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Edo Indigenous Movement rates guber candidates, tasks voters on manifestoes, antecedents

Founder, Edo Progressives Indigenous Assembly(EPIA), Chief (Bishop) Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo has charged eligible voters to give details to the manifestoes and previous records of those currently jostle to be governor of the state come September 19 as basis for making their choice.

The non- partisan group, founded in 2014 with the sole aim to promote amongst others, Edo indigenous language, cultural heritage and empowerment said the governorship candidates agenda constitute a major determinant to evaluate their ability to deliver the dividends of democracy to Edo people .

“We think both candidates, although there are others in the race are all Edo prominent indigenes, they have the technical know-how on how to pilot the affairs of the state. We are puting it before Edo indigenes to go and look at their manifestoes and check their previous records to determine who they will vote for,” he noted.

Edokpolor who condemned the shootings, attacks, violent clashes by suspected party thugs in the last few weeks, heaped the blame at the door of political parties in the state.

Drawing a comparative appraisal between the two contending lead candidates, Edokpolor said though the group has no preexisting records on the APC Governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu but that judging from his presentations, synergies and the ways Edo people rally round him “chances are that he will be able to come up with something credible in line with his Simple Agenda”.

On Governor Godwin Obaseki, he posited “I think he has done well in terms of international investors and digital development attraction to the state including some infrastructure. But he has done very little or less in indigenous empowerment programmes and above all, he needs to be more in touch and accessible to the indigenes because we are native people and not English.

“On that note we score him 6.2 over 10 (62 percent) and hope if he wins that he will do better in this area. I think that is the only reason he is having much pressure now in campaign, otherwise he is supposed win with zero effort” .

EPIA president said the incoming governor must cultivate the habit of dressing the way of Edo people including periodic appraisal of his manifestoes .

“How can a man show love to people he does not even dress like not to talk about speaking their language? ,” he asked.

Edo Indigenes fault Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s claim that black means evil  

Edo Indigenes leader and president of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), aka Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide has faulted Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for stating that Africans should stop identifying themselves as black which he said is evil.

Chief Dr Bishop Omogiade Edokpolo who spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Limited correspondent on the phone in Benin, advised Oyakhilome to quickly withdraw the sermon that black is identified with evil,while arguing that black is the origin of all other color, and therefore, even better and superior to the others.

Edokpolo said; “The statement that black people should stop using the word black as identity is completely unacceptable, and we condemn it. We are black people, and we are proud of being black. If you look at the color of your hair, it is black. The most surprising aspect of it is that Pastor Chris is an Edo indigene, and that is why we are very concerned about your statement, and we urge you to withdraw that statement, and stop trying to classify black people as white. I don’t know where your research came from. As a pastor, and a minister of classified Christianity, we are very proud of you for being a global minister, but please do not wrongly represent Edo indigenes and black people with all those terminology.

“If you look at your skin, and want to maintain who you really are, you will know that you are black. Your skin color is black. The color of your hair is black. So I want to use this opportunity to inform you that the statement you made is borne out of a slavery mentality, so withdraw it, so that the world will not misinterpret your statement and by so doing, reduce the global value you have.

“You are not supposed to use that terminology that black is evil. What is evil about black? I don’t understand. God created light from darkness, there was darkness before light. Light cannot work without darkness. Once it’s night, darkness must come, whether you like darkness or not. It’s a reality, and moreover, that does not really relate with color of skin. We use this English to identify the color of who we are. If you look at white people, they are not truly white in color. How do you identify them?

“There is a difference between the white color and the white man. If you also look at the black man, it’s also not exactly black. The black man is a bit of chocolatey in color. The white has bit of yellowish, red or pink.

“You told us not to identify as black, but you have not told us what to identify ourselves with.

I don’t know how color relate to evil, evil is a thing of the mind. Calling someone black has no way in any shape or form, relate to evil. What it does is identify a class of people. Your state of mind determine whether you are evil or good.

God bless Edo indigenous people worldwide, God bless black people, God bless Africa, and God bless us all, he finished.

Edo Indigenous Movement congratulate over Olumide Akpata NBA National Electoral Victory

An Edo Indigenous Movement known as Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA) has commended Olumide Akpata who emerged Presidential winner of the Nigerian Bar Association’s (NBA) national elections, after defeating two other contestants who are Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs). This victorious win makes him the NBA’s first non-SAN President in years.

This commendation was made in Benin by the leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr Bishop J.O. Enoyiogiere Edokpolo. He said the overwhelming solidarity that the Benin Branch of the NBA drummed up for Akpata could as well earn him the well deserved victory at the International Bar Association’s cadre.

