Girls molested, stripped completely naked for indescent dressing

Girls molested, stripped completely naked for indescent dressing.

Girls molested, stripped completely naked for indescent dressing

Two young women aged 20 and 25 years respectively – one in a mini-skirt and one in a top that left her entire breast almost exposed, were molested by a large group of men in Cameroon.

Eyewitness say a group of men gathered in front of the shop the girls had entered. As soon as the girls came out, the men followed them,sexually molested and stripped one of the girls naked and started taking photos with their cellphones.

Her friend who tried to assist her was then also abused. The girl who wore the mini-skirt was eventually rescued by police, who escorted her home, whilst the other was saved by a businessman, and was also later escorted home.

Arochukwu twins before Mary Slessor •To be accepted, twins expected to undergo cleansing

Scotland honoured her with this currency, 10 pounds


In the past and present, Arochukwu is a town synonymous with civilization, prosperity and valour. In the Igbo heartland where it is located ,the town prospered by ruling the market of the entire Igboland .The influence of the place stretched to the present Niger-Delta and Southern Cameroon.

But Arochukwu was also identified with pain and sorrow- the pain of families who were swindled and sold into slavery through Arochukwu merchants.The town inflicted itself with the burden and superstition that twins were evil, and must never be allowed to live. This gospel of doom was preached among the people that interacted with Igbos- Niger Delta and Cameroons . Like the Aros, most of their neighbours believed that Chukwu-Ibinukpabi, the supreme God abhorred twins.

With this erroneous assumption, twin babies were seen as abomination and even killed.

Parents who stubbornly held to their twins were reduced to worthless outcasts and subsequently sent into exile, if they refused to get rid of them. The society and their immediate family ostracized them.

From the moment of the abhorrent birth,the unlucky parents of twins were usually given a wide berth by friends and relations . The normal celebration of the arrival of new babies were usually low-key, mournful and muffled when twins were born.

To the people then, twin birth was a mystery: how can a human being give birth to more than one baby ? As they conjectured, only lower animals like dogs, goats, cats and chickens have multiple births. And so, the mothers of twins were an aberration. They were treated as cursed, debased beings. However, with the coming of Mary Slessor, the killing of twins was stopped. But did that really stop the rejection of twins? No.

A young man, Elisha Nwangwu, a native of Arochukwu told Sunday Sun that as a twin living in Arochukwu about 15 years ago, he and his family, which included his twin brother Elijah suffered discrimination among their people.

Mary Slessor and some twins



Elisha and Elijah Nwangwu are twin brothers. They had never gone to their hometown, Arochukwu before. At 15, almost adults, they were to visit their ancestral home for the first time. They were excited. They could hardly wait to get there and meet the enthusiastic relatives who would welcome them home. Both wondered what these relatives would look like, who they were and how they were going to receive them.

On December 21 1992, their eldest brother, Okooro had employed the services of a chartered bus which took them all the way along with their mother and siblings. But little did they expect the hostility they met right in the ancestral home they had hoped and dreamt about all their lives.

The family was shocked at the way they were snubbed by almost everyone, and the feigned smiles and salutations they received. Elisha instantly wished they had not come. Unlike the people of Agbani, Enugu State where they had resided, who were very warm and friendly, the Aro people, their own people were the most unfriendly people they had ever met. But that was just the beginning.

They were later to learn that a family like theirs was regarded with suspicion and were rejected, just because of the twins. Although not reduced to the status of ohus, people whose ancestors were slaves, a man whose wife has given birth to twins was still regarded as an outcast, and the whole family blacklisted. The stigma persisted. The only difference was that they were not killed but superstition against them was still strong that they were harbingers of evil and bad luck.

‘How can anybody bear more than one child? Are they animals?’, many asked. Although Elisha’s family of the amadis- freeborns, the stigma was still there. “Nobody said anything against you, but it was written on their faces, and spelt out in their behaviour towards you. You were a reject, no matter what you did. And so was your whole family”, Elisha told Sunday Sun.

“They made life miserable for us”, Elisha recalled. He went on to narrate the ordeals his family passed through just because of his twin brother and himself. Elisha and his brother Elijah had learnt in school that it was in his hometown that the famous Mary Slessor fought against the practice and abolished the killing of twins. Old as it was, they had grown up to believe that the tradition died in the distant past along with all of its trappings.

“We went through the pains of stigmatism. Luckily for us, we were not interested in certain traditional practices , we would have been prevented from participating. But the people, especially the men avoided us. They would not answer our greetings, or answered with a grunt. They would not accept anything from our hands, and would not give us anything. In short, the hatred was too glaring. It was believed that twins were signs of bad luck and whoever accepted them accepted evil luck.”


Mary Slessor’s house in Calabar

Mary Slessor weeps

It was during those days that their mother had told them the pathetic story of their aunt, an incident that happened in the 60s. Auntie Roseline had gotten married as a teenager to a man from Arochukwu, their hometown. During her first conception, she had given birth to twin boys. She never saw those boys as they were stolen away from her in the dead of the night while she was still weak from labour and probably murdered. As soon as her family heard, they had come forward and taken her away from the marriage.

Unfortunately, she never was able to conceive again after that time. “Today, she is old and childless. The ones God had given her were murdered by a man who is supposed to protect her under the name of that cursed tradition”, Elijah added bitterly.

“My own mother must have had a similar experience”, Elisha observed. “She used to tell us that her first birth was to twins, but that they died, then they had left Arochukwu and refused to return. What she never said was how they died. Looking back, I am beginning to think they were probably killed, and that probably is why my father had kept away from Arochukwu all his life”.

