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Nigeria is Doomed, Sitting on Time Bomb, says MASSOB

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) described the deteriorating situation of Nigeria as irredeemable and cancerous.

In a Press Statement signed by its leader Uchenna Madu, MASSOB said that the parasitic virus affecting the Nigerian state has eaten so deep into her bones and marrows and has left it permanently on a sick bed.

It read “Nigeria as an entity can no longer stand up or walk around. Nigeria is doomed forever. Nigeria await the explosion of her time bomb.

“The current End SARS protest going on in the southern and Middle Belt regions, ravaging the already dead entity called Nigeria is just the beginning of the end of the remaining carcass of Nigeria. The protest have exposed the beneficiary of the criminal activities of police SARS and Aso Rock SARS.

“President Mohammadu Buhari and his Fulani cabals are the real and dangerous SARS terrorizing the southern and Christian dominated Middle Beltan regions.

President Mohammadu Buhari, his fulanistic cabals, Chief of Army staff, Chief of Naval staff, Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Defense Staff, Inspector General of Police, Comptroller General of Nigeria Custom Service, Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration service, the Senate president, Speaker of National Assembly and MIyetti Allah are the real and original SARS like that are terrorizing the citizens and also making public caricature of the Nigeria state.

“MASSOB reminds the youth of Southwest, Southeast, Southsouth and North Central (Middle Belt) that their counterparts from Arewa land (Northeast and Northwest) are the real beneficiaries of president Mohammadu Buhari’s partial governance. We must keep the tempo of this constitutional and legal protest. It is our inalienable rights and heritage.

“Nigeria can never be redeemed again, president Mohammadu Buhari has finally buried the remaining carcasses of Nigeria with his primitive fulani terrorist agendas. His Fulani terrorist activities unleashed against the rest of indigenous ethnic people has awoken the spirit and consciousness of their future survival and existence.

“The high spirits of self determination has engulfed the people of Middle Belt, Southwest, Southeast and South south regions respectively. President Mohammadu Buhari remains the last president of Nigeria.”

Comrade Uchenna Madu,
Leader of MASSOB.

BIAFRA: Emeka Emekesiri, Ralph Uwazuruike speaks on security challenges in Igbo land at the World Igbo Congress

Below is a speech delivered by Barrister Emeka Emekesiri at the General Conference of the Biafrans in Europe.

The conference was organised by the European chapter of World Igbo Conference and held on 3rd October, 2020.

Chief Ralph Uwazuruike also delivered a speech at the event:


(1) With great pleasure I received the invitation from the European Chapter of the World Igbo Congress to be a Special Guest Speaker at this Conference. Upon perusing the invitation, I noticed that I would be speaking with another Biafran Leader in the person of Chief Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB who I met first in 2007 at the Keffi Prison in Nasarawa State when I went to seek for his release from detention by the authority of Igbo Lawyers Forum Port Harcourt. I appeared in the Federal High Court Abuja on Monday 16th July 2007 with the late Chief Chimezie Ikeazor, SAN, Oboli Obosi II, before the Honourable Justice Binta Nyako to advocate for his release. I greet and respect Chief Ralph Uwazurike who started the open agitation for the independence of Biafra in 1999 when many people were afraid to talk about Biafra. We must give honour to whom honour is due. This is a happy re-union.

(2) I think it is necessary for you to know me from the roots. I am Emeka John Chigozie Emekesiri, formerly called Emeka Adolf Chigozie, the son of Emekesiri Igbokwe of Okwara Unegbu Village, Amucha, Njaba Local Government Area, in the Orlu Senatorial District, Imo State. I am a barrister & solicitor, pastor, estate surveyor & valuer and management consultant. I was trained at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus; Imo State University Owerri; Rivers State University of Science & Technology Port Harcourt; and the University of Law, London.

(3) In the Biafran Project, I am the vision bearer of the legal methodology of self-determination and the creator, originator and founder of the following entities: Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB); Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI); Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN); Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CGIPOB); Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra (SCE). These entities were built upon the foundation of law and political diplomacy anchored on the vision for self-determination in accordance with our Master Plan. Although many things seem to have gone wrong with the Biafran Project, I confirm that my original vision of self-determination by law and political diplomacy is still intact. Today, we have been asked to speak on the issues of Security and Biafraland as being non-negotiable.