“This result represents a sudden change in the order, as Akpata is now the first non-SAN to lead the Nigerian Bar Association in years. Feedback from members of the NBA indicates that there has been a long-standing hunger for a paradigm shift. And now it appears many of the association’s members have a good reason to be excited.

“Patriot Olumide Akpata-For us, members and trustees of the Edo Progressive Indigenous Association Worldwide, your eminently deserved victory at the NBA presidential election polls did not come to us as a surprise. ‘Owamagbomwan – oresetin’ is an esoteric Benin maxim, which espouse the unbreakable power of home support.

“In the spirit of ‘Evbuomwan aro ne amen ro yi’, we rise in altruistic felicitation, for your resounding victory, while wishing you a landmark tenure. We beseech you, to be humble in victory, and extend a sincere hand of fellowship to your co-aspirants.

“Additionally Mr. President-Elect, put on the toga of a statesman, and not that of a politician. While politicians think of the next election, statesmen think of the next generation.

“We are praud of our son and brother, a bonafide Edo Indigene to be the president of NBA. You have made us proud. Be assured of our prayers, now and always. Once again, congratulations. Kindly endeavour to make Edo nation proud of your tenure. Barrister akpata Ose- nobla re- kpaee Ise. Obagha to kpere ise “, Chief Edokpolo said.

Recall that Akpata won the election with a total of 9,891 votes of the total 18,256 ballots cast, while his closest rival, Babatunde Ajibade (SAN) polled 4,328 votes and Dele Adesina (SAN) polled 3,982 votes.

The election commenced at exactly 11 am on Wednesday, July 29, and ended at 11 pm on Thursday, July 30. It was a virtual voting process where registered members of the association logged into the National Officers Election webpage with their Supreme court numbers and cast their votes. About 29,636 eligible voters were registered, and the election committee sent the voting link to the registered members via emails and sms.

CORRUPTION: Edo Indigenes to investigate Edo NDDC, institute litigation if…

The leadership of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), has warned that they will institute litigation against the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Edo State branch if found complicit in the corruption galore going on in the agency.

Edo Indigenous Movement Leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr Bishop J.O.Enoyiogiere Edokpolo gave this warning in Benin City, Edo State capital while speaking on the gravity of the NDDC scandal.

He said that the country should be embarrassed that the issue of corruption seem unending as different ministries, agencies and even national assemblies seep with the odious stink of corruption.

“I am not surprised but is obviously angry that at this stage of our national life, we are still battling with this thing called corruption. Unfortunately, its now at a level where it looks impossible to eliminate, because those who are supposed to enforce its elimination are all into the game.

“But we at EIM and EPIA do not believe in the power of corruption over our people. This is because of the strong cultural value behind every Edo indigene. We want to however warn that, as Niger Deltans, and naturally, benefactors of the NDDC projects and plans, we will not fold our hands and watch a few individuals corner or pocket wealth meant for the people.

“We warn Edo NDDC that we are embarking on a fact-finding mission, and woe betide if the agency is found wanting. Edo Indigenes will fight corruption at the level of the NDDC with all that we have got. We will not sit back and watch one man or a group of people squander our commonwealth, or pocket what is the right of our people. Let no man think he can do that here in Edo State.

“We all must play our different roles to ensure that we eliminate corruption in this country”, Edokpolo stated.

Edo Indigenous Movement set for showdown with companies marginalising its citizens

The worldwide uniting body of all Edo indigenes, Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA) has warned that it will no longer tolerate the marginalisation of its citizens by multinationals, banks, government parastatals and other companies in its own soil.

EPIA, also known as Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) while announcing its planned showdown with these companies, frowned at the continued marginalisation of Edo indigenes by these comknakes domiciled in Edo soil.

EPIA /EIM President, Chief Bishop JOE Edokpolo who spoke to our reporter in Benin City on the matter, said they have received several reports of marginalisation by indigenes and would swing into action to verify these issues and ensure they are corrected. Hear him;

“We Edo indigenous people will no longer tolerate marginalization of our Indigenes in their own land. Moving forward, companies, banks and governments must learn to prioritize Edo Indigenes and put them in the priority first class, list that they belong to, as EPIA/EIM is set to verify and expose the companies and banks that are underemploying and underpaying Edo indigenous people.

“This act against our people is contrary to the Local Content Act passed into law by the then Administration of Goodluck Jonathan in April 2010. We can no longer accept to be 3rd class citizens as we are not slaves in our own land”, he warned.

EDO INDIGENES TO EDO PEOPLE: Stop voting for political parties, focus on Indigenes with good records

THE umbrella Indigenous organisation of the Edo people, Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) otherwise known as Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has said that Edo people must eschew themselves from focus on political parties and start considering merits before voting during elections.

