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Exclusive: Findings absolve Captain Hosa, Comrade Oshiomhole and other APC chieftains of blame in fight at Benin Palace gate

Feelers reaching our news desk from the findings of Patrick Osagie Eholor, President of the One Love Foundation and the Observer General, is that the fight between the supporters of the two frontline political parties in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State – the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party – revealed that the brouhaha was actually started by the PDP supporters.

According to the findings, the Palace had fixed the traditional christening of the first son given birth to since His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare 11, assumed the throne in October, 2016, for Saturday, July 25th, 2020.

According to the story, the traditional christening is in line with the customs and tradition of the Benin Palace. The date was said to have been fixed long before the PDP fixed its governorship campaign flag-off. And that the party and its officials had actually pleaded to use the occasion to flag off their campaign and pay a courtesy visit to the monarch.

As it is the tradition, we gathered, nobody is restricted from been part of the day’s celebration as the Palace gate is left open and whoever is interested in partaking in the jollification is allowed into the palace ground to join the other numerous people of goodwill.

From history, people who originate from the adjoining community to the palace called Ogbe are known to lay strong claim to the edifice.

It was this, we learnt, that brought about the large presence of the community people led by one of their own Tony Adun(aka Kabaka) to the palace to join in the celebration.

We gathered that what was supposed to be a moment of celebration turned to a day of mourning when some PDP supporters, who felt that APC supporters were meddling unnecessarily in their affairs, allegedly turned violent, molesting those they considered as intruders at a purely PDP show leading to an orgy of destruction.

The APC supporters were said to have fought back in defence and to assert that they too have a right to be part of the palace celebration.

Going further, the sources revealed that top personalities and chieftains of the APC like the former Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, business mogul, Captain Hosa Okunbo and many other notable individuals that are been accused of sponsoring the ‘fight’ at the palace vicinity were actually victims of circumstances who had found themselves in the vicinity at that point in time as they joined the royal family and people of goodwill in partaking in what was supposed to be a historic day of celebration.

CORRUPTION: Activist advocates use of African Traditional methods for oath-taking

Social rights defender and Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Patriot Patrick Eholor has said that the best way to eliminate corruption among public officer holders is for them to take oath of office in the African traditional method.

Eholor argued that the Bible and Quran which came with foreign religions lack the potency of the African religion whereby one gets punished spiritually if he or she lies on oath. He said that way, dishonest and corrupt politicians will become extinct in public offices as whoever is seeking office must be ready to be honest or suffer the consequences.

Addressing our media representative in an interview, he stated;

“We have been deceived very well. We have seen Akpabio and the other people confessing. We have seen how corrupt these people are and how the pastors have become very mute over the whole thing. My advice today is that Nigeria has become so corrupt. We must drop Quran and Bible when taking oath. We must come back to African Traditional Religion, ATR.

“Before they are elected into office, they should take oath with Ogun, Alusi, or Eledumare, or Sango. They should take serious oaths, and say, “I swear by Sango, or Eledumare, or Ogun that what I am saying today is the truth and the whole truth. That if I go contrary by looting the treasury, or making the citizens suffer by stealing the money of the country, may Ogun kill them”

“Former president of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, may God bless him agrees with what I am saying. He said we should go back to ATR, so that all these people stealing our money, when they steal our ,Onye, they will be struck by thunder. If they steal our money and buy a car, the same month they will die by accident.

“When they see that criminals perish like that, they will not steal again. But now when they steal our money, they will pray in Jesus name. They will go to Bible and pray. They will go to church and stay in the front row, and donate money that was stolen to do road. You are a murderer when you steal money meant for road, and people die because of your corrupt actions. If you steal money for security and security was not provided, and somebody was raped, or murdered, is kidnapped, it’s on you. You are a murderer.

“If money is allocated for a hospital and you take that money and take your children to Dubai, and you take your girlfriend to Dubai, and leave people to die, you are a murderer. If you don’t get it now, your children and your grandchildren will get it. It will remain in your family line, that curse, until you change. And you people must change. Because I am going to write to the National Assembly that we are going to dump Quran and Bible.

“The elders and the youths, you must ask questions, you must demand your rights. Enough is enough. You either live free or you die, what’s the point living when you are not free? It’s better we question these people, who are full of banditry, stealing our common patrimony, who are foolish that they take money abroad. They don’t even invest it.