(4) Chief Ralph Uwazurike has spoken about security in the South East and said that there is no security problem in the South East. I agree with him that the South East is more peaceful than the rest of the country. The North and Middlebelt have experienced more security challenges than the East. He has accused the Biafrans in the Diaspora of spreading false propaganda and exaggerating the news of insecurity in our land. He has also accused the people in the Diaspora of helping to destabilize our land and desecrate our traditional values by sponsoring and supporting Nnamdi Kanu to destroy our value system. He has said so many things today and revealed some chilling stories about how Nnamdi Kanu sent his men to assassinate Asari Dokubo recently but Asari Dokubo outsmarted them and arrested the hired assassins. I don’t know how to react to this news but if this story is confirmed as true, it means that there is great trouble ahead in our land.

(5) On the issue of security challenges, we now have to contend with the fear of insecurity occasioned by our people against our people. Chief Uwazurike said that most of the people reported to have been killed were actually killed by Nnamdi Kanu and his members. He specifically mentioned Prophet Anthony Nwoko as one of those killed by Nnamdi Kanu and his members. I don’t want to make any comment on this story but only to say that I have taken note of his statements. I would rather speak about our security challenges from the threat of external invaders like the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.

(6) Although Chief Uwazurike has said that there is no insecurity problem in our land, I am aware that the Fulani herdsmen massacred and killed thousands of our people at Uzo-Uwani in Enugu State few years ago. I gave a lecture at a MOBIN Zoom Meeting recently and proffered some solutions to the security challenges posed by the Fulani herdsmen which prompted one man from Ohafia to confirm that what I said actually happened in his village and that the suggestion I gave was what solved the problem of insecurity in their hometown. Therefore, I do not totally agree with Chief Uwazurike that there is no problem of insecurity in our land posed by the Fulani herdsmen, even though the news might have been exaggerated by false propagandists.

(7) It is indisputable that self-preservation is the first law of nature. As the Igbo people say, it is only a tree that will keep quiet and stand still without defending itself in the face of a threat to cut it down. Today we are threatened by the terrorists described as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. We have looked up to the Federal Government of Nigeria for help but no help has come. We have also looked up to the State Governments in Biafraland to create our Regional Security Outfit by the Laws of the States but they are dragging their feet.

(8) What is the way forward? The answer is to apply the Nigerian Law of self-preservation and self-defence to kill the aggressor before he kills us. I give this as a legal advice to all my clients who are the claimants in the on-going case between Biafra and Nigeria. It is the duty of a Solicitor to protect his clients by giving sound legal advice and I must do so now as the Solicitor for all the Biafrans who believe in the legal methodology of self-determination. I want all my clients to understand that it is not every killing that constitutes murder. Killing in self-defence is not murder. Killing by accident is not murder. Killing by provocation is not murder but only manslaughter under Section 318 of the Criminal Code. Since the Governments of the South East Region have not enacted any law for our regional security, we shall rely on the existing Nigerian law to defend ourselves. Unlike the Laws of England & Wales where provocation applies as a defence to only the cases of murder, the Nigerian law recognises provocation as a defence against both assaults and murder.

(9) Therefore, if the Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen provoke us either by attacking our people, killing our people, raping our women, or destroying our crops, we must act as men and retaliate in the heat of passion without allowing the tempers to cool. Let men be men and let God be God! On the judgment day, whether on earth or in heaven, justice shall prevail because God is a righteous Judge. Any killing after the tempers have cooled becomes murder. The reprisal attacks must be in the heat of passion without letting the tempers to cool. Let all our able bodied men and women get ready to defend our territory. I now warn the enemies that there MUST be reprisal attacks if they attack us again.

(10) The man from Ohafia confirmed that when the Fulani herdsmen killed the first person, their Traditional Ruler appealed to the youths to keep calm without taking the laws into their hand as he tried to resolve the problem peacefully with the Fulani people. Unfortunately, the Fulani herdsmen killed another person. The youths boiled with anger to go for war and the Traditional Ruler calmed them down again but went to the Military Barracks in Ohafia and warned the Fulani Soldiers that if such a thing should happen again, then there would be serious reprisal attacks on the Fulani herdsmen. Oddly enough it happened again! The Ohafia youths moved into action and killed the Fulani herdsmen and carried their corpses to the Military Barracks and were ready for a showdown. From that day peace returned to the Community. The Fulani herdsmen now live in peace with their host community and if they want to graze their cattle, they would approach the owners of the bush and ask for permission.

