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Dr Kalu Advices Youths To Stay Within The Periphery Of Geneva Rules Of Protest, Avoid Destruction

Dr Emeka Charles Kalu has this morning called on the Nigeria Youths to desist from destruction of public infrastructures in the name of protest because this is like shooting one’s self in the leg trying to clean a gun.

In a short video message to the youths, Chief Kalu acknowledged the fact that the the carelessness of the present government had infuriated and agravitated a civil matter that could’ve been handled with the greatest caution and maturity to save the nation the pain of another breakdown and the attendant loss of innocent lives, even as she is still trying to wiggle out of harsh effect of Coronavirus.

The best we can do to register our displeasure is to stay within the Periphery of rules of protest under the Geneva convention or the effort will amount to futility when it is classified as riot and unlawful.

Destroying government infrastructures built with our own money can only push us into harsher situations and greater unemployment as those people working in the establishments who are also youths will be put out of job too.

We are all pained by the bad system, we are aware that the youths have been shortchanged and schemed out of control over their destiny, they’ve made their voices loud and shooting any of them was a very bad and condemnable approach to civil matter. But I am appealing to the youths to stay within the reasonable path of rules of protest.

I also call on the government to do the needful by addressing the situation, profer solutions to placate the youths as stick and carrot approach will hardly work in the 21st century.

Dr Kalu Salutes Edo people, PDP Coalition, Lovers of Democracy Over Edo Election

The National Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has congratulated the people of Edo State, All members of PDP Coalition and all lovers of freedom and democracy in Nigeria and across the world for standing for free and fair election in Edo State, a feat he believes has sent the right signal to the landlords of manor farm who believes the fate of the nation revolves around their will and caprices.

In a Press Statement signed by Comr Amos Kalu, his media and policy aide, Chief Dr Kalu expressed joy and optisms, maintaining that the Edo experience will serve as a yardstick for restoration of hope in the democratic system of Nigeria as the will of the people was allowed to take upper hand due to the indomitable spirit of Edolites and every Nigerian who called for transparency and stood by it to the very conclusion.

Chief Kalu therefore congratulated and thanked every member of PDP Coalition for their collective efforts, especially those members that were on ground to relay the true position of the electoral process as well as standing on ground to enforce protection of votes and to ensure that the will of the people prevailed over will of godfathers that place their own personal interest above the collective interest of the people, a bad precedence that has just been defeated in Edo State, that will be repeated in Ondo and Anambra States and be transmitted to the center in 2023.

“It is a very clear statement now that Nigeria can be rescued when the people begin to say no to overbearing leaders who have held the nation in perpetual backwardness through godfatherism.

“I appreciate the PDP for standing up to the occasion till the final whistle by employing every approach possible within the positive ambit of the law to protect the peoples votes in Edo State.

“I will not fail to appreciate the USA and UK who in their maginiminity and political calculations introduced a VISA ban on riggers in good time because denial to travel to US and UK is like taking away the breath that makes most of them breath. Distasteful as it may taste to them, that too played its role to put riggers in the right sense of caution.

“I also wish to congratulate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, a true democrat that put in everything to ensure that the will of the people was respected. Your leadership in PDP will continue to count for positive and more gains in the future. This is not forgetting my good friend, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, the Campaign Chairman who refused to be intimidated by the antics of Federal Might by standing his ground and ensuring that voting was strictly monitored. All PDP NWC in the able hands of Chief Uche Secondus is well appreciated and extolled for their candor and mature approach to political matters. Congratulations to you all.

“I must confess that the Edo experience is a plus for Nigeria’s Democracy and a legacy we must embrace as Nigerians to ensure that our true emancipation is attained in the nearest future.

“I also urge president Mohammadu Buhari to sign the revised Electoral Rules into law to ensure that our democratic experiment continues to gain strength” he said.

Finally in all affairs of men on earth, na only God-Win.

Covid-19 not a death sentence, Emeka Kalu says as he wishes Governor Ikpeazu quick recovery

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance and Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Emeka Kalu has urged the good people of Abia state to follow government directives to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

Kalu, who wished Governor Okezie Ikpeazu quick recovery from the Coronavirus, said the ongoing preventative measures imposed on the people of Abia state and other government policies on Covid-19 are government efforts meant to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

Speaking in a press statement he personally signed on Monday, the PDP leader reminded people of the state that “Coronavirus is real and there is the need for us all to observe cleanliness by washing our hands regularly and avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth”.

Dr Kalu emphasised the need for people to avoid public gathering as well as to wash their hands regularly to avoid the further spread of the virus.

The former APGA gubernatorial aspirant however prayed for the full recovery of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state and other Abians who tested positive for Coronavirus.

“ I wish His Excellency, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu quick recovery. Your Excellency, It’s not a death sentence.

