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You have 24 hrs to fish out killers of #EndSARS protester, Edo Govt charges security operatives

Edo State Government on Friday charged all security agencies to fish out the killers of the #EndSARS protester in the state within 24 hours and ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to justice.

Addressing the protesters at the Kings Square in Benin City, Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu, said the government will not fold its arms and watch harm come the way of young people exercising their rights as citizens of the country.

According to Shaibu, “I have given instructions to the security agencies to fish out those behind the attack. The police, the Department of State Security (DSS) and other security agencies have been ordered to bring to book those guys that harassed you and killed that young man.

“Some of you sustained injuries, I can see them from here; they have 24 hours to bring the attackers to book,” he noted.

The Deputy Governor further said: “I have ordered that the victim be taken to the morgue; we are going to give him a state burial because the martyrs of this struggle must be remembered. He will be remembered for being part of this struggle. He is a martyr already and by the grace of God, he will never be forgotten.

“By the grace of God, when all these reforms have taken place, it will be on record that he joined the struggle for emancipation. I want to assure you that the Edo Government believes in your peaceful protest.”

Assuring the protesters of the government’s support, Shaibu noted: “We will not fold our hands as a government and watch miscreants brutalize anyone involved in this protest. So, please maintain your calm and orderliness during the protests.

“We are with you in this struggle. President Muhammadu Buhari has also said that there is going to be a reform, but we, as a state, are going to ensure that we have a reform that is people-friendly because the police are meant to protect lives and property not to destroy them. I want to assure you that we are with you on this.”

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Mr. David Osayende said, “One of us has been killed during this struggle. Sir, we want state burial for that man. We want an end to police brutality; we want the police to stop arresting us without any offence.”

Captain Hosa to Buhari: Pls tell Governor Obaseki to leave me alone



I have, for some time now, experienced an unprecedented dose of orchestrated bashings and campaign of calumny calculated to malign my person and cast aspersions on my hard-earned reputation.

This spate of coordinated attacks, with their attendant mode of vicious execution, can best be described as the unconscionable actions by attack dogs and hirelings of desperate Edo State Government on the watch of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

After a deep evaluation of these seamless attacks and poisonous bitterness against my person, I have come to the conclusion that, as a good-hearted Edo son, I do not deserve the embarrassing treatment. My pedigree will never, ever allow me to deliberately concoct any wrong against my State and its Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki who, today, by the grace of God, enjoys the mandate of the good people of Edo State to preside over their affairs.

I am, however, shocked, bewildered and pained to observe that despite my very sincere, robust and stated commitment to support the anticipated pace of infrastructure development, progress and other social investment initiatives through the deployment of my modest goodwill and network of capital, for which I am eternally grateful to God, alas, the response has been to paint my person with a tar brush of public odium that verges on mischief.

I have, regardless of this very unpleasant experience, remained a lover and promoter of peace and will continue to be at peace with myself and most members of the society, but which by the Governor’s actions and inactions, it has become impossible.

My contributions to peace, progress and visible development of the economy of the state pursuant to our collective aspirations and shared commitments remain a fait accompli. These contributions are self-sacrificing without necessarily expecting any iota of reciprocal gesture or patronage from the Government of Edo State.

I, therefore, find it sickening and incomprehensible to understand or accept any justification for the series of sustained virulent attacks against my person in the social and print media by some agents of Edo State Government.

My long and trusted acquaintances of very many years will attest to my unrepentant fidelity to principles and facts. They know that I will not, through distortion of facts, destroy the integrity of such values to gain undue relevance, unnecessary attention and sympathy.

To be sure, I state the facts of matters as they are to the best of my ability, good conscience and the fear of God. It is therefore in this context that I set out to address contending issues in this statement.

Pursuant to my personal convictions and without any fear of contradictions, I have solidly supported the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki without employing rhetoric but verifiable evidence of actuality in the last three years of his administration. These very modest contributions of solidarity include but not limited to:

1. In 2016, on assumption of office, I met with Governor Godwin Obaseki to discuss several ways of driving foreign investment and ultimately making Edo State an investment hub. Pursuant to this objective, I immediately sponsored the Governor and his team of officials on an investment pathfinder’s trip to China. This was done pursuant to my firm conviction in private sector-led participation as being the key to economic and industrial development of the State.

2. As a show of reinforcement of solidarity for the Governor’s mandate when I was invited to the Edo Convention in Toronto, Canada, I again demonstrated my support for the Governor by my speech where I encouraged everyone to support his administration and also, on that occasion, donated 5 (five) houses worth N50m (Fifty million Naira) to support his housing project located in Benin city towards helping our Edo brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, all in a sustained campaign to share his vision, because I believed in the development template, which he sold to me and this I wholeheartedly accepted.