“I wonder why every people that failed us in this country are all P. Pastors is P, not all the pastors, some are good, politicians is P. Everything that failed us is PPPPP, what’s wrong with the letter P? Should we take it off our vocabulary”, he queried.

Human Rights Group to IG: Resign now or compel FG to end underfunding, under training of police officers

A human rights organization based in Benin City, Edo State, One Love Foundation (OLF) has tasked the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Idris Ibrahim to compel the Federal Government of Nigeria to make budgets that are police-officers-friendly, and implement them, along with similar policies.
The human rights organization, whose activities are domiciled in Schedule of Amnesty International, in a petition signed by its founder, Chief Patrick Eholor said the call became necessary, following ‘what has become unending abuse of the public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional conducts, ranging from illegal detention , sudden deaths of detainees in cells, accidental discharge, open search of members of the public without warrants to lack of prompt response to distress calls.’
Defending police officers in the document, OLF said some of the non-friendly actions of police officers is due to poor budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by key stakeholders, underfunding, under-training, and consequent under-equipping.
It therefore urged the IG to ‘to resign forthwith or make a statement and compel the Federal Government to take necessary action to remedy the situation’.
The petition read in parts “we are compelled to send you this letter owing to what has become unending abuse of the Public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional Conducts, ranging from illegal detention , Sudden deaths of detainees in Cells, Accidental Discharge, Open search of Members of the Public without Warrants to lack of prompt response to Distress calls.
“We are more worried by inability of the Police to solve many Cases of Rape especially that of the One hundred level Microbiology Student of the University of Benin ,Miss Uwa Omozusi and John was also murdered in cold blood and several others.
“We also bemoan the incessant attacks by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen targeting largely unprotected Farming activities and recall that most of the victims of the terror attacks are women and children who were hacked to death while the Police exhibit reluctance to act.
“After due investigation, we understood that the Nigeria Police is bugged down with myriad of Problems including Poor Budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by other key stakeholders as well as outright Public apathy which hinders positive information flow and collaboration.
“Chronically underfunded and under-trained, the police are too often unequipped to deal with local security issues, forcing the Nigerian military to step in and establish order.
“The army is now deployed in thirty of the thirty-six states, mostly doing police work and undercutting the credibility of the NPF.

“Arising from the ineptitude of the Police which are mainly no faults of the Personnel, we hereby request that the Inspector General of Police Mr Idris Ibrahim whose primary duty is to prevent these sorts of shortcomings to resign forthwith to make a Statement and Compel the Federal Government to take necessary Action to remedy the situation .

“We are worried that if nothing is done to stop these unprovoked attacks in Edo state and the country at large , Nigeria may be thrown into a state of anarchy as the victims may be left with no option than to take laws into their hands”, it said.

Civil rights crusader says corrupt politicians, civil servants deserve death sentence

President of One Love Foundation, and civil society activist, Patriot Patrick Eholor, has called for introduction of death penalty for corrupt politicians and civil servants in Nigeria.

“You will recall that a former Inspector General of Police(IGP), Tafa Balogun, was accused of misappropriating N33billion while the police who hustle to buy fuel and even equip themselves transfer their aggression to the citizens because the government has failed them in many instances.

“We have to overhaul the police by flushing out the bad elements. Make no mistake, there are few policemen who do their job well. Some of our policemen are attached to some disgruntled politicians and pastors who turn them to domestic help.

“Until we have institutions in Nigeria we cannot get it right. Over here men are institutions. We don’t have institutions. For instance, we have the Customs boss who have the right to seize your car, auction it or give it to his girlfriend which is wrong. So, we have to introduce death sentence as the penalty for anybody that betray the trust of his office whether a politician or civil servant.

“That’s the only way we can get it right because if we don’t do it now we are telling our children that corruption is part of life. Our children are already aware that if you’re not corrupt you cannot be rich. That there are other ways you can be rich without education. That’s why most of our girls are going into prostitution and most of the boys go into ritualism and other dubious activities.

“All these things were not common in past years. Today, we have pastors who talk about prosperity, people sowing seed and giving offering not even about salvation. You have an immigration official giving a foreigner Nigerian passport without following the due process.

“Nigeria is a country that we don’t have fingerprint system. A country that we don’t have identity or social insurance. Nigeria is a country where a state governor is given millions of naira and given impunity of spending it anyhow they wish even when we are not at war.”

On the suspended acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, Eholor asserted that he must have been implicated of wrong doings because he offended members of the cabal.