Mary Slessor church, Calabar


Superstition and evil practices

First, they had been told that there was no accommodation for them in the family house and were forced to go outside and rent a place. But they noticed that most of the adult males avoided them, the twins particularly. Where their siblings were tolerated, they were shunned. Elisha recalled an incident in which they had gone on the yearly fishing expedition with some men. They were divided into groups but were rejected by the leader of the group they were to belong, a man involved heavily in traditional fetish practices.

There was a law barring any father of twins from participating in certain ceremonies and some of their rights were taken away from them at the event of the birth of twins into the family. In order to avoid being excluded, some narrow-minded men drove their wives away from matrimony. It was said that some even went as far as secretly eliminating one of the kids and claiming that they had given birth to a single child.

A twist of fate

A particular man, Okorocha Chime had had a very strong hatred for the duo, Elisha and Elijah, probably because he held a very exalted position in the village. So, he kept the boys at bay even though they were next-door neighbours. His wife on the other hand, loved the boys and in the event of one year, she too was visited by the god of twins and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Despite his position in the village, Okorocha Chime was subsequently banned from participating in those benefits and he went home to lick his wounds. He began to accept the kids and before long, became very fond of the boys.

Reacting to the story, Mazi Rambo Ofo, a Paris-based businessman of Aro extraction who is also a twin maintained that he also passed through the same experience in his days in Arochukwu. He explained that twins could not go to Chukwu, the supreme deity whose oracle is in Arochukwu, and could not appear at the ulo-nta ceremony, the stool of the ancient Aro kindred where only true sons of Aro are can attend. “They were regarded as work of the devil as God created only one man and one woman at a time.

So, it is regarded as an anomaly and work of the devil. Their presence in any traditional setting rendered any dibia blind and every invocation null. They could not be accepted as leaders.” He said that twins were killed in the past and thrown into the evil forest so that their spirits would not reincarnate back to the village. “But things had changed. They only discriminated against us. My twin brother and I were treated as sub -humans.”

When contacted, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, a prominent son of Arochukwu said that such practices, both the killing and the discrimination were of the past. In his words, “Such discrimination against twins does no more exist anymore in Arochukwu. They have been abolished. If they exist at all -in fact, they only exist in people’s imagination.

On his part, the secretary-general of Nzuko Arochukwu (Worldwide), Mazi Ernie Onwumere told Sunday Sun that twins in the place were truly stigmatized in the past. He , however added that to be fully re-admitted in the community, the parents of twins and their twins usually had to undergo certain rites of cleansing to be accepted back into the fold. Once those rites were performed, they were as good as anybody. They can participate in whatever is going on in the community and can even go for the annual ulo-nta meeting. He cited the case of his uncle, Mazi Joseph Okereke Ukwerenyi, the eze-ogo designate of Amangwu Village, Arochukwu.

“His twins are 14 years old this year but he is not denied any traditional benefits he is due. During this year’s Ikeji Festival in September, he will be crowned the eze-ogo. If there was still discrimination, he wouldn’t have been chosen. The eze-ogo is the highest office in the village. What he did was to pass through that traditional cleansing”.

Igbinedion University student stabs room mate 7 times with scissors

Chioma’s head with blood flowing

Some students of the Igbinedion Univeristy, Okada, Edo State, reported yesterday about an incident that happened in their school involving two room mates, Chioma Onyeagwe and Hope Amadi. They had a fight over a shirt, and one of them nearly lost her life. According to reports, Hope Amadi borrowed Chioma’s cloth and refused to return it for many days. When Chioma asked for her cloth back on Tuesday June 5th, Hope allegedly became extremely aggressive and the two girls got into serious argument. Then a fight ensued.

Witnesses say Hope Amadi picked up scissors from their room and stabbed Chioma seven times on the neck, arm and other places. Chioma was rushed to the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, where doctors reported that Chioma was stabbed on her artery, and that if she hadn’t been rushed to the hospital when she was she would have died. Hope Amadi has been suspended from school.

The victim, Chioma


The assailant, Hope



DANA CRASH LATEST: I’m alive, says Amina Bugaje

They were from the same clan – the Bugaje’s family. They equally shared the same name – Amina Bugaje. But the picture published yesterday  as that  of a victim of the Dana Air plane crash was Amina Bugaje, the one alive.

In an interview with The Nation, Bugaje cleared the air: “I am alive. Your paper published a wrong picture. I have received lots of calls today. It is really painful explaining to various callers that I’m alive.” 

She said  the deceased, who was her cousin, was addressed as Amina Idris Bugaje while “I am simply Amina Bugaje. She is my cousin.”

According to her, the deceased was coming to Lagos to procure visa. She was in company of another cousin, Buhari Maikudi who also died in the crash.

She described her late cousin as kind-hearted and friendly.“I will miss her dearly,” she said.  




Alvana Ojukwu of Dana Crash: TRIBUTES TO A SOLDIER OF THE LORD

Alvana Ojukwu of Dana Crash: TRIBUTES TO A SOLDIER OF THE LORD.