(11) I know that our upbringing as Christians made most of us to become naïve. I have interpreted the scriptures where The Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to turn the other cheek if slapped on the right cheek. He simply meant that we should not be easily provoked but to give the enemy a second chance to think twice and repent. Now in our own case we have given the enemies more than enough chances to repent. They have slapped us on the right cheek and we turned the left cheek. They have slapped us again on the left cheek and there is no more cheek remaining to be turned. If they slap us on the face, Jesus Christ did not command us to turn our back. Slapping us on our face means that we must face the enemy. It is now fire for fire, blood for blood. The Holy Spirit spoke through the Apostle James that we should resist the devils and they would flee from us. The Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists and criminals are the devils we must resist now. No more tears and crying for the devils in Biafraland. We must defend ourselves and our territory by any means we know how.

(12) Now I want to talk about Biafraland as it is today and beyond 2023. I know that some lawyers may wonder why I describe the Eastern Region as Biafraland despite the loss of the Biafran Sovereignty to the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1970. I have argued this point in Court with the Nigerian lawyers and defeated them on the issue in the on-going case between Biafra and Nigeria.

(13) Firstly, I want to emphasise that we are Biafrans living in Nigeria. We are the remnants of Biafra that were not consumed in the war. What we lost after the war was our sovereignty and not our indigenous identity as a people. We are Nigerians by citizenship which was forced upon us but Biafrans by indigenous identity. Most importantly, we did not lose our ancestral homeland. We are still in possession of our land. This therefore engages the principles and rules of Land Law in ownership and possession of which I am an expert as an Estate Surveyor & Valuer and a Property Lawyer. Some lawyers think that it is better to describe the land as the land where the Biafrans dwell instead of describing it as Biafraland. It is my submission that the land where the Biafrans dwell must be called Biafraland within the Nigerian Sovereignty until we gain independence from Nigeria. Therefore, it is Biafraland in Nigeria. Any Nigerian lawyer who disagrees with me should put on his wig and gown and meet me in Court.

(14) In fact, the Land Use Act of 1978 which we have condemned as being obnoxious is actually in our favour in disguise as it vests all interests in land in the State Governor to hold as a trustee and not in the Federal Government. Therefore, by the Nigerian Land Law, the Federal Government of Nigeria has no land in any State and cannot acquire any land in any State unless granted by the State Government. Moreover, the State Governor cannot acquire the land from us unless for public purposes and must firstly revoke the right of occupancy and give us the right to oppose the notice of compulsory acquisition. The Federal Government must apply to the State Government for allocation of land for any Federal Project in the State.

(15) I have heard rumours that some State Governors in Biafraland have acquired or planned to acquire some lands from some communities to donate to the Fulani herdsmen for their cattle business. This is unlawful because the acquisition is not for public purposes as cattle business is a private business. Any land acquired wrongfully by a State Governor and given to the Federal Government or to the Fulani herdsmen can be revoked by a new Governor of the State. The Land does not belong to the Federal Government but vested in the Governor of the State to hold as a trustee. All the Governors of the States in the Eastern Region are Biafrans by indigenous identity and Nigerians by citizenship.

(16) With this understanding, we shall now look forward to 2023 and beyond. The question is as to what or how we want Biafraland to look like from now to 2023 and beyond. I have made it clear that we did not lose our territory but only our sovereignty. We are still occupying our Biafran homeland. Then, why is our homeland devastated and in shambles? Who has been ruling over our homeland since after the war?