3. My advocacy to the political class and other critical Edo stakeholders on the need to embrace the virtue of patience with Governor Obaseki as he settled down for governance and infrastructure development remains legendary. This I did with a lot of passion without the least expectation for reward in any form. I was filled with ecstasy that Edo State had a new sheriff in town, an illustrious son, with a private sector background who had stepped in the saddle to pilot our dear State in the direction of development and prosperity. I never knew all these were ILLUSORY.

4. Only very recently, I joined some well-meaning sons and daughters of Edo State to donate generously to the Governor’s COVID-19 relief fund campaign. How more supportive could I have been?

It is instructive to mention that when the Governor requested my daughter to work with his administration, I obliged him even though the little allowance which was only sustained for 5 months and stopped, had to be subsidized from my office and none thereafter. In a bid to reinforce my support for the Governor, I purchased a brand-new Toyota Hilux van to enable her discharge her responsibilities effectively on the project she was assigned. From then on, she has neither earned from Edo State Government nor does she owe the State one kobo to the best of my knowledge.


In the course of time, I heard he started having issues with former Governor, Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole and, I was quite worried and vehemently pleaded with him to settle whatever the issues were and embrace the path of peace in the interest of the good people of Edo State. As a stakeholder in the state, I advised on the need to allow wisdom drive his decision-making processes. I emphasized the critical position of leadership he occupies. I further espoused the virtues of patience and sacrifice in public service as I considered these as sine qua non to achieving one’s vision. Following a series of complaints of abandonment by his friends and associates from the political class who knew my relationship with the Governor, I recommended to the Governor to bifurcate between politics and Governance.

I recommended the need to appoint a trusted and experienced politician to bridge the gap and manage his relationship with the political wing of his administration so as to avoid distraction as he faces the onerous task of steering the business of moving the State towards economic and developmental prosperity.

He, however, rejected my proposal and insisted politicians were rogues and would not patronize them or see them in Government House. Governor Obaseki told me without mincing words. He emphasized he would not be moved an inch about their responses or feelings on this particular issue, reiterating he did not need their support either. He told me clearly that he was not interested in pursuing any SECOND TERM agenda.

At a time, I spent almost three hours of my precious time in the Governor’s house, explaining to him the need to build synergy between him and Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the then APC National Chairman, in the best interest of the development of our State. He was blunt that he was not interested in any peace talk and that he was embarking on a fight to the finish with Comrade Oshiomhole. Again, to prove that he meant every word of his threat, he sent a mutual friend to me that night when I got home with a warning that I should steer clear from the ensuing fight between him and Comrade Oshiomhole, else, he would inflict severe collateral damage on me. In fact, I was stunned by his message, yet I put a call to him the next morning to confirm the veracity or otherwise of this message delivered to me by our mutual friend. He confirmed it.

It is however interesting, as an aside, to mention that the Deputy Governor Philip Shuaibu, who I have always known as Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s political son, did not, on his part, help matters. While efforts were on by various personalities for reconciliation, he announced that Comrade Oshiomhole should be arrested by the Police.

Following a series of very disturbing, ugly and unacceptable developments, I decided to hands off the matter. Indeed, I felt I had done all I could possibly to engender a peaceful atmosphere for governance and development of our state.

To God, my Father in Heaven, I am speaking the truth and will have no reason whatsoever to do otherwise. I am blessed beyond measure and expectations to His Glory. My pedigrees remain an integral influence on my conduct and character.

I have always believed in the virtues of Hard-work, Uncommon Service Delivery powered by exceptional personal integrity. These are the values I remain totally and irrevocably committed to. My passion for lifting the quality of lives of our people and developing our environment remains an existential imperative for me.

I am also totally committed to supporting our Traditional and rich Cultural Heritage which is the pride of the average Edo man. For my age, I am stoutly and irrevocably committed to certain intrinsic values that include but not limited to Honesty, Integrity, Peace, Progress and Support for Humanity. “Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life. It is also incontrovertible that POWER belongs to only God Almighty and no man will share His glory with HIM.”

Now, to hazard a guess as to why I became a target of unconscionable attacks by agents some of whom have claimed to be working for Edo State Government: it is true that overtures were made to me by well-meaning Nigerians from within and outside Edo State to run for the office of governor in 2020. I made them realise that there are several ways one can be of service to his people, not necessarily by holding public office and that I am satisfied with the business trajectories that I had charted for myself right from the outset and wasn’t interested in the office of the governor.