Alvana Ojukwu of Dana Crash: TRIBUTES TO A SOLDIER OF THE LORD

Alvana Ojukwu,  27+yrs, was a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She studied Law and was planning to go to Oxford in September, later this year. She was a staff of Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Abuja, and just matriculated the Saturday before she died. She was a very strong Christian, and this was visible in every facet of her life. Her last text to her brother, just before the crash was: TAKE STRENGHT IN THE LORD,FEW MIN.FROM NOW,I WILL BE GOING TO BE MEET THE LORD. In this Facebook story, her friends and close confidants reminisce as they pay tributes to the fallen:


Alvana Ojukwu



Alvana Ojukwu

Studied at University of Nigeria, NsukkaLives in Abuja, NigeriaFrom Enugu, Anambra, NigeriaBorn on February 26


  • My best friend,dearest sister, its very difficult for me at this point in time to be writing this and much more difficult knowing that u will never respond but God knows best though at this point HE DID NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME.That tears could bring back the dead mine will do,ur voice has ceased,ur smile has equally ceased.What will happen to our jokes?Never to be shared again.ALVANA u were the best i ve seen in the few yrs of my life.Ur death has broken me beyond measure and the tears has refused to stop.MY DEAR to say goodbye is the most difficult word for me to say at this point.IN LIFE U WERE AN ANGEL,A ROLE MODEL,AN ENCOURAGEMENT,A SUPPORT,A BEAUTY IN WORDS AND CHARACTER.I earnestly desire that God will help me to see u again on that resurrection morning when we will meet to part no mre.ADIEU JESUS DAUGTHER,ADIEU KINGS DAUGHTER.I LOVED U SO MUCHHHHHHH.

    3 hours ago · 

  • Yes! definitely a sad story but d kingdom where we come 4rm do not grieve so much on d passage of a saint 2d oda part of life which is more sweeter dan wat we ve here. We miss u and we pray dat ur exit 4rm earth will birth an explosive entrance of an army of ladies dat understands dat life is not worth living if lived without “Christ in you”. One luv

    4 hours ago via mobile · 

  • ALVANA- u lived a life of purpose , focus and impact
    alvana, i celebrate you-NWA OMA,ADA DIORA MMA
    ALVANA you will ever live in my heart till my last breath

    Yesterday at 4:31pm · 

  • ALVANA the damsel -alvana the amazon in savannah
    alvana you were the epitome of decency
    alvana you were a perfect definition of a virtuous lady
    alvana ,when i see you, the word NOBLE takes its full meaning
    alvana….. you live on… i will ever refuse to say R.I.P

    Yesterday at 4:27pm · 

  • alvana ojukwu 
    although i am down cast ….
    i ultimately celebrate you
    alvana-passion for God was your second name
    alvana-compassion for humanity was your identity
    See More

    Yesterday at 4:22pm · 

  • death be not proud over alvana ojukwu
    for u have only suceeded in giving her
    an accelerated retirement to the
    glorious realm where all mortals terminate
    death i pity and mourn you because your day of
    See More

    Yesterday at 4:18pm · 

    you live on
    it was ur mortal that crashed
    ur good works live on
    ur life was cut short tragically
    See More

    Yesterday at 4:13pm · 

  • It’s funny how I never really had a reason τ̲̅☺ always write on Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊я page daily. Something just happened. I was i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the kitchen & tried τ̲̅☺ lift a boiling pot without a rag, it burnt M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ hand αη∂ I was just imagining what Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ went thru αη∂ feeling sad all over again then Ugochi Ukeje sent M̶̲̅ε̲̣ this almost immediately:
    A Better Place
    June 6, 2012
    Our Daily Bread is hosted by Les Lamborn 
    READ: Revelation 21:4-11God Himself will be with them and be their God. —Revelation 21:3

    When my friend Marci’s father-in-law passed away, she stopped making his favorite dessert: pineapple salad. One day, her little boy asked why she no longer served it. She replied, “It reminds me of Papa, and it makes me sad; Papa really liked that dessert.” Her son replied in a chipper tone, “Not better than heaven!”

    That little boy had the right idea. Heaven is a much better place. Remembering this can help ease our sadness when things on earth trigger memories of believing loved ones who have passed away. Our friends and family who have heavenly addresses are much happier there because:


    Heaven is God’s home. God’s followers will enjoy His presence for all eternity (Rev. 21:3-4).


    Heaven is comfortable in every way. Heaven’s residents will never be sick or upset (21:4), hungry or thirsty (7:16).


    Heaven is a beautiful place. A “clear as crystal” river will flow from God’s throne (22:1), and God Himself will give heaven its light (22:5).

    Do things in this world sometimes remind you of believers who have moved on to the next world? If so, it’s comforting to think that they are now enjoying heaven—a better place by far. —Jennifer Benson Schuldt

    If God has made this world so fair,

    Where sin and death abound,

    How beautiful beyond compare

    Will paradise be found! —Montgomery

    The pleasures of earth cannot be compared to the joys of heaven. I A̶̲̥̅♏ ENCOURAGED!!!!!

    Yesterday at 6:17am · 

  • I remember it like yesterday in a
    feca aba tuesday prayer meeting at
    79 tenant rd when she asked us to
    help her pray this prayer
    See More

    Yesterday at 2:31am · 

  • Rest In Peace, Alvana.

    Tuesday at 11:55pm · 

  • Stil can’t bliev ure gone jst few months ago we wishd u HBD only 2 com now & say RIP,its nt as u wia sick u wia healthy,wat a life,as I write dis msg wit tears remembrin those days in FGGC Umuahia ow we alwas crackd jokes we wia class mate in SS1 C 2 our finals and we wia housemates too in Yellow House,can’t stp tinkin & wondrin y it mst b u,bur who re we 2 query God,al d same God knos best.RIP

    Tuesday at 9:58pm via BlackBerry · 

  • This news made me speechless,when i had about it.i checked with tears on the names sent to me.But couldnt find yours,only to go on your page to confirm it was real.your have always set a pace for us right from our days in school,may you rest in the bossom of our lord jesus,a rare gem.

    Tuesday at 9:09pm near London, England · 

  • Alvana!! What a life u lived. Who can love the lord as much as u do and show it to d world d way u did? People who may have forgotten about you in sch will always remember you when your picture and what you stood for is presented. Oh! how I long to love God d way u did, may d kind of life you lived reflect in every one who desire it. I know u have met ur creator, yet I cry for so many reasons. Do u hv 2 die b4 pple embrace what you stood for? God understands best!