Over the past months, you have demonstrated courage and leadership capacity by preventing the spread of the virus across the state. Your result is a minor setback. I got your back and I wish you quick recovery.”

Nigerian Youths, Key to a better Nigeria,by Emeka Kalu

The increasing and unprecedented participation of youths in violent activities in Nigeria in recent times should be a cause of worry to both parents and political leaders.

Most violent activities, ranging from the use of social media to incite ethnic violence, sponsored attacks against opposition leaders, kidnapping, armed robbery, Pipeline vandalism, cultism, rape, street fighting, electoral violence etc. are being perpetrated by youths in Nigeria who are negatively motivated by desperate human beings, politicians, religious leaders, wrong peer groups, to name but a few. Yet, the very future of our dear country depends on these youths that this present generation is able to nurture. When we sow wind, we reap the whirlwind.

These negative trends, obviously, is a product of leadership failures by governments at all level of governance, and negative orientation. Our leaders are obviously using a divide and rule syndrome to cause ethnic and religious crisis among the youths, thereby, taking advantage of our weaknesses as unemployed youths to enrich themselves and their generations yet unborn. But the crave for the right reorientation always starts with the decision to stop to think, reflect and yearn for only what is right.

We must realize these factors on time to avert the looming dangers ahead of us.

How long do we fold our hands and watch these destiny robbers continue cheating us depends on us. Majority of them, the purveyors of our collective inheritance, have their children schooling in foreign universities with VIP treatment, while they plunder and abandon our tertiary institutions in a state of rigor mortis with sub standard learning facilities. The real enemy of our destinies are within us; They are the ones threatening our unity as a nation.

They are those looters we worship as governors, senators, house of reps members, ministers etc.

They have succeeded in mortgaging the future of the masses while their children intermarry themselves to oil their already existing merchandise. A few examples are Governor Ganduje’s daughter to former governor Ajomobi’s son, Isa Yuguda’s son to the Sultan of Sokoto’s daughter, Abike Dabiri-Erewa’s child marrying from the richest home In Borno state etc.

Nigerian youths are too intelligent and talented to be treated unjustly. They are blessed with numerous characteristics, which include Charisma, Creativity, intelligence, and perseverance, among others. All these potentials, if properly harnessed, constitute an invaluable asset to any nation. Failure to fully harness these potentials in youths only spells disaster for the future, and we’re not too far from that uncertain future.

The youths should not allow themselves to be used by these merchants for their selfish interests. Rather, they should think critically by examining those that present themselves for elections and elect only those with unquestionable characters, competency, capacity and leadership qualities that are vital to reposition Nigeria on the path of positive progress and nationhood.

Kalu to Kaduna PDP, its time to unite and grow

The Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party Youth Alliance – PDPYA, Dr Emeka Kalu has frowned at the little skirmishes brewing in Kaduna State after the wards congresses, saying it is ill-timed, counter productive and will be detrimental to the unity of the party if not checked and nipped in the bud.

In a press statement he personally signed on Monday, Chief Kalu called on the leadership of the great party to pull their acts together in handling any disagreement to avoid brewing bad blood that will threaten the unity of the party in Kaduna, particularly, and Nigeria at large as 2023 is going to be a defining moment of the PDP and the future of Nigeria.

He called of the leader of the Party in Kaduna, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, to use his leadership dexterity to prevail on the matter while maintaining neutrality until all nerves are calmed and all grievances assuaged.

Dr Kalu further assured the party that he is ready to liaise and work with the party leadership to mend every fences and bring peace to the party across the federation as only a united People’s Democratic Party will be capable of taking power in 2023.

Dr Kalu finally adviced the party leadership to work hard on uniting the party at every level while consolidating on the gains of solidarity the party has continued to enjoy from Nigerians even while being an opposition party, insisting that it is a sign that Nigerians are ready for the true change that will usher in the needed progress and redirection of the nation to the path of greatness.

Before the clouds settle, PDP need to mend her roof – Kalu

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, PDP Youth Alliance (Protocols), and Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has continued to make case for the need to have a united People’s Democratic Party that will be ready to chase her dreams with articulated purpose driven vigour in the near future.

In a statement signed by his media and publicity aide, Comr Amos Kalu, and released to the press on Sunday, Dr. Kalu said that the need to unite the party by harnessing her potentials cannot be overemphasized at this point in time, stating that only when PDP succeeds in mending her leaking roofs will she be able to stand the uphill task of grabbing power back for the good of the people who have suffered neglect, backwardness, poverty and pain for a long time now without any sign of respite to their forlorn situation.

“Nigeria needs solution before we completely lose it. As you can see, Nigeria is not working again and so people need to come up and take the initiative of rescuing her from the purveyors of our collective inheritance, no two ways about it.