I believe, on getting this hint, the Governor decided to bare his full fangs, seeking to tear me apart. He did not want me to run for the position; yet he never sat with me at any point in time to solicit for my support and vote for his second term bid. The only time he made a remark about the governorship to me was at a reception in Lagos where he mockingly addressed me as “IN-COMING GOVERNOR”, which I immediately dispelled and told him, like I was telling others, that I wasn’t interested in the office of the governor.

Coincidentally, on that same day that the reception held in Lagos, the story of Nigerian Ports Authority’s move against my company, SAA, was published in THISDAY newspapers. The story insinuated I was interested in the Edo governorship race and numerous reports have come back to me that Obaseki was the one behind all of that.

As God would have it, while in the company of some friends in the governor’s house in Benin, on one occasion, I confronted him that he was the one behind the attack on my company. In a bid to defend himself, he put a call through to someone in Lagos and, perhaps, mistakenly, left the phone speaker on. He asked the person at the other end: “Why is the MD of NPA worrying Captain?” and the man replied: “Godwin, I thought you said this man was fighting you. The MD of NPA is fighting your battle for you.” I quickly told him that I had caught him. On this occasion, I had witnesses and, if further probed, names could be mentioned.

Secondly, Governor Obaseki was the Chair of the National Economic Council’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Oil Theft and Pipeline Vandalism and I got a feeler that a damaging report was going to be written about my company by the Committee. I was then given an opportunity to address the Committee on the matter to defend my company and its job. My defence was excellently delivered, but at the end of the day, when the report came out, it was still damaging even when I had complied with my threshold and responsibilities.

It is sad that Governor Obaseki has been paranoid about me even before he became governor, for reasons best known to him. I have since got to know that the disagreements between Comrade Oshiomhole and myself during his eight-year administration in Edo State were orchestrated from the background by Governor Obaseki who was at the time Chairman of that administration’s Economic and Strategy Team. But with patience, maturity and forgiveness from Oshiomhole and myself, we were able to, once again, rekindle the spirit of brotherhood and trust in our relationship.

So, I keep wondering what Oshiomhole must have done to Governor Obaseki to make it impossible for him to embrace reconciliation such that he would irrevocably commit himself to the project of pulling Oshiomhole down from the top of the very high Mountain Olympus, according to Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon, just because he had state power and resources. As my people would say: “Na wah oh!”

In the face of all these developments, I had maintained a high sense of equanimity, without taking it out on the governor. I stayed out of their politics, and made it publicly known I was not interested in the office of the governor because I knew from the outset that these attacks were, largely, politically-motivated. I guessed there were also shades of envy involved.

Validation: There was an occasion when the Governor wanted to frustrate the President’s visit to inaugurate my greenhouse farm in Benin and I had to reach out to the President directly to please oblige me on this occasion to inaugurate my farm, only for the Governor to call me that the President would not come out of his car. Of course, I knew that was improbable.

However, the movement of the Army Week celebration to Maiduguri was what then made it impossible for the president to come for the inauguration since that was the main assignment that the President was on a visit to Benin to accomplish. That singular act has discouraged me from the expansion programme for my farm coupled with the fact that the Governor had earlier pleaded with me to do a proposal on fish farming, which I directed my junior brother, who runs my farm, to embark on.

Following his successful submission of the proposal, having invested so much hard work, resources and time, he was blocked out after the money was collected from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for its actualization and, as a matter of fact, the project never happened to our greatest surprise. All these and more had discouraged me from further investment in the expansion of my farm and also further investment in Edo because the business environment was now looking a little bit too toxic and harsh for my liking.

When Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu returned to the All Progressives Congress (APC), Governor Obaseki and his men attacked me for facilitating his return to the Party, which came as a surprise to me. Pastor Ize-Iyamu is not unknown to many people as a politician and as a Nigerian; everyone knows he has his constitutional right like everyone else to join any party and legitimately play politics. So why attribute his return to me?

My dear people of Edo State, what have I done wrong to deserve the barrage of invectives being ceaselessly hurled at me by agents of the State Government? Even for the purpose of argument, don’t I have a right to associate with and support a candidate of my choice?

I have built enormous goodwill in Edo State, which money cannot buy. Regardless, I had issued statements severally calling out for them to leave me out of their politics. It is very regrettable and saddening that my name has now been dragged within Edo State political firmament where I have never, ever harbored any personal interest to run for any political position.

