church and also contributes to the welfare of the church. They live in Onitsha. The mother is an ardent member, comes on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

She gave Mbaka names of some men who showed interest in her daughter for prayers, but Mbaka then said that Edozie will marry her.

The woman asked him if God approved the marriage, and he said yes. So when these things began to come out, she started shouting that he said it was God’s plan. He has been messing her name up, she and her husband, accusing them of being into juju.

I asked a lot of people to go and beg him and they went. He refused, before I now turned around and began to fight him.

‘Why my elder brother, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka is fighting me’ Mr Edozie Mbaka

The younger brother of the popular Enugu priest, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has come out to say that the priest is fighting against him.

Edozie stated this while speaking with journalists in Enugu, the Enugu State capital.
Jungle Journalist Media Limited Correspondent in Enugu reports that a lot of dark and dirty secrets were unearthed during press time, as another lady, Princess Ikodiya Uche Monica Ottah threw several accusations at Father Mbaka, daring him to deny them.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited Correspondent in Enugu reports that a lot of dark and dirty secrets were unearthed during press time, as another lady, Princess Ikodiya Uche Monica Ottah threw several accusations at Father Mbaka, daring him to deny them.

The lady had last week cried out that he planned to kill her in a news report. (Jungle Journalist Media Limited will publish the full interview in a later edition).

Here are the words of Mr Dozie Mbaka, the last born of the Mbaka family:

“I am the younger brother to Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, paternally. The issue we are battling with at the moment is that I went to marry, like every Igbo man would. He initially supported the marriage. I was surprised that he suddenly turned around to say no.

“There are three of us in the family, and because he is a Reverend Father, our late dad requested that we younger ones marry so that the family bloodline will continue. My elder brother is married.

“I have done my traditional marriage with my wife, who is from Ihitenansa, Orsu Lofal Government Area of Imo State.

“The elders of my community have tried to intervene, but each time they do, he will not allow them to talk, because of his wealth and influence.

“Only he knows why he is insisting that I should not marry my wife. If you look at the whole situation, you will realize that this is not ordinary. He has not said what the lady did wrong, or what she did not do right that is his reason for saying that I must not marry her.

“We have gone to beg him, with the elders of our community, in fact, we went with the Igwe. Our elder sister also joined us to to beg that if there is anything we have done wrong, he should forgive us.

“They told him that once a man goes through the traditional marriage, he is married, but my brother(Father Mbaka) remained adamant.

“As a man of God, if had seen anything in the spiritual world that he is not happy it’s about the marriage, he should have told us, but there is not such thing.

“Therefore, I will go ahead with my marriage. I will not allow him to stop me”, he said resolutely.

Edo Guber 2020: PFN Charges Edo People To Maintain Peace During Elections

National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude, has charged the people of Edo State, to maintain peace and orderliness before, during and after the September 19 governorship election in the state.

Dr. Omobude who is also the General Superintendent of Gospel Light International Ministry (GLIM) – New Covenant Gospel Church (NCGC), in a press statement in Benin City, signed by his Media Aide, Deacon Ralph Okhiria, said the election of an individual politician is not worthy of the blood or life of any resident of the state.

“My dear good people of Edo state, I identify and join my voice to the many other good citizens of the state to call for peace during this governorship election scheduled for Saturday, this week.

“The contestants have transversed the length and breadth of the state and have told us what they intend to do and can do. It is now our duty to make our choices and then come out boldly to exercise our franchise.

“I want to call on you to do what is right. Don’t give yourself to violence, don’t allow your children to be used for violent activities.

“The Church stands for truth. We stand for justice. We stand for equity. Let’s defend our values. Truth must overcome falsehood. Light must overcome darkness.

“In your voting, don’t sell your conscience. Stand for what is right and the overall interest and development of our great state.

“Election is a period to reward good with our votes and also a period to punish evil with our Personal Voter’s Cards (PVC).

“The PFN also wishes to once again appeal to our politicians to be more circumspect in their utterances and activities, by ensuring that they put the state first in all their conducts.

“They should not let their ambitions blindfold them or override the peace of the state. It is important that politicians do not destroy the state and people they aspire to govern.

“Furthermore, it is important that the security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), carry out their jobs professionally, to engender peaceful, free, fair and credible election that we will all be proud of.

“I therefore enjoin all the Christians in Nigeria, particularly those in Edo State to be prayerful and go back to their core value as the pillar of truth and rise up in prayers against the forces of evils”, the PFN national president, added.

I fear the calamity God showed me coming to Hope Uzodinma and his govt, Ebonyi prophet cries out

The General Overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi has said gloomy days lie ahead for Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.

Chukwudi, who was the first man of God to say that Uzodinma will emerge Governor in Imo State, told Jungle Journalist Media Ltd in an exclusive telephone chat that the enemies of the Imo State Governor will overwhelm him, bringing about very terrible days in the life of the governor and his government.

He however stated that the one remedy to the coming doom will be if Uzodinma seeks the face of God immediately, but regretfully expressed pessimism, as he accused politicians of arrogance that usually lead to their downfall.

Hear him “God showed me a series of visions and revelations concerning the happenings around the political space of Nigeria.

“I have a bleak revelation about Imo State. A very deadly political crisis is unfolding in Imo State now, there is going to be problem. The governor there need to seek the face of God. I gave a prophecy on 7th January, 2019 that Hope Uzidimma will emerge governor of Imo State, and unfortunately, they said that Ihedioha won. I kept asking God questions and He said ‘My Word is My Word, it cannot die’. And God said, ‘I must fulfill my word’. God has now fulfilled his word. This young man needs to seek the face of God now because the enemies around him are much. As a matter of fact, in the spirit realm, I am seeing a very big trouble. A political unrest that will unsettle Imo is already unfolding.

“Let him seek the face of God because there is calamity coming. These politicians, even if they see prophecies, they will be looking for witchcraft to sort it out, but all I can tell him is, he is my friend, he is my brother,and let him seek the face of God.

“In the spirit realm, it’s a done deal. Let us find a solid ground. I love the young man so much because he is divinely chosen by God, but I fear for him”, the man of God said.

EID-EL KABIR: Chief Kalu Congratulates Muslim Community, Sues For Peace

The National Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, a PDP Youth and Stakeholders mobilization and advocacy group, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has felicitated with Muslims in Nigeria and around the world as they celebrate this year’s Eid-el-kabir.

In a press statement signed by Comr Amos Kalu, his media and publicity aide, and made available to newsmen, Chief Kalu urged the Muslim faithful to see the festival as a moment for sober reflection and prayers for peace, unity, progress and stability of the country, reiterating that peace is the only key to a better and prosperous Nigeria.

“First of all, we sincerely thank Allah for life and his watch over our nation, nothwithanding our challenges and setback of COVID-19, he has continued to watch over the nation. As you celebrate this year’s Eid-el-kabir, it is important that you remember to pray for God’s intervention, especially for restoration of peace and end to coronavirus pandemic.

“I urge every Muslim to continue to pray for peace, love, unity and greater understanding for our leaders and the betterment of the masses” he encouraged.

He also reminded the Muslim faithful and Nigeria as a whole of the place of prayers even as we celebrate this year’s Eid-el-Kabir festival.

“I believe the prayers of the faithful can attract the peace and healing our country needs”, the statement concluded.