    Tuesday at 7:01pm · 


    Tuesday at 6:42pm · 

      • Ejyk Zuby all that have been morning with us”,BE CONSOLED NOW” Keep hope alive,live your life as if you will be gone the next min.reach the unreached,touch lives and be ready to meet the Lord with a smiling face,KEEP D VISION BURNING.(FECA ABIA ZONE)

      • Ijeoma Orji Ofokansi Are you serious,she sent this text to her brother?am consoled now

      • Ejyk Zuby yes,this sms was read to the mother by the bro.before telling her about the death of Alvana.let everyone be consoled for sure.

      • Ijeoma Orji Ofokansi O my greatest worry was how her mum will take it.thank God she sent this text.she will always be remembered

  • Rest In the bossom of the Lord Alvana,you’ll be greatly missed here on earth….*sob** sob**

    Tuesday at 6:29pm · 

  • I was shocked wen i receive the sad news of ur departure from this useless and wicked world. But my consolation is that you gave account of life on earth. May God grant you eternal rest. Amen.

    Tuesday at 4:17pm · 

  • chai,wat a horrifyin news!still difficult 4 me 2 bliv u’r no more in ds flesh..

    Tuesday at 4:11pm · 

  • stil can not believe u r gone 4eva,rest in d bossom of the Lord ma good friend

    Tuesday at 1:03pm · 

  • To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable. Sleep well, dearest Friend

    Tuesday at 9:50am via BlackBerry · 

  • What more can i say; i take solace in the fact that you died a good christian. Your life was and will continue to be an example to all. God knows the best.

    Tuesday at 9:32am · 

  • I cant get myself 2write on ur wall.I remembr wen i 1st heard dat,i pinged u wishing it wasnt true.i commented on ur pic on fb & waited a response.Its so sad.i kept saying i wld meet wit u in abj,but time neva did let us.Now THIS. Wat can i say that hasnt bn said already?i can imagine wat wld ve been on ur minds wen dis plane was goin 2crash.Wit a heavy heart,i say:Rest on dear.our lose but heaven’s gain.:'(

    Tuesday at 8:40am via BlackBerry · 

  • Alvana,i was so happy the day i came to FECA okigwe road chapt and i saw u and u were on fire for God,i have no doubts u r with Him now.This,is my consolation.

    Tuesday at 2:28am via mobile · 

  • Alvana my seat mate in FGGC Umuahia. My heart melted when I heard u were on d plane only God knws y dis happened may u find ur way to d lord.I knw one day we shall meet never to part again RIP.

    Monday at 11:44pm via BlackBerry · 

  • i dont know what to say but the good Lord knows why it really happened.may you find your way back home amen.RIP.cry cant bring u back but …………..

    Monday at 10:18pm · 

  • its painful to say that this has brought to my conciousness that there is noting worth living for but to give all i am to God.

    Monday at 10:10pm · 

  • Awavana, it’s hard τ̲̅☺ believe but our loss is heaven’s gain. I’ve been weeping since yesterday but few minutes ago, I sensed Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ asking M̶̲̅ε̲̣ τ̲̅☺ wipe M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ silly tears that Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ were i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ a better place. Trust you’ve seen our Father & Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ Wα̲̅n†̥ τ̲̅☺ tell M̶̲̅ε̲̣ all abt His awesomeness. God L♥√عs Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊, now Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ know how much. RIP Dear friend

    Monday at 8:53pm via BlackBerry · 

  • Alvana Ojukwu came into the Post-Graduate Journalism Class two years ago, somewhat late due to some challenges. She had been forced to relocate from Jos because of the increasing violence in that once serene town.

    But the moment she came into that class, her frail and quiet countennace could not hide her brillliance. A lawyer by training, it was easy to see she had a bright future ahead of her. Supervising her project, we had a couple of tiffs, but like I told her, she had to produce what I knew she was capable of doing. Eventually she saw my point and turned out a good thesis.

    I had no hesitation recommending her for the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) job and the academic programme she was looking forward to abroad.

    At the Institute’s Matriculation Programme last Saturday, she showed up and we joked and took pictures. She mentioned off-handedly an official trip to Lagos on Sunday.

    Last night, my eyes scanning the DANA MANIFEST close in on…ALVANA OJUKWU. This morning, I get a confirmation from her office. Nigeria has lost a gem in the making.

    Monday at 8:01pm · 

  • ‎…I don’t even know what words to write because words and tears will never be are/were and would always be a special girl and you did not belong to this sinful world…so young yet achieved so much in such little time..reading how you touched everyone’s life on your page reminds me of our secondary school days; so intelligent, smart and my special always knew what you wanted from the beginning and God blessed your path all the way…love you babe.. RIP in the bliss and bosom of our heavenly father…AMEN!!!

    Monday at 7:55pm · 

  • I really can’t believe dat I’m writing this on ur wall. I have been seeing all the various post of our classmates, friends and well wishers, and each post brings fresh tears to ma eyes. I have been postponing writing anyting cos the truth of the matter is that ma heart is so heavy that words fail me. Ma only consolation is that u lived ur life as if u knew how short it was. I remember that strongstrenght of character that epitomizes ur very essence. U were truly a virtuous woman, u were always so full of smiles as if u knew sth we all didnt, so full of courage and confidence even wit life’s challenges.
    I could go on and on, but at the risk of sounding cliche I will jst end by saying that u were a lady greatly admired and respected and I never expected that u wld go dis way but God knows best. Sleep on in HIS bossom dear friend, I believe ur in a better place of rest away from the hardships and evils of this world. May God console dose of us u’ve left behind. Adieu Alvana Ojukwu!!