I wish to make this save-my-soul appeal to all well-meaning Edo indigenes and Nigerian citizens both at home and in the Diaspora to tell Governor Obaseki to stop these continuous attacks on me, my family and my business. I have been told how they intend to burn my farm and revoke the Certificates of Occupancy of all my houses in Benin City. I have already alerted the Police to this heinous plot. But, what have I done to deserve this bellicose treatment?

My good people of Edo State, I have always wished for a state where we can have a desirable atmosphere to bring about investment opportunities and create employment for our teeming youth population. There is nothing I desire from the State Government other than to create enabling environment for me to bring investments back home, create opportunities for employment and, in the long run, retire peacefully in my old age.

I call on our people to tell Governor Obaseki and his team to leave me alone to exercise my fundamental human rights and, in particular, allow me exercise my freedom of choice without intimidation and blackmail. I am sincerely worried about the desperation and intolerance of the Governor. I am honestly worried that these agents and hirelings may go beyond the limits of their mandate at the risk of my life and that of my family, including the destruction of my personal and corporate investments which have taken me decades to put in place. I have never before experienced this high level of intolerance, wickedness and envy from anybody in my life, until now from a so-called friend and fellow Benin Man.

My dear people of Edo State, I plead with you to save my soul from the hands of the Edo State Government. As it is, I cannot fight any government and even if I can, I am not interested in doing so and, if so pushed, will surely fight within the ambit of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Edo government should, therefore, be told to leave me alone. Today, those who are fighting me have the machinery of government to do so on spurious claims that I have been funding all activities of the opposition against the Governor.

My philanthropic gestures, charity works and compassionate heart to bless fellow human beings is not tantamount to misplaced spending. These are humanitarian enterprises to which I have committed my entire life. I am not, in any way, associated with imprudent spending on sponsorship of opposition against the Governor or anybody for that matter. It’s also very sad that they kept hammering on financial sponsorship while underrating my enormous wealth of goodwill, which is far more than money they solely rely on.

Against the backdrop of these scenarios, and regardless of the attacks on me, my admirers and the teeming youths who see me as their role model and Goodwill Ambassador need not be told, as they know where I stand on the critical issue of choice of the next Governor of Edo state in order to move our state forward towards rapid development and economic prosperity.

If, therefore, on the basis of my personal conviction and the exercise of my fundamental rights of association and choice, Governor Obaseki and his team carry through their threat to burn my farm and revoke the Certificates of Occupancy of my houses in Benin, it will be a worthy price to pay for my conviction and the courage of my choice. It is imperative for me to categorically state that if that, indeed, happens, it will only facilitate my resolve to excuse myself from Benin as long as this wickedness remains directed at my person, family and my businesses.

I also believe that our dear state has had a fair share of discriminating treatment in opposition politics as witnessed during the Oshiomhole era. It is therefore important that Edo State reorders its priorities and works in concert with the Federal Government rather than drift, once again, to the oppositional flank.

This press statement, which I have tried to make as detailed as possible, has become necessary in order to present my case to the good people of Edo state to enable them to know what I have been going through in my sincere effort to galvanise support for the Obaseki administration. It is pathetic that our State, under the Obaseki administration, has become a laughing stock, a butt of jokes about violence, disrespect for processes, rule of law and outlandish character assassination being the orders of the day. We must rise to reject these negative profiles.

I am, sincerely, wondering that since the last election and the atmospherics in Bayelsa State, where we had ex- militants, have become more peaceful than what is playing out in Edo state, even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, there is a need for collective reasoning to embrace peaceful conduct. Human lives are sacred and the governorship ambition of any man-caring and God-fearing candidate should not be more important than the blood of any man or woman. We need peace and harmony in the coming days, months and perhaps years ahead.
It is significant to place on record the fact that I am NOT using this medium to seek for settlement because I have already chosen my path, to wit: to align with the Federal Government of Nigeria, in this circumstance, in order to realise the goal of developing our dear state.

My dear brothers and sisters of Edo State, without a modicum of doubt, I have remained steadfast, resolute and irrevocably committed to the peace, progress and development of our State through various initiatives. I have graciously, to the glory of my Creator, gleefully shared God’s bountiful blessings to my deserving brothers and sisters in the face of the plethora of challenges and hunger that I see on the faces of my fellow citizens who manage to reach out to me.

This has remained my hallmark and imperative with a view to alleviating poverty while also reducing huge dependence on Edo State’s perceived lean resources following ceaseless lamentations about the ingratitude of the State Governor to a large community of those who helped him to power but who he abandoned on assumption of office. My assistance to deserving citizens has been carried out within the limits of God’s compassion and mercy on my life and I have never been noisy about it. Yet, Governor Obaseki seeks to destroy my personal and business interests that I have solidly built in the last thirty-two years when I retired as a certified commercial Pilot at the age of 30 to chart the business trajectory.