Chief Dr Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo who is the President/Founder of the organisation said this in Benin City.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd during a media chat, Edokpolo decried what he said is the fraudulent methods of parties to force Indigenes to vote for incompetent men and women, while playing down on quality representation in politics.

His words: “This is a call to all Edo Indigenous people to vote for Edo Indigenes with good past records and not political parties, all political parties are fraud to the Indigenes.

“Lets all stop thinking of party and start thinking personalities before voting.
Our Indigenes are not our problem, political parties are, they are good in doctoring people to suit and satisfy their godfathers but this has to change in Edo state as we are out to sensitize our Indigenes about what to look out for before voting for anyone.

“We know as Edo Indigenes we have different types of characters in our Indigenous family but we do not have anyone to condemn or castigate before the none Indigenes and all hands most be on desk to protect the image of all Edo Indigenous people worldwide.

“This is Edo Indigenes matter and we must resolve it in unity.

“However, we must ensure that justice prevail against any Edo Indigene who tampers with funds that belongs to Edo Indigenes or marginalizes Edo people even if you are an Edo Indigene”, Edokpolo stated.

Edo Indigenous Movement lists its 13 aims and objectives

The umbrella organisation of Edo people, Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide (EIM) has listed the 13 aims and objectives that is its driving force.

In a colourful promotional poster made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited, the Movement, under the auspices of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), explained that it’s overall goal is ‘Putting Edo Indigenes First’, as is clearly spelled out in its motto.

The reasons for publishing its aims and objectives, according to its founder, Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo, is to ensure that Edo people do not lose focus in their collective pursuit of national success.

Below are the 13 aims and objectives:

1. To empower all Edo Indigenous People Worldwide

2. To unite all Edo indigenes- Bini, Esan, and Afemai without sentiments

3. To promote Edo cultural heritage and its language

4. To promote Edo Indigenous portfolio in government

5. To promote welfare package for 60 years and older including the physically challenged

6. To promote bursary for Edo Indigenous students

7. To promote 15% cut for Edo indigenes investors

8. To promote international air and seaport including stable electricity in Edo Indigenous United Kingdom

9. To introduce the blockchain technology in Edo kingdom

10. To stop the marginalisation of Edo indigenes Worldwide

11. To advertise Edo Indigenous treasure areas to attract global investors and make Edo an economic magnet in Africa

12. To sensitise all Edo indigenes to refrain from advertising negative things about one another and see with one positive lens

13. To promote love trade among Edo indigenes and keep our money within us to circulate at least 5 times before it goes out.

Covid-19: Edo Indigenes threaten to pass Vote-of-no-Condidence on Health Minister Ehanire

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association EPIA has blasted the Minster of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire for his non-performance, especially to Edo State, since the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

EPIA stated this shortly after its tour across Benin City to provide palliatives for Edo indigenes to cushion the effects of COVID-19.

In a Press Conference that held at Canada World Event Centre, Benin, EPIA Secretary General, Comrade Ine Gbenehi described the minister’s performance as quite low and full of disappointments.

He said “what astonished us most is that we have a son, father, an indigene in the person of the Minister, whom we thought would represent us, since Covid-19 started. We regret to say that we have not felt any impact of government to cushion the effects of the lockdown.

“We had expected proactive action from the minister, especially in the handling of his home state. Till now, he has neither taken any action in the health sector, nor in the humanitarian.

“We therefore demand that he address Edo indigenes on how far his ministry has impacted on Edo State especially with regard to Covid-19.

“As a true son of Edo, he should have been able to ensure that whatever gets to other states also gets to Edo, even in greater measures.

“If he cannot do these in the next 10 days, we will be forced to pass a vote of no confidence on him.

Also speaking, EPIA president, Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo said
“EPIA is an independent organisation designed to empower Edo indigenes, and is registered with the United Nations Indigenous Organisation.

“About 9000 of our indigenes after our survey, have not received palliatives from the government, federal or state. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to help out.

“The federal government have been distributing money and have mapped out just 18 states to benefit, and Edo and Delta have not benefitted. Our own son the Minister of Health has not been able to do anything for Edo people. He has tuned his back on us. Can you imagine, a Minister of caliber has not attracted anything to his home state.

Earlier, the Executive Council of EPIA had toured the state capital, Benin to distribute cash, food and other palliatives to the poor, needy, aged, physically challenged and other vulnerable people.

About 7000 people were reached in the exercise.

According to the president, Dr Edokpolo, the exercise is an ongoing one which they will try to sustain as donations continue to come.

Meanwhile, he also called on Edo Indigenes that are yet to register with the organisation to do so at http://www.edoindigenes.org for seamless transmission of palliative where applicable.

Calling for support or donations, he also requested that donors should so at http://www.edoindigenes.org