    Monday at 6:19pm via BlackBerry · 

  • ‎**Rest in peace dear…I tk consolation in the fact that u r wth d Lord…sleep well alvana..till we see on that day!

    Monday at 6:08pm · 

  • U r blessed even in death…RIP dearie.

    Monday at 5:36pm via BlackBerry · 

  • im done crying,its of no use. im really so happy for u,cos u neva wasted any day of ur 27+yrs on earth. my happiness comes from the fact that u were always prepared for death and u made even death aware of that. u touched alot of lives,even if it was only tru ur smile/laugh.(i cant even forget the high pitch to that laughter).alot of people will make heaven because of Alvana Ojukwu,and i am glad to know that God called u becos he needed u more.
    be rest assured friends that she has gone to be with the lord,stop mourning cos she wouldnt like happy for her,cos her struggles r finnaly over.
    i say this day unto ur righteous soul: it is well with you.

    Monday at 5:11pm near Abuja, Abuja Capital Territory · 

  • RIP,Alvana

    Monday at 5:09pm via BlackBerry · 

  • Aliva, d only thing dt makes sense is dt ur in heaven and I will see you there. But why wont d tears stop. Somehow I feel ur laughing @ my tears, wishing I know d unquantifiable fun ur having.
    Aliva Have u seen our Heavenly Father?
    U must be very dear to Him to take you now and have you in His Bosom.
    Aliva Ur life gave me d reason to serve God.
    Aliva I saw Confidence in u and I took of u.
    Aliva d tears will not stop coming.
    Aliva, I want to stop crying cos I know your in Heaven.
    Aliva I didn’t see ds coming.
    Aliva, C u in Heaven on dt day.
    On dt Day.

    Monday at 4:50pm · 

  • rest with the Lord my dear colleague.God knows best

    Monday at 4:46pm via BlackBerry · 

  • i kn dat i kn dat u r a great woman… u have affected lives and ur existence in life is a great impact to our generation…… but wait oh……. is dis real…… hey bassey wake up is real… i remember dis vividly…. ur normal greetings to me…. bassey nwanne kee kwa nu? ………… RIP

    Monday at 4:40pm · 

  • What a tragic loss….. you will still remain alive in my heart,you were the best of the best, an epitome of womanhood and a symbol of virtue. I have no doubt at all that you are right now in the bosom of the Lord, nothing mattered most to you than doing God’s will. Your demise is a wake up call for all of us who knew you and your passion for Godliness…to have a sober reflection on our lives in order to pursue peace with our Maker and our God…you still remain a role model for many of us…..words and letters are quite insufficient to voice out how we all feel at your transition to glory, we know you are safe and sound nevertheless as mortals we miss you…..Adieu my sister and my friend.

    Monday at 4:20pm · 

  • Brillant,wonderful Barrister Alvana Ojukwu. From IELC to FGGC(headgirl)! Such a pain dat u went so soon, so soon. What a dark dark graveyard. Wat a shame dat a faulty plane was allowed 2 fly. And we lose anoda promising star! Sleep on,beautiful one. It is well.

    Monday at 3:34pm · 

  • stil in shock.may u rest in d bossom of d Lord.

    Monday at 3:02pm · 

  • our dear Alvana,I cant believe we hve 2 loose u so soon.may ur soul rest in perfect peace.

    Monday at 3:00pm · 

  • Alvana Ojukwu was tagged in Feca Aba‘s photo.

    Monday at 2:57pm · 

  • Still in shock, still can’t believe it. I’m at loss of words. My secondary school best friend… I’m still pinging ur fone. No delivery!!!

    Monday at 2:38pm via BlackBerry · 

  • oh,alvana!oh,alvana.if only i can turn bk or at least bend d hand of tym,der wont b al dis tears.oh,alvana,u wer such a gem,nt only dat u hd such a gd heart.sleep wel,my headgirl

    Monday at 2:30pm · 

  • Still speechless,RIP Alvana Ojukwu

    Monday at 2:26pm · 

  • Painful!!!! You will be missed my dearest, this just reminds the rest of us we know not the hour, you have been taken tooooo soon! You have brought tears to not only ur family but to people all over the world, im deeply hurt!!

    Monday at 2:22pm · 

  • Its so sad rili havn 2loose Ʊ,cos Ʊ hav so much 2offer.may ur soul rest in perfect peace

    Monday at 2:22pm via BlackBerry · 

  • If we could turn back d hands of time, we would & U’d not be on dat flight, if we could ask why & get a satisfactory reply we wouldn’t stop asking. But nothing we do or say can attone 4, replace or fill the gaping, aching hole we feel. Rest in Peace dear

    Monday at 2:20pm via mobile · 

  • What a loss! God knws it all.We ll understnd it better by and by.Alvana, rest in d bosom of our Lord.

    Monday at 1:07pm · 


    Monday at 1:06pm · 

  • Alvana Ojukwu was tagged in Kambaila Davison‘s photo.
    RIP Alvanna,gone too soon.

    Monday at 12:48pm · 

      • Cicero Ugochukwu Orji What a tragic loss…you will still remain alive in my heart….you were the best of the best an epitome of womanhood…a symbol of virtue …I have no doubt at all that you are in the bosom of the Lord, nothing mattered to you most than doing God’s will…Adieu my sister and my friend…

      • Beatrice Mesuli Deeply saddened over your loss dear, R.I.P

  • Oh no. I can’t believe it. 