My dear good people of Nigeria and Edo state, in particular, IN CONCLUSION: if I could suffer all this injustice for no just cause, so you can imagine how many innocent citizens of Edo State that Godwin Obaseki and his agents would have been STANDING ON THEIR NECKS THAT CAN’T BREATHE.

God bless you all.
Long live my good people of Edo State!
Long live Edo State!
Long the live the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Captain (Dr) Idahosa Wells Okunbo (JP)

Edo primary: Court adjourns to June 17

The Federal High Court in Benin, yesterday, adjourned hearing in the suit seeking to stop the APC from adopting the direct mode of primary to nominate the party’s governorship for Edo State to June 17.

The primary has been fixed for June 22.

The presiding judge, Mohammed Umar, restrained himself from hearing the matter following an appeal and application for stay of execution filed by the APC.

The suit was filed by factional Vice Chairman of theparty, Pastor Kenneth Asekomhe and a governorship aspirant, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

Counsel to the defendants, Roland Otaru, told the court that it lacked the jurisdiction to have urged the parties to maintain the status quo in its earlier ruling, adding that as a result, they decided head for the Appeal Court.

He said the issue of jurisdiction is like a ‘traffic light’ that should be obeyed and that going ahead will amount to judicial recklessness.

He prayed the court to hands off the matter as it had already been appealed at the higher court and that if the higher court decided otherwise, they had no option than to come back to the High Court.

The Sun

Thunderbolt Strikes Man To Death As Evening Storm Rages In Benin

Reports coming from Benin say that a man has been struck to death by thunderbolt, while taking shelter under an uncompleted building.

According to eye witness who spoke with Jungle Journalist Media Limited, a young man identified as Edafe and his fellow workers had been caught in the evening rain, and decided to seek for shelter under an uncompleted building. When the thunder struck, Edafe was hit, and fell to the ground, while the other people, obviously rattled, took to their heels.

It was gathered that the in incident occurred at Asoro, near cattle market, Ekenwan Road, in the city.

When people approached the man, it was discovered that he had died from the bolt, and lay lifeless on the ground.

As at the time of filing this report, the State Police Command spokesman, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor, could not be reached for comments.

Benin Based Barrister Beaten To Pulp, Whisked Away By Assailants

A Benin based Barrister, Omon Osobase Iyoha Jr, was reportedly beaten to pulp and whisked away by unknown assailants in Benin City, Edo State.

Barrister Iyoha, was on Saturday May 9th abducted by men brandishing dangerous weapons at Evbomodu Quarters, Benin City.

As at the time of filing this report, his whereabouts is still not known.

According to a report, an eye witness who spoke confirmed the abduction, disclosing that the kidnapped barrister was whisked away while relaxing at a bar.

“He was at a bar relaxing and saw some persons arguing and he tried to intervene and it didn’t go down well with one of the groups.

He quickly stepped away, but unknown to him one of the boys, who happened to be the son of Afro, convicted on murder charges in Aduwawa, Benin City was in the gang.

When Afro’ son returned with his gang, they descended on the bar, while other people ran away, Barrister Iyoha was not so lucky as he was beaten to pulp before being whisked away.”

The source who pleaded anonymity went further adding that the wife went to the Aduwawa police station to report the incident.”The next day the wife reported the matter to the Aduwawa police station and the DPO put a call through to Chief Afro, who was recently released from prison informing him of what his son had done. Chief Afro called his son, and the son told his father that the Barrister would be freed. But as we speak, it’s being five days without hearing from him. We don’t know if he is alive or not,” he said.

When Barrister Iyoha’s wife was contacted, she confirmed that her husband was missing, but declined speaking further on the matter.

The Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Chidi Nwabueze who was contacted on the matter said “yes the case was reported to the Aduwawa Police Station and we are currently investigating the matter, in no time the police would have a lead on the criminals and release the victim.”

COVID-19: Pandemonium in Benin, as policemen beat up soldier for refusing to wear facemask

There was pandemonium in Benin City, capital of Edo state, on Saturday, when a combined team of police and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps operatives, allegedly beat up a soldier, for not wearing face mask.

The incident occurred between Saturday afternoon, at Lagos street, barely 24-hours after the state government shut down the street to all business activities over alleged refusal of traders and residents of the street to comply with the directives to participate in the ongoing screening and testing exercise for Coronavirus, as part of efforts to contain the pandemic.