(17) When I came into the Biafran Struggle, the first problem I encountered was the aversion of the Biafran activists to politics. They said that they were not Nigerians but Biafrans and would not participate in the Nigerian politics and census. All my preaching to make them understand the difference between citizenship or nationality and indigenous identities of the peoples living in the country fell into the deafness of fanatical and unbridled zeal without knowledge. In the end, the Biafran activists could not train and groom Biafran politicians to take over power in Biafraland and implement the Biafran Ideology. Even up to this day, the imposter who parades himself as the leader and founder of Indigenous People of Biafra has continued to discourage his members from participating in politics. He has become confused with his roadmap of insults and abuses on dignitaries and constituted authorities as he shows us the different shapes and photographs of the ears and nose and eyelids of Mr Jubril from Sudan occupying Aso Rock! In fact, most of his followers are now tired of hearing about Jubril and seeing various photographs of Jubril.

(18) There are basically two broad ways of achieving independence. It is either by military method or legal method. The military method calls for war and violence while the legal method calls for the use of judicial, political and diplomatic processes. In the present dispensation, the International Community has outlawed the use of violence to achieve self-determination. It is therefore necessary for the Biafrans to embrace our legal methodology. We have activated all the three processes of the legal methodology. We are in Court with Nigeria. We are in politics with Nigeria politicking in the interest of Biafraland. We have engaged with the members of the International Community and some World Powers in diplomatic discussions. We have filed the Biafran Memorandum in the Senate for devolution of power to the Regions. Our plan is to achieve Regional Autonomy before seeking for outright independence in future. It is the Regional Parliament that will pass the bill of referendum into law for the people to vote for independence in future.

(19) Concerning the year 2023, some people believe that there will be no Nigeria by that date. In fact, some overzealous Biafran activists have promised several times that Biafra Independence would come in 2015, 2018, and now 2020. The year is almost gone without seeing Biafra Republic but one day can make a difference. Some have planned to destroy and pull down the fraudulent Nigerian Constitution before 2023 so that Nigeria would collapse.

(20) These are possibilities that could lead to the disintegration of Nigeria. The crucial question is as to what would happen to the Biafrans and their territory should the predictions come true. Would there be anarchy in the land and the people scattered like sheep without a shepherd? Would the various Biafran groups become rival cults killing one another in a tussle for power as happening now in South Sudan? Who would gather the Biafrans together and under what governmental authority assuming that Nigeria disintegrates this night?

(21) The Northerners have got an alternative government structure created by their States Houses of Assembly known as the Sharia Government. The Sharia Law is recognised by the Nigerian Constitution just as the Customary Law is recognised. In case of emergency, the Sharia Government would become a transitional government for the Northerners as all the powers of the States would be transferred to the Sharia Government. Unfortunately, the Houses of Assembly in Biafraland have not passed the Customary Government bill into law to make it a State organ. For this reason, our Customary Government was activated by a legal instrument known as Deed Poll of Customary Governance under private law with its limitations just like a multilateral treaty. This is not enough because it is only the State Power that can control a society by the use of statute law. We therefore request our State Governments to pass the Customary Government bill into law and create our Customary Government by the Laws of the State. Customary Governance is the bedrock of the Igbo society from time immemorial.

(22) Nobody knows tomorrow. We are in our ancestral homeland and have no other habitation even if Nigeria disintegrates. The earlier we built it up and secured it the better for everyone. The question is not whether Nigeria will exist after 2023 or not but what Biafraland shall look like after 2023 whatever may happen to Nigeria. We have proffered the best solution to the Nigerian Government by the Memorandum we submitted to the Senate to restructure Nigeria to 6 autonomous Regional Governments according to the 6 geopolitical regions so that every Region will govern itself and develop at its own pace just like Britain has 4 autonomous Regional Governments called England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Laws of Scotland are different from the Laws of England and Wales. You cannot compel peoples with incompatible lifestyles to live together in a forced unity. In fact, unity by force is tantamount to slavery. If Britain could become the Great Britain with 4 nations in one, it is my submission that Nigeria can also become the Great Nigeria with 6 nations in one.

Thank you for listening to me. I think I should stop here and take your questions. If any person wants to know more about us, he can visit our websites at http://www.ipobgovernment.org and http://www.mobinbiafra.org and contact us by email addressed to info@ipobgovernment.org for more information.

BREAKING NEWS! Biafra & Ambazonia groups hold talks for freedom from Nigeria and Cameroon

By Dennis Agbo (Vanguard)

THE Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has formed an alliance with Southern Cameroon’s separatist group, Ambazonia, in pursuant to secession from their respective countries to become independent nations.