“Such men and women can be found only in PDP, but we may not make headway if we don’t come together as one big family with an utmost purpose of taking back power to salvage what is left of our dying nation, Nigeria.

“This is the time to go back to our drawing board and reshape our approach to Nigeria politics. We may have done well as individuals, politically, but it is only through putting the interest of the party above personal interests that we may be able to understand the believe the people have reposed in us to save them from the helpless situation churning away our collective existence”. He insist.

Chief Kalu said that he has an assignment to work on this angle as a new dedication to the pursuit of a better Nigeria that can be achieved through a United PDP against 2023.

“Only the unity of PDP can achieve a better Nigeria come 2023. The people have experienced the “Bitter” change they yearned for, they have experienced the “crushing” Next Level they were promised, and they’re now eager to see respite through a well organized, calculated and people oriented approach to governance that will usher in a new era of hope for all and sundry” he argued.

Meanwhile, he adviced that in as much as Nigeria and the world are facing challenges of Coronavirus that is ravaging the globe, we must not completely rest on our oars because this time too shall pass.

He advice that these suggestions should be taken seriously into consideration to hit the ground running after this long break because PDP needs to mend all the leaking roofs, rebuild all broken bridges and form a strong and reliable force to salvage Nigeria and take her to a new era of economic growth and all round development.

COVID-19: FG needs to put her acts together, trust in her system – Kalu

The DG of Global Initiative for Good Governance and Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has as usual lent his clear voice to numerous burning issues concerning our nation, especially at this critical time of uncertainty and hardship occasioned by the pandemic, Coronavirus.

In a statement signed by his Media and Publicity Aide, Comr Amos Kalu and made available to the press from his Abuja office, Chief Kalu who is also the Director of Protocols, People’s Democratic Party Youth Alliance, said this is time Nigerians need to shun partisanship and put hands together to come out of this global challenge uncharted in one piece even as he comend his principal, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who had joined other well meaning Nigerians to provide palliative stimulus to vulnerable Nigerians that are feeling the pangs of the unavoidable total lockdown to curtail spread of Coronavirus.

In the same vein, Chief Kalu praised the government of President Buhari and State governments for proactive actions so far taken to tackle the menace, especially providing palliatives to citizens and providing emergency isolation centers, saying that these are signs that there is still hope for a better Nigeria of tomorrow when we can rise up to challenge our challenges and put things right.

“I must commend the Lagos state government particularly for the vigor and determination with which she has confronted the Coronavirus monster and as well other states, including my home state Abia, who have left no stone unturned in the responsibility of protecting her citizens, especially the proactive Measures taken by Governor Ikpeazu to challenge the ingenuity of the Aba Artisans who are now mass producing PPE. This is sign of hope in the face of uncertainty.

“This is a sign that Nigeria can surmount any challenges facing us when we make up our mind and determine to tackle them headlong. I encourage that we don’t let our guards now.

“Nigerians have shown sense of patriotism and love for one another by coming together of the strong to support the weak amongst us. This is a way of a progressive people with determination to move forward against all odds, therefore I encourage our citizens to continue to obey the government orders to the later as it is for the good of all, “ he encouraged.

Chief Kalu further addressed other issues relating to the pandemic and adviced the government to make amends where neccessary because what affects the eyes effects the nose.

“This is not a time to be discriminative for any reason. I was shocked to learn that the Ministers have successfully dished out N100Billion to indigent Nigerians hand on hand, I am marveled because there can never be any guarantee of fairness using such crude methods.

“Nigerians vehemently called on the FG to support Nigerians through verified BVN because that could’ve been the only true way to ensure fairness and openness. There’s no guarantee of transparency in the methods applied which proves that it is clear that government concerns is for only particular set of people because there’s no way you can distribute money to all indigent Nigerians hand to hand when the country is on lockdown. That process made rubbish of the whole excercise.

“I am calling on government to adopt the right methods to distribute the latest loan to avoid few greedy men getting richer at the expense of the suffering masses. Money and materials should be extended to other states as well and not concentrated in a particular place when states like Akwa Ibom are crying for lack of fund to face confirmed cases.

“This is time to prove that Nigeria is one indivisible entity and not time to discriminate against anyone as had recently been the culture of this government”, Kalu advised.

He also called on the government not to be too fast in inviting Chinese doctors at this point that everyone is suspicious of each other, arguing that Nigerian Doctors have worked and proved their mettle in readiness and equal to the task of containing COVID-19.

“It is time we begin to put more confidence in our system by allowing our trained professionals to do the job they are trained to do without foreign interference.
I see no morale behind the invitation at this point in time.

“Rather government should channel their effort to minding how to help Nigerian citizens who are now being chased around by Chinese government, denying them any form of accommodation and food. Those are the core responsibilities of government to her citizens and not adding anxiety to their fears.