It was gathered that trouble started when an unidentified military operative who was on the street was asked to put on his facemask.

An eyewitness who declined to mention his name said the soldier who was on military khaki short had an handkerchief on his neck and his wife did not properly put on her facemask.

“On entering Lagos street, the soldier and his wife were asked to wear their facemask by the policemen on duty. The soldier brought his ID card to identify himself but the police officer dismissed the ID card as fake.

“The soldier got infuriated when one of the police officer pushed his wife with a gun in a bid to force her to wear the noise mask.

“Following the argument that ensued, the policemen descended on the soldier and injured him on the head with the butt of their gun,” he said.

Traders and passers-by were forced to run in different directions, as men of the Nigerian Army who later stormed the area, allegedly shot repeatedly into the air to scare the police and NSCDC officers.

Quick intervention by officers of the Nigerian Army and the State police command, quelled the situation.

The feuding parties were later driven to the nearby Oba Market Police division to resolve the issue.

The state police command spokesman, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor, could not be reached on his mobile for for comment.

Explosion Rocks Benin

Tragedy was averted Friday night in Benin city, capital of Edo state, following alleged bomb explosion at Dumez Road area of Eyaen, along Auchi Road.

The explosion occurred inside a waste dump pit, at the home of one Muhammed Hamza, said to be an information and communication expert, caused panic among residents of the area.

Windows of the building where the explosion occurred and those of four other nearby buildings were shattered.

No death or injury was however recorded in the incident.

One of the residents who’s house was affected who gave his name as Pastor David Iginua, said he was lucky that it was only the windows of his building that were shattered.

“I was inside the compound, when I heard a terrific sound. I ran inside, but I didn’t see what happened. So I came out, only to see heavy smoke coming out from my neighbour’s compound. People were saying it was bomb explosion,” he said.

On her party, a woman in Muhammed’s compound, who spoke to journalists on condition that she is not named in print, said she was still in shock.

She said: “I was outside discussing with my sisters when we suddenly heard a loud noise and we ran inside the house.

“We later saw smoke coming out of a pit. A three months old baby was also outside but nothing happens to her.

“People were saying it was a bomb, but, how can we plant a bomb in our house and are still sitting there?”

When contacted, the Edo Police Command PRO, DSP Chidi Nwanbuzor, who confirmed the incident, said nobody died or injured in the explosion.

He said from the information gathered from Muhammed Hamza, who deals in electronics, has a pit in his compound where he disposes waste materials, including electronic appliance.

“From Information gathered from Muhammed, when he was about to set some disposed waste materials, including electrical appliances, in the pit on fire, he heard a loud noise of explosion, which affected his building and the neighbouring buildings as well,” Nwabuzor siad.

He however added that investigation was ongoing and that any further revelation would be communicated to the public.

Tension in UBTH Benin, as suspected COVID-19 cases earlier declared negative turn positive

There is palpable tension at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), as two suspected COVID-19 patients previously declared negative later tested positive for the virus after further test.

The leadership of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD), UBTH branch, in a message on its WhatsApp platform, had expressed concern over the safety of its members who had contact with the patients.

The message suggested that one of the patients who had been handled like normal cases, later died and further tests confirmed that they were positive for the virus.

The message reads: “It has been brought to our notice with great dismay that the earlier results of the two suspected COVID -19 cases previously declared negative have turned out to be positive after further tests.

“Whilst the EXCO cannot fully ascertain at this time what may have led to this, it has become imperative at this point to inform our members on the sudden turn of events.

“We expect management to issue a statement on the way forward, as this cuts across all members of staff that have been involved in management of these patients.

“We have been informed by the infectious disease team that new samples (from the patient that is still alive) have been taken and sent out for further investigation.

The leadership of ARD however implored its members to “remain calm and go about their normal duties and to continue to maintain high index of suspicion and ensure standard precautions for all patients.”

But, the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Prof. Darlington Obaseki, disclosed that contact tracing has been commenced for all staff who had direct contact with the patient.

Obaseki in a meme made available to this medium, confirmed that the patient has been moved to the isolation ward for continued management.

Obaseki said: “The UBTH management has received conflicting results on the COVID-19 status of two of our patients. Another sample has been collected for confirmation.

“While we await this result, the patient has been moved to the isolation ward for continued management.

“Contact tracing has been commenced for all staff who had direct contact with the patient.
Terminal disinfection has been mandated for all places the patient was managed.