    Monday at 12:33pm · 

  • Oh my God!!! I wish this was a hoax!!! How can she be dead??? Just like dat? God save us oooOooooooooooooo

    Monday at 12:13pm via BlackBerry · 

  • Dear, rest in the Lord till we meet to part no more

    Monday at 12:13pm · 

  • cant help but to cry cos the world has lost one of the finest emerging leaders of our time. Rest in peace dear Alvana

    See Friendship · Monday at 11:58am · 

  • its a pity my dear, rest with the lord

    Monday at 11:47am · 

  • Ojukwu,wit d smiles,ojukwu wit d glasses ojukwu wit ha unique still xpectin sm1 2 say it was a mistake!u wia a worthy ambassador of d kingdom indidy!rest in peace!

    Monday at 11:36am via mobile · 

  • Death has no boundary, it visits whoever it wants. No amount of tears can bring you back. One less angel on earth and one more in heaven.. RIP Alvana. We ol luv u buh God luvs u most.

    Monday at 11:35am · 

  • I don’t know what to say. So, this is life! You were so fun to be with. My dear, rest in the bossom of the Lord. I love you!

    Monday at 11:17am via BlackBerry · 

  • You were my close friend at the UN Women Project. Always admired your creative, leadership and communication skills, your passion for improving the life of others and a well respected lawyer. Surely you will be missed. RIP Alvana!!!

    Monday at 11:08am · 

  • What do i say that has not been already said?What can i write that hasnt already been written?You stood for righteousness…You were a lady i respected…i remember coaching you on legal methods and some law courses…But why?You shouldnt have gone…You still have a career to continue,you were supposed to be someone’s wife and mother…You were so young…Alvana pls i beg you werever you are just show up…You must not die now…The world still needs ladies like U,like Us…I still see your smile…i still remember your tongues…i still remember our prayers…You kept praying i’m sure even until death…My heart is torn into pieces;Everone is grieving…Someone please tell me this is a dream…

    Monday at 10:56am · 

  • Right now, i wish i could live in denial.

    Monday at 10:54am · 

  • RIP м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ dear Alvana, we all take solace dt u’ve gone to ßê wif de Lord. Adieu м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ dear friend!

    Monday at 10:51am via BlackBerry · 

  • Alvana Ojukwu? I was in Abuja in March this year and I made sure I saw Alvana. We joked and laughed over “long time no see”. I told her that I use to brag that even if I am loosing my Christain way that I am sure Alvana is praying for Uma always. But I am not she if she was still praying for me. She just smiled! Just as I expected, before I could rush for my meeting, she called us back for a word of prayer. She prayed passionately for me and Dr Udo Chibueze. I never knew it was the last time I will see her and even get direct prayers from her. Alvana made my prayer life to change while in the University of Nigeria. She was just there. I excelled in INFOMEDIA because Alvana was praying. Casor Voice of Liberty (CVL) was a talk of UNEC because Alvana was praying. We had son many meetings togetrher. Planning and Praying. She taught me a dangerous prayer point….”Lord anyone that is not part of this unit, in your own way take them away, even if it is me”! Always smiling. I feel terrible and broken. I am just sitting here in my office not concentrating……but I gat to work because you are with God! R.I.P!

    View Post · Monday at 10:37am · 

  • some times i wonder what this life is really is. my Pastor Akin, now my sister and friend Alvana Ojukwu all in this Indian evil called Dana air. all of them on board that flight would have have been very happy to have finally boarded for Lagos. am just wondering what would have been going on among them as the plane began to misbehave. God i don’t want to die like this. RIP my pastor, RIP my friend

    View Post · Monday at 10:36am · 

  • I still can’t believe dis, couldn’t slip last nite when I heard about you. Pls tell me its a lie.

    Monday at 10:26am via BlackBerry · 

  • Eternal rest grant her soul Lord. RIP!

    Monday at 10:23am · 

  • Nne am speechless. Do rest in d lord..we all miss u..

    Monday at 10:22am · 

  • An Eloquent Evangelist of the Gospel, A Five Star General in God’s Army who always shook Devil’s Kingdom with Powerful Prayers and Fire-Spitting Tongues! Its hard to really believe that u are gone, gone forever! but i take solace in the fact that u are now resting in d bossom of the Lord! Far away from this wicked and sinful World! RIP Alvana! DEO.

    Monday at 9:29am · 

  • Please tell me it’s not true, so painful to take it, it’s just like am expecting to hear someone saying her name was a mistake on the list, Alvana ,it’s too soon for you to leave us… All we do, we do knowingly this is not where we belong, you were indeed a good person, all i have is good memories of you,. R.I.P my dear friend,

    Monday at 9:07am · 

  • I am sorry Alvana. You were my close friend at the university. You inspired .e in many ways especially through your Christian life. The way u spoke in tongues during every worship session in schools fellowship meetings was inspiring. You carried yourself with such grace and self-respect that others who came around you were forced to examine themselves even when u didn’t say any word. No wonder everybody admired you and brothers feverish sought your hand in marriage,including me. You have lived a short but fulfilled life. Everyone who went through the University of Nigeria at the same time u did know what u stood for – righteousness. Rest in peace sweetheart.

    Monday at 9:02am · 

  • Hello, pls tell me it’s not true becos i cant believe it…but one thing is sure: we will all die! as God knows all i say RIP my SP

    Monday at 8:06am via mobile · 

  • My friend for over 11yrs now, My Sis from another mother, Alvana Ojukwu,I still find it difficult to believe even after seeing your name on the Dana Air Manifest. Your burning passion for God,your heart for ppl and ur creative leadership skills made much impact in many. I’ll miss ur wit and humor,ur sometimes serious bespectacled lawyer face,the way you call me ND. I’ll miss working together with you. I know u are in a better place. May we live everyday prepared for meeting our maker. Even in anguish and sorrow,we shall Keep Hope Alive!