Arising from BNYL’s convention in Enugu, during the weekend, attended by representatives of Cameroon’s Ambazonia, BNYL leader, Princewill Chimezie said that the collaboration of the two agitating groups had been on for a long time but was being re-engineered to give stronger voice for their self-determination pursuits.

Chimezie disclosed that the Enugu convention was predicated on how to re-strategize and encourage self-defense mechanisms for Biafrans and Ambazonians in the escalating security challenges facing the people of Eastern Nigeria and Southern Cameroon.

He noted that BNYL was a multi-national pro-Biafra group whose membership were drawn from all the ethnic nationalities in the former Eastern Nigeria that were parts of the defunct Republic of Biafra led by General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu between 1967 and 1970.

Chimezie said: “We resolved to defend ourselves by any means possible and we are not afraid to say that because we can’t continue to sit down and watch enemies massacre our people. I am afraid we may resort to guerilla movement.

We have been most prominent in the Bakassi areas where we developed partnership with Ambazonia because we found out that Biafra has a similar problem with southern Cameroon.

“Ambazonia needs our help just as we need theirs. We have both had affinity to achieve independence in different ways and the collaboration is meant to hear one another’s cry.”

One of the Ambazonia’s representatives and President of Universal Negro Improvement Association, UNIA in Calabar Cross River state, Comrade Enow Arrey said he was a refugee in Nigeria because of the horrible killings of Ambazonians in Southern Cameroon.

Arrey said: “I found out that my brothers in Nigeria have the same problem with Southern Cameroon people.

My mission is to speak that Africa has the right to decolonize their place. We’ve decided that our people must be one as they were before colonization.

“UNIA will support the Biafra movement before we can deserve respect. We are fighting for peace in Cameroon and if that peace needs a separate state, we will do that.

The peace is either for federalism or separation, just like we are in support of self-defense.”

MASSOB Clocks 21: Anniversary Speech by MASSOB Leader, Uchenna Madu

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) celebrate our anniversary with deep sober reflection on the plight of the people of Biafra in Nigeria. MASSOB started on 13th of September 1999.

Twenty one years have passed on our long walk to freedom with uncountable sacrifices and huge prices for the actualization and restoration of Biafra from the oppressive government of Nigeria.

Though MASSOB as a non violence organization have achieved a lots for Biafra emancipation, we shall never relent or derail. We have been persecuted, arrested, killed, mesmerized, imprisoned and traumatized by aggressive agents of federal government of Nigeria, we shall never retreat nor surrender.

MASSOB will continue to remember and honour our fallen heroes who willingly laid down their precious lives for the love of Biafra.

Our members are still languishing in Nigeria prisons at Awka and Onitsha, some are still in the mortuary in Onitsha hospital.

Our lives are dedicated to the cause of Biafra actualization. We have no future in Nigeria because this geographical expression called Nigeria was designed by the Christian British colonial masters to enslave the people of Christian Biafra forever and favor the moslem Arewa people.

Concerning the water bill being sponsored by the president Mohammadu Buhari led federal government of Nigeria, MASSOB support and encourages that the National Assembly should pass it into law without much deliberation. MASSOB support every government policies, actions and moves that will eventually breaks Nigeria and her forced marriage with unknown partners.

MASSOB advised President Mohammadu Buhari and his Fulani ethnic cabals not chicken out of cowardice, they should never relent in securing all the water ways in Nigeria for the establishment and resettling of wandering Fulani ethnic tribe from other West African countries.

Comrade Uchenna Madu, Leader of MASSOB

MASSOB@21: We are taking a new dimension- Leader

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) under the leadership of Comrade Uchenna Madu will celebrate her 21st anniversary of formation on 13th September, 2020.

According to a Press Release made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, and signed by Comrade Edeson Samuel, MASSOB
National Director of Information, MASSOB shall use the anniversary commemoration to renew it’s vows to ensure that the Sovereign State of Biafra is actualized and restored through non violence.