“The patient has continued to improve clinically, vital signs remain stable and his SPO2 has ranged between 92-94%.

“Management enjoins everyone to remain calm and continue to observe the necessary standard precautions.

“Please continue to comply with all prior advisories issued by management. These will be regularly updated as needed.”


Samson Oletu lived and worked in Lagos. Two weeks ago, he began to have pains in his gums, forcing him to chew less. In two days, the pain has become unbearable. He went to the chemist, and got some antibiotics, along with painkillers which he began to take. The pains continued. When he spoke with his colleague, who had suffered tooth ache in the past, he told him to use hot water to melt the antibiotics and pain killers in a cup, and use it to gargle the teeth before swallowing. Oletu began to do this, but he discovered that the pains continued. He increased the painkillers to three tablets, but all it could do was hold the pains for six hours. One night, he had miscalculated, and when he woke up at midnight to take his painkillers, they were just not there. After two hours, the pains were getting unbearable, and he was sweating. Then he began to pray. “I never knew I could pray so much. But the more I prayed, the more the pain, until I began to cry, the pain was that bad”, he told Jungle Journalist. When he called a doctor friend of his, he advised him to remove the tooth. “When the pain became unbearable, I had to remove the tooth. That is what everybody does”, he advised me.

But Oletu did not see the sense in removing his teeth. How could he remove his teeth? What if the pain starts in another teeth, will he also extract it? No, there must be a way to cure the pain. Then another friend also advised him to remove the teeth. “I won’t, he replied. Not even if the pain is killing me.” “May be it was my resolve not to remove the teeth, but when I posted on Facebook that I had tooth ache, someone suggested I remove the worms in my teeth. But to do that, I had to go to Benin”.

Samuel Oletu had left Lagos on a Monday morning at the risk of a query from his company and travelled to Benin to treat his teeth. His plan was to return that evening as he hoped to be treated. As soon as he arrived Benin, he traced Dr Sunny Olu, the teeth doctor, and in about 45 minutes, he was cured. He was in the next bus returning to Lagos by five pm, and, as he explained to Jungle Journalist, he ate suya, as well as roasted turkey meat when they got to Ore, Ondo State, because “there was no more pain”, he said, smiling.

Dr Sunny Olu, the teeth doctor can always be seen under a mango tree, close to a redPassat, which served as his office and shop. The place is close to the Oba palace, in front of Oredo Local Government office, and on a bench are seated his patients. The herbal doctor, who hails from Orhionwon Local Government, Edo State, told Jungle Journalist that he started very early, at the age of seven to treat people for teeth-related illnesses: “I inherited it from my father.” His other clinic is at his house, at Oba Adolor Street, Upper Sakponba in Benin.

“When you go for medical treatment, what they tell you is that you have got bacteria in the teeth. They do not tell you there are worms in the teeth. But when the worms suck the marrow inside the teeth, it develops into holes. But the dentist will give you drugs and pull your teeth out. However, when you pull the teeth, the worm is still inside the gums. It does not make sense because if you keep extracting the teeth in your mouth, may be one day you will have no more teeth to extract. The herbs I use are simple to use. All you do is put a quantity in your mouth and hold it there for some time. The medicine attracts the worms and they will start coming out. When you pour it out, the worms are very easy to see, and with this toothpick, I carefully drag them out of their comfort zones, under the gums.”

He also explained that the herbs can also be administered by the patient at home and get the same results: “If you hold it in your mouth long enough, the worms will come out and you will spit them away.”

He went on to say that if the worms have cut the veins of the teeth, tooth is dead. After removing the worms, the affected tooth should be removed, because it is dead: “It can only cause you ache. But if the tooth is not dead yet, I also advise the patient to go and fill the cavity at the dentist’s.”

Jungle Journalist was privileged to see Dr Olu at work. According to Mrs Nneka Nwankwo, who came for treatment, she had had tooth ache for two years. “I have taken all kinds of medicine. I have gone to different hospitals, and the only reason why my tooth was not extracted was because I was pregnant when I had tooth ache. I went to University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) and the injection I was to receive could not be used because it will affect the unborn baby.” She could not brush her teeth, and her upper teeth never met the lower. Her only way to clean her teeth was by carefully rubbing chewing stick on it, then gargling with warm, salted water: “it’s my tongue I always use to cushion it, as the pain is usually unbearable.”