    Monday at 7:51am · 

  • ‎#tears# oh death where is you sting? Alvana! You av just cheated death. You were my sister at NYSC jos camp. Ppl actually tot we were related. You got me a green khaki wen mine was stolen. These memories make this news unbearable. But my only consolation is that u are resting in the Lord and we shall meet to part no more… You are greatly being missed.

    Monday at 7:35am · 

  • A life well lived, and promising to b better, u were a combination of beauty and brain, so u r nw bn refferred in d past. May u rest in d bossom of our lord. Amen’

    Monday at 7:28am via BlackBerry · 

  • Alvana, if God would allow you die (so painfully), am sure I will die one day too. May God grant your gentle soul a blissful rest.
    Am so pained you left so soon.

    Monday at 7:26am · 

  • I can’t believe am writing on ur wall!!! U were so beautiful and intelligent! U have a very stunning CV! U r one person I look up to! I got ur message from Chinyere and I don’t know if she has given u my reply!!! Alvana u were so amazing! My only joy is that Ur Life Was Well Spent!!! Sleep on Sweetheart!!!

    Monday at 6:58am · 


    Monday at 6:53am · 

  • Was my roommate in FGGC 4 6yrs Its hard 2 hear dat U r gone.Rest in d Lord my good friend where is no crying or pain

    Monday at 6:52am via BlackBerry · 

  • i weep for my sister…my partner in d gospel! My tears and sorrow is much. Cant bye nw!

    Monday at 6:40am · 

  • whats this all about? please dont tell me Alvana is gone!!!

    Monday at 6:02am · 

  • No! No!! No!!! I won’t join them to believe this kind of nonsense. Alvana, answer my message and tell them it’s a rumour… OMG!

    Monday at 5:54am via BlackBerry · 

  • I knew you for just a year when in 2000 I served at the FGGC, Umuahia but the impression you left on me will be forever. You were exceptionally brilliant, good natured, witty, humble and God fearing. You were one of a kind. It’s so terrible that such a talent as you would be wasted by a country’s negligence. I couldn’t stop crying since I heard this ugly news. If wishes were power, Alvana, I’ll bring you back! Adieu.

    Monday at 5:37am via BlackBerry · 

  • Has anybody realy confirmed dat dis is not a mix up.

    Monday at 4:55am · 

  • Aliva, so our meeting at Amanda’s place in Abj during our call 2 bar screening was it 4 us on earth? Our chat on ur birthday was a final goodbye? 4real??? Memories of our days @ Adelabu, our group study in my room @ Unec & NLS are hitting me so bad. U were one of those who understood me so well… even when I faked a smile, u knew all was not right @ d time, u prayed with me & comforted me, u were so beautiful in and out & above all u lived an examplary lifestyle. Alvana, from thousands of miles away from home I cry uncontrollably over ur untimely departure. Though I have no doubt in whose bossom u r resting in, I only wished it never happened, not now, definitely not now sis, but who are we to question HIM? I pray I find strenght 2 face the reality of ur departure. Good night till we meet again.

    Monday at 4:07am · 

  • Good night beloved. For d Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, wit d voice of d archangel, & with d trump of God: & the dead in Christ shall rise first. Christ has indeed been raised from d dead, the firstfruits of those who hav fallen asleep. Hallelujah!! We shall meet again in d Lord! I can’t begin to tell you how much of me tht you have taken wit you. Missing you will be so difficult to cope with.

    Monday at 3:16am via BlackBerry · 

  • Alvana!.. We love u… If this is for real, we’ll meet again..

    Monday at 2:29am · 

  • God i hope ds isnt true. Let it b one of those misinformation that we later laugh over. God plsss

    Monday at 1:29am · 

  • Alvana,pls come online i want to chat with u.plsssss *tears*

    Monday at 1:09am via mobile · 

  • U r d first friend I’v ever lost. Findg it hard 2 sleep.

    Monday at 12:38am via BlackBerry · 

  • Am waiting Alvana…..u have not given me a response….

    June 3 at 11:58pm via BlackBerry · 

  • avana pls dnt do dis to us pls just answer us or put on ur phone. Pls lord may it not be her.

    June 3 at 11:41pm · 


    June 3 at 11:36pm near Capotillo, Distrito Nacional · 

  • Please dear God,let this not be true,I’m begging you….!!!!

    June 3 at 11:36pm via BlackBerry · 

  • It can’t be true,she must ve missed d flight

    June 3 at 11:33pm · 

  • Alvana plzzz.. Plzzz comment we r very anxious! Plzzz comment since ur no isnt going!!!

    June 3 at 11:31pm · 

  • Alvana plzzz.. Plzzz comment we r very anxious! Plzzz comment since ur no isnt going!!!

    June 3 at 11:31pm · 

  • Alvana Ojukwu,(Ruvina, as madame Ugori would call you), please let that name on d list just be a coincidence. Your number is still off, I guess U̶̲̥̅̊ missed ur flight, or ur battery is down. Pls make a facebook update as soon as possibe. God pleaseeeeeee, show mercy somehow. I can’t stop the tears. You are such a lovely fellow

    June 3 at 11:30pm via BlackBerry · 

  • Its still a lie……Alvana where are u???????????????????

    June 3 at 11:25pm · 

  • memories flooding bak,tears rolling down..cnt believ its true..wnt to believ somehow u missd d flight.pls call us as soon as posible

    June 3 at 11:05pm · 

  • Pls ring us asap. Hope u ok?

    June 3 at 11:03pm · 

  • Pls can someone tell me its not true!!!

    June 3 at 11:01pm via BlackBerry · 

      • Onyedikachi James ‎@evang thr has bn netwrk of contacts of relatives and friends in Aba, FGGC umuahia, Unec, Abj… nothin positive is forth coming. thingz is moving on the contrary. i just dnt want to belive it. @ Nma tis rily very sad.i talkd wth her couple of wks bk.. rily very shocking!