The Release further stated: “As we celebrate our 21yrs anniversary of MASSOB formation, we remember our brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short because of Biafra in the hands of Nigerian security agents. Our non violent MASSOB faithful died innocently with hearts of bravery, for the sake of Biafra.

“They were molested, mesmerized, humiliated, and brutally killed by the armed security agents of our oppressors.

“We are committedly, consistently and uncompromisingly agitating for an independent state of Biafra from Nigeria.

“Biafra is the answer to the numerous subjective slavery, Nigeria subjected Ndigbo into, ranging from political, economical, academic, religious, cultural and social slavery.

“Today in Nigeria, true nationhood has remained stillborn. Peace, justice and equity has remained elusive to Nigeria, which still remains in perpetual strife and increasing crises since her independence.
These undeniable realities are the reasons the Nigerian State is afraid of Biafra which represents the truth they can not legitimately counter. Biafra speaks of the truth Nigeria know they are guilty of, so out of weakness and fear, Nigeria resort to repressions, persecutions, killings and detention of Biafran agitators.

“MASSOB have resolved that 21 years of our long walk to freedom can never be jeopardized, compromised or corrupted”.

Attack of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB callous, barbaric, primitive – MASSOB

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the African Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has condemned what it described as ‘the unwarranted and callous killing’ of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of in Enugu on Sunday.

MASSOB, in a Statement issued by its Leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, said that it is the worst barbaric and primitive reactionary measure of a combined security agents of Nigeria against ‘the perceived enemies of President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsmen called the fulanis’ .

The Statement, sent to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, read in part “The loose venom of pathological hatred by this present administration against Ndigbo and Christians in general on Sunday in Enugu further proved our earlier revelation of conspiracy and plot to push back the political emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria.

“It is a well-known fact that all pro Biafra agitators including MASSOB, IPOB, EPC, BNYL, BIM, MOBIN etc are non violenct and do not use arms. It is also on records that none of these groups have indulged in any act of terrorism, violence or killings.

“Why should the Nigerian Fulani led police embark on a deceitful mission of blackmailing the peaceful and non violent members of IPOB that they were engaged in firing spree with the agents of DSS that led to the combined team of Nigeria armed security forces to heavily descend on them in a war like scenario during their meeting at Emene, Enugu on Sunday which resulted on the death of innocent and defenceless citizens of Biafra?

“What happened in Enugu on Sunday between IPOB and combined security forces of Nigeria was not a clash or a confrontation but a systematic plot, an act of terrorism, hatched and orchestrated by the presidency to inflict fear that will demoralize the surging rise, clamour and support for Biafra and Nigerian president of Igbo extraction.

“They fronted the DSS to provoke members of IPOB to an assault but IPOB members refused to fall into their trap, but because it was a designed mission that must be accomplished, the DSS opened fire on defenceless citizens, the police, army and Air Force immediately joined them in the brutality of IPOB members and terrorizing the inhabitants of Enugu City.

“MASSOB calls the attention of Igbo political leaders, irrespective of their political party or affiliation that they are the main target of this latest assault. It is against the political emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria they seem to lead, it is about 2023 general election. It is all about wounding the morale of Igbo socio political leaders. It is about creating fear among the Igbo populace towards 2023. Ndigbo must rise now in defence of our father land. Injustice to an Igbo is injustice against all Igbos irrespective of political differences.

“The presidency is using pro-Biafra agitators as their testing ground of wounding and inflicting injurious blow that will demoralize the chances of Igbo political emancipation in 2023. They knew that pro-Biafra agitators are a heavy factor to be reckoned with in 2023 towards Igbo political emancipation.

“MASSOB reiterates its earlier resolved decision that no amount of treachery and subtle clampdown, attacks, killings, arrest, mesmerization, prosecution by the Nigerian state will deter us from the Biafra actualization and restoration struggle”, the statement ended.

BREAKING! Enugu on fire as IPOB, police, army in gun duel, many reportedly killed+PHOTOS

Information reaching our newsroom at the moment is that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are currently in a battle with security agencies in Enugu.

According to an eye witness who spoke with Jungle Journalist Media Ltd Correspondent, five members of the group have been gunned down by the security while a lot more sustained different degrees of injuries.

The source stated that security agencies were deployed to arrest members of the IPOB who were holding a meeting at Community Secondary School, Emene.