When Mrs Nwankwo arrived the make-shift clinic, her jaws looked swollen, and she talked slowly and carefully, obviously to avoid pains. According to her, there was pus in the gums. The Nation watched as Dr Olu worked. First, he took a tiny bottle, and poured its contents into the lady’s mouth, telling her to hold it in the affected part. The he added two drops of another. She held it there for about five minutes, and poured it into a disposable bag. Next, he got a sharp tooth pick, and told her to open her mouth. He then carefully began to extract the worms. The worms look just like earthworms, but were very tiny, crawling on the white paper they were dropped. Blood also came out.

Seven worms were removed from her mouth, and she was given water to wash her mouth. Next, the herbal doctor gave her a list of drugs to use in order to get completely healed. He also gave her a tiny bottle, and directions on how to administer it to clean up the gums.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist, Nwankwo said the pain was almost gone completely. “For two years now, I don’t sleep at night. I hope the pain will not come back”. On his part, Samuel Oletu explained that he was shocked to the marrows that worms were coming out of his mouth. “Hers is small. Do you know he removed 26 worms from my mouth? And as soon as he finished, I felt free. I slept until ten am next morning”.

Dr Olu explained that tooth ache is just one of his fields “I treat ears that has pus. Worms can also cause pus in the ear. There is also gum infection, which is different from tooth ache. When one begins to bleed in the gums, medical science say it is caused by excess sugar, but there are also people who suffer from that infection without having excess sugar in the body. I treat that too. I also treat whitlow and fingernail infections. There are three types- the first makes the nails dry, black and dusty. The other one makes the finger swollen, and when you wash, or cook, you feel pains. In the other, the nail will grow but will not stick to the flesh. Those are the three types, and for each, there is a different herb to treat.”

But how does the worms get into the mouth? He answers the question too: “Every human has got worms, and they are in fact, useful to digestion. After eating, it is not everything that goes down into your system. The worms try to eat them, and break down the ones it can’t eat. When you brush your teeth, everything has become soft and just goes.”

He explained that he also prescribes anti-biotic, when there is a wound in the gums. He also named some of the herbs he uses: “it’s not everything I can reveal to you. There are some which are my trade secrets, but I can tell you some. There is one herb called emokhan, I also use the bark. There is also the unie herbs, it looks like pepper and comes in bunches. I boil them together with other ones in earthenware pots. I am supposed to bring these herbs in those earthenware pots, but people will feel that you are performing some mysterious deeds. That is why you see them in bottles. But they are more effective in the earthenware.

Advising those who shy away from the use of herbs, he said “Herbal medicine is very good. Our fathers lived to 100 and above, and all they needed was herbal treatments. Nigerians should learn to use herbs to treat themselves. There are fakes too, but then, there are also quack doctors. The modern medicines you see today are not better than what we have here. It’s just that they package them the way they do, and people accept them. We can also do the same.”

You can reach Dr Olu through these contacts:
Website: http://www.sunnyolutreatment.com;
Email: oluherbal@gmail.com;
Facebook page: @OLUHerbal;
Or visit 53, Oba Adolor Street,
off Nomayo Street,
Upper Sakponba, Benin, Nigeria.
This post was first published by Jungle Journalist in May 2012. It is reproduced here due to popular demand

EDOCSO vow to continue inspection OF NDDC projects across Edo

EDOCSO vow to continue inspection OF NDDC projects across Edo

Members of Edo Civil Society Organisations, an umbrella body of civil rights groups in Edo State moved Edo State Ministry of Physical Planning And Urban Development, Edo State Committee on NDDC Projects, COREN/ERM, the regulatory bodies of engineers and engineering to the shoddy road construction site at Aisosa Street off Medical Stores Road, Benin City awarded by NDDC and undertaken by Caeser Construction Company.

It was a remarkable outing that saw professionals who did on the spot assessment and analysis of the job. The officers from Edo State Ministry of Physical Planning And Urban Development, were to remove the structures that poses impediments to the project that have created a narrow curvature at a point.

The Coordinator General of Edo Civil Society Organisations, Comrade Omobude Agho lamented the spate of poor quality projects executed by contractors which he said more often than not get the backing of government whose agents get kick-backs from any project. He further vowed to ensure that activists working through the locals continually inspects projects embarked upon by all tiers of government; Agho reaffirmed the need for citizens to engage government to demand quality projects as it is their tax that the government expends on any project.

It was resolved that all stakeholders must meet to look at the issues holistically and examine the project specification documents in other to reach a well informed conclusion on the matter. The government have not been able to deliver durable projects to the enjoyment of the masses.

Another worrisome projects across the state are the projects embarked upon by Edo State Government under the World Bank/SEEFOR intervention scheme. Information available and data collated has revealed that most roads constructed under this scheme have failed or failing.