“Even back home, locking people down at home without food is a catalyst to bad revolt if nothing is done about it to assist them, “ Kalu said.

He adviced Nigerians to be patient and law abiding in face of fear and harsh realities, assuring them that this time too, shall come to pass.

Emeka Kalu condoles with Murray-Bruce over wife’s death

A chieftain of People’s Democratic Party, PDP and Director of Protocols, Youth Alliance of the party, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has commiserated with The Founder of Silverbird Group, Senator Ben Murray Bruce over the demise of his wife, Mrs Evelyn Murray Bruce.

In a statement he signed, he described Mrs Bruce was a virtuous woman.

“This is really a sad time for virtually everyone across the globe. Just this morning, I received with shock, the sad news of your wife’s death.

“Cancer has really done a devastating blow to you, your household and every other being that has come across your beautiful wife. She was indeed a virtuous woman who served humanity with her heart. We share in your grief. Please, do accept my heartfelt condolences. May the Lord repose her soul, Amen.”

He thereafter appealed to the family and well wishers to have solace in the fact that she returns to transition with fulfillment having impacted positively to humanity. He therefore prayed that her soul rest in perfect peace.

$22.7bn loan: FG must review and include South East projects– Kalu

Following the controversial and ill conceived approval of another loan for the borrowing administration of the projects for which the said loan is being targeted to achieve, in lieu, that South East region was totally excluded.

A chieftain of PDP and Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Emeka Kalu has described the $22.7bn loan of President Mohammadu Buhari and its breakdown as an undermining of the people of South East Nigeria.

Kalu stated that exclusion of South East in the budget is an act capable of further breaching the precarious and uncertain peace of the nation since inception of Buhari’s administration.

In a statement he issued from his Abuja office Kalu took time to outline the insensitivity, sectional ism, and tribalism the loan breakdown reeked of.

His words “Gone are those days when we the patriotic citizens from the South East just keep quiet over well articulated policies aimed at marginalising our region and expect that all will be well, it is a wrong and unsafe assumption by anyone.

“It is clear and incontrovertible reality that President Buhari had intentionally excluded Southeast in the picture since the inception of his administration and we sucked it in and moved on because we know that power is transient, he cannot remain the president of Nigeria forever.

“We have been schemed out of almost every loans collected in the name of Nigeria which we will be part of paying back, but systematically, every possible projects from roads to rail road development to industrialisation beside the already established plot of excluding the Southeast in the entire structure of the nation, has continued to crawl at snail pace waiting for the next electioneering period.

“From abandoned international airport to abandoned road projects to no rail projects and the nightmare called 2nd Niger bridge, all has been set aside because there’s a determined effort to undermine the region in terms of development, forcing the people to rely on self help to tag along.

“But taking another loan on behalf of the entire nation but excluding Southeast again is unacceptable to us and we are putting the world on notice that this is a clear message to the region that they do not belong to Nigeria and such action should be halted to avoid creating tension in already tensed nation like Nigeria. Enough is enough” he said.

Chief Kalu further contended: “If South East and especially Ndigbo still belong to Nigeria and if Buhari is not there to be the president of a particular region of Nigeria, there must be a fair distribution of our collective wealth because the loans in question are already part of our liability.

“We are outrightly rejecting the arrangement and demand it must be reviewed to include Southeast region in the interest of one Nigeria. Forcing the Senators down from pointing these Lacuna out from the bill will not shut the entire Southeast up because it is our future that is being mortgaged when we are not even benefiting from its proceed.

“This is one wrong turn too far for the government of President Mohammadu Buhari that has already succeeded in dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines. This singular action will only worsen the precarious state and I am calling on Buhari and his handlers to do the needful and save what is left of our dying unity” the statement concluded.

Curtail your excesses, PDP leader Emeka Kalu cautions Oshiomhole

The National Director, Special Duties of the PDP Youth Alliance, Dr Emeka Kalu has cautioned Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), over his threats that Diri Duruoye of the Bayelsa PDP will not be sworn in today.

Kalu made the remarks in an exclusive chat with Jungle Journalist Media Limited, when he reacted to the latest development in the state.

Kalu said “I read the comment made by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomole where he stated that PDP’s candidate and new Governor of Bayelsa State would not be sworn in tomorrow after the verdict of the Supreme Court and I must say that it is highly ridiculous and that statement suggests malice.

“Let me remind him that belonging to the ruling party does not mean that you are above the law neither does it give you the express permission to go against the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“Saying that the Governor would not be sworn in also implies that he is ready to challenge the Law and the good people of Bayelsa State who received this news with joy and widespread celebrations.

“Mr Adams, you need to curtail your excesses, Nigeria doesn’t belong to the APC alone, it belongs to Nigerians” .