The members resisted arrest and security began to shoot at them.

Those who have been killed include keke riders and other Biafran activists.

The incident, we gathered, is happening at the Emene axis of the city, and commuters are being turned away from the road.

The road from Oye Emene to Eke has also been blocked at Ukwu Mango Bus Stop.

More details to follow.

‘We are Biafrans fighting for freedom, our PVC is our AK 47- Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, to inaugurate Dunukofia Anambra chapter

The umbrella body of Biafrans in politics, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria has stated that although they are fighting a bitter war for the purpose of Biafra’s freedom from Nigeria, they are battling with different kinds of weapon from the ones usually deployed for war. It said that in place of the gun AK47, its deploying Biafrans with their PVCs to ensure that core Biafrans win the elections and take control of government in the state.

MOBIN, while revealing its plans to go into Anambra 2021 elections, said it will be re-inaugurating its chapters in all local governments of the state, beginning with Dunukofia Local Government Area, and then moving into the other LGs of the state.

In her message to MOBIN MEDIA on the development, Rita Anigbogu who is the Director General of the political organization said;

“We want to gather the Biafrans especially those who believe that although they are Biafra indigenes, they are also Nigeria citizens. Those who say that as long as they are still in Nigeria that they will participate in everything happening in Nigeria till Biafra eventually regain its lost sovereignty after the 1969-70 war.

“We are different, we are reinaugurating to start getting our PVC together. Our PVC is our own AK47 and we will use it to decide who will go for us as long as the politics of Anambra is concerned. At the expiration of the reinauguration, we can authoritatively tell you how many MOBIN members that we have in Anambra state and whether we can drive home our insistence of deciding who goes to Agu Awka as the governor and those who will be in the House of Assembly.

“We are beginning to ease out of a pandemic lockdown. Life and it’s existence will not be terminated with the pandemic and so the political activities. The reinauguration is not only special but important to us because our enemies are not resting and we will not rest. We want to get our tact together, we want to be ready at all time knowing that Anambra election is almost with us. We will guide and guard ourselves with our facemasks, observe the social distancing and our hand sanitizers will be handy with us.

“In Anambra 2021 election, our people will witness the Biafra spirit. The multitude of Biafrans that will participate in the next year’s election will out number that of 2017. We have the message and we have the content. Long live Biafra, God bless Biafra, forward ever, backward never.”

BREAKING! MASSOB Leader, Uchenna Madu loses grandmum

Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Comrade Uchenna Madu has lost his grandmother, Ezinne Rebecca Nwanyianoruo Anyadiegwu (Mmiri Nma) to the cold hands of death.

In a social media announcement sent to our news email, Comrade Madu stated that the grand old lady was 90 years old when she passed on.

Below is the full announcement:

“With a heavy heart, I announce the death of my grandmother, Late Ezinne Rebecca Nwanyianoruo Anyadiegwu (Mmiri Nma) of the family of Nlewedum Anyadiegwu of Umuobasi, Umuehihe, Amuda Isuochi, Umunneochi Local Government Area, Abia state.

“She died at the age of 90 years after a brief illness. Left to mourn her demise are her children, relations, Umuehihe community of Amuda village in Isuochi and other wells wishers.

“Late Ezinne Rebecca Nwanyianoruo Anyadiegwu was a woman community leader who positively effected the lives of fellow women in progressive economic stability, Christian religious standards and Institute traditional respect for their husbands.

“She will be buried soon as burial arrangements are concluded.


Comrade Uchenna Madu
Leader (MASSOB)

Join Movement of Biafrans In Nigeria at its Virtual (ZOOM) Meeting on Power Sector Tomorrow

The Movement of Biafrans in (MOBIN) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: MOBIN’s Ideology on Development of Biafran Power Sector Part 1.

Date: Saturday, Jul 11, 2020.

Time: 6:00 PM Biafran Time.

Speaker: Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, Chairman of MOBIN.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 5517 9546
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MOBIN wants to put hardcore Biafran activists in power in the whole of Biafraland to control our territory. MOBIN wants its members to contest for all South East Elective positions in future.

For more information about MOBIN, visit http://www.mobinbiafra.org