      • Oko Joshua Onyebuchi Black sunday.￴tears

  • This cannot be true ooooo… i don’t want to believe what i heard…it can never be true….Alvana Chidinma Ojukwu where are you ?????????????????????

    June 3 at 10:59pm · 

  • I hope it’s not true…

    June 3 at 10:49pm via BlackBerry · 

  • Dearest friend αη∂ sister, I just saw Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊я name on the dana manifest αη∂ though M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ heart aches, I don’t Wα̲̅n†̥ τ̲̅☺ believe it. So please, contact M̶̲̅ε̲̣ ASAP. I’m hoping that somehow, Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ missed the flight

    June 3 at 10:45pm via BlackBerry · 

Boko Haram warns FG, media houses again:We will destroy you

BOKO HARAM: To establish Sharia system in the Country.
**We would never open our doors for any talks…
**”As Allah pleases, we have succeeded in killing retired DIG Haruna Ningi in Kano..
**We will soon dismantle the Fed Govt…
**Any media organization that failedto give us the right of reply should have itself to blame..
Leader of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati wal Jihad, known as Boko Haram, Imam Abu Muhammad Abubakar Bin Muhammad Shekau, yesterday denied statements credited to renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi,that the sect had agreed to resume dialogue with the federal government.
In a statement sent to reporters in Maiduguri last night, Shekau said theBoko Haram would never resume dialogue, stressing that they would soon dismantle the federal government and establish Sharia system in the country.
The sect equally warned the media to publish their “dissociation” from the purported talks and give it the kind of prominence given Dahiru Bauchi or risk being attacked.
The group also claimed responsibilityfor the killing of retired DIG Sale Abubakar Ningi in Kano on Tuesday, threatening to continue to attack the“who is who” in the country.
The statement written in Hausa and signed by the spokesman of the group, Abul Qaqa last night reads in full: “This is a response to the story we read in the media that our group, the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda awati wal Jihad, would commence, or rather had commenced dialogue with the federal government of Nigeria through Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi.
“We want to inform the general public that there is no iota of truth in all what was said. We also want to appeal to the learned Sheikh to steerclear because he is highly revered in the society and must remain as such.
“He should preserve and protect his integrity. He must also desist from giving room to some misguided elements to mislead and drag his name in the mud.
“We want to reiterate that there were no talks or dialogue between us and anybody or group since the time that Dr. Ibrahim Datti’s mediation moves collapsed.
“We have made it abundantly clear that we would never open our doors for any talks because our noble Prophet (Muhammad S.A.W) said a true believer will never avail himself to be deceived twice.
“We also want to bring to the notice of the general public that on Tuesday, operatives of the JTF had made attempt to waylay some of ourbrethrens at Kawarmaila area of Maiduguri metropolis. As Allah pleased, they did not succeed because we triumphed over them and killed over 50 soldiers. We lost only one member from our group andwe believe he is a martyr.
“But in their (JTF) usual antics, when they returned to the area today (yesterday) to collect the corpses of their people, they clamped down on the civilian population and burnt many houses in order to vent their frustration.
“However, we want to appeal to the peace loving people of Borno State to persevere because by the Grace of Allah, we would very soon chase away the military operatives of the infidels and establish Sharia system which will be full of fairness and justice.
“As Allah pleases, we have succeeded in killing retired DIG Haruna Ningi in Kano on Tuesday. Wewant to reiterate that we would intensify our searchlight on all who iswho in the present dispensation untilwe eliminate all of them.
“We are also sending red signal to allmedia houses who relentlessly gave prominence to what Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi said in respect of the purported dialogue to accord similar treatment to what we said. “Any media organization that failed to give us the right of reply should have itself to blame because we would target it even if such medium is not among the ones we earlier promised to attack. This is a warning to all radio, television and newspaper houses.”

ALERT! River Niger Bridge collapsing!


Everyone is busy crying and bemoaning the fate that befell Dana airlines and it’s costly effects to Nigeria. But no one is looking the way of an imminent disaster on the old Niger Bridge at Onitsha Anambra state!
The day that bridge will colapse, it’ll be worse than what we witnessed in Lagos on 3rd June.
That bridge is a death trap and a disaster waiting to happen. It is the major rout that links the Eastern region with the outside world. And it is another big reason the Eastern zone is still economically active today.
Nigeria and her rulers must learn to be proactive, and quit their reactive attitudes that never achieves anything in the end! Repair that bridge or get a new one now.


Nigerian female lawmaker suspended for drinking

The Ebonyi State House of Assembly has suspended one of its members, Lilian Igwe, for allegedly getting drunk and acting inappropriately.
Moving the motion, on Tuesday, to suspend Igwe (PDP, Ivo), the member representing Afikpo South East, Blasé Orji, alleged that she was seen on several occasions drinking herself into a state of stupor and vomiting on herself.
“The House has been brought to ridicule by the member representing Ivo State Constituency, Lilian Igwe,” he said. “She does not only engage in excessive alcoholic drinking, she also boards commercial tricycles, popularly called KEKE NAPEP, to the House, thereby not carrying herself as an honourable member. Mr Speaker, based on this therefore, I move a motion that Hon Lilian Igwe be suspended from the House.”
The motion was seconded by Christian Ursulor, (PDP, Ezza South).
And when the House Speaker, Chukwuma Nwazunku, put it to question, members unanimously adopted it.
Reacting to the development, Igwe, a lawyer, who was absent from the plenary, debunked the allegations. “Only the members’ imaginations played out the petty behaviour they accused me of,” she said.


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