“I am sure that Ibrahim Magu has offended the cabal. That’s the reason for his problem. The question is how can somebody be in acting capacity in such a sensitive office for over four years. It is annoying.

“You will recall that he was invited to the floor of the Senate but because he is of northern extraction he declined to honour the invitation but no action was taken against him for his behaviour.

“Senator Dino Melaye was angry but a lot of people never took him serious. It shouldn’t have taken before he was discovered as one of the country’s corrupt high ranking officers.

“From the stories emanating from Aso Rock Villa Magu is been queried for compromise. He is also alleged to be siphoning money from suspects. These people have knowingly killed businesses and people in Nigeria.

“My suggestion is until you are proven guilty by a competent court of law you’re innocent. I want to say that with all the allegations surrounding Magu he is innocent. Let Nigerians open their mind and let him have a fair trial. You will see that at the end of everything the hunter will become the hunted.”

Asked if he is not scared of been attacked because of his hard-line stance on issues, Eholor said that he is never scared as he knows that his crusade is meant to change for the better the way Nigerian leaders do things.

Extrajudicial Killings: Civil Society Groups Move Against Edo Police

Special Report by Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

On the 6th day of March, 2020, Hamilton Osarhenrhen Obazee, 44, father of four children took his phone to a nearby hotel, known as Megon Guest House in Benin City, Edo State capital to charge it.

A few days prior to his untimely death in the hands of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Benin, there had been frequent power outages. Whilst at the Megon Guest House charging his phone, members of SARS raided the hotel and arrested everyone there including Hamilton.

After two days of searching for him, his sister, Lady Mercy Obazee got wind of the release of those who were arrested at the hotel, but Hamilton was not among them.

According to her, the owner of the hotel was able to ascertain the whereabouts of all of his staff who were arrested by the SARS through a tracking device attached to one of his employees’ phones.

Armed with this knowledge of the whereabouts of her younger brother, Lady Obazee then went in search for him at the State headquarters of the Nigeria police in Benin City.

At the entrance to the police premises, Lady Obazee said, she was made to part with a princely sum of money before gaining entrance. While there, the police refused to have any dealings with her, insisting that her brother’s matter was already in court.

Armed with this information, she procured the services of a lawyer to defend her brother against whatever charges that may have been levelled against him.

Lady Obazee told journalists that while at the state police headquarters, a policeman appealed to the lawyer not to reveal to his clients that Hamilton was already dead, and his body deposited at a private hospital, known as Osula Hospital in Benin City.

Her personal investigations revealed that while in police custody, Hamilton was alleged to have been severely tortured for two days, with his hands and feet tied, and was denied food and water.

Lady Obazee has since then taken up the fight to bring justice to her brother – in the form of police taking responsibility for the burial of Hamilton Obazee and further upkeep of the four children he left behind.

The ages of the children range from 12, 8, 6 and 2. But justice has been elusive for Obazee. Till date, she has employed three lawyers, each asking for sundry sums to send letters of petition to the police high command.

The Obazee case, and indeed several other cases of alleged extrajudicial killings have caught the attention of respected civil society groups in Benin City.

One such organization, the One Love Foundation, an NGO in the vanguard of the protection of the human rights of Nigerians recently embarked on a peaceful protest against police brutality and sundry cases of killing of innocent Nigerians.

On Tuesday June 9, 2020, together with some other Civil Society groups, including the Talakawas Parliament, headed by Mr. Kola Edokpayi, One Love Foundation marched to the Police headquarters where Hamilton was allegedly tortured and killed by the police.

Part of the contents of a letter delivered to Johnson Kokumo, the newly redeployed commissioner of police during the peaceful demonstration said: “in recent times, a few examples of heinous crimes in our state include the rape and gruesome murder inside a church of a 22-year old Miss Vera Omozuwa, 100 level Microbiology undergraduate of the University of Benin, the kidnap and murders of Bar Osobase Iyoha, Hope Ediagbonya, a former Edo State Commissioner of Youth & Sports.”

In another strongly worded statement during the peaceful demonstration, One Love founder, Patrick Eholor who addressed police representative, Valentine Kanayo Uzuegbu said that cases of extrajudicial killings in Edo State were becoming too frequent.

“Edo people are peaceful and law abiding, and therefore the police must not take this peace-loving disposition for granted. Over here in Nigeria, our lives matter just like it does in the case of George Floyd.”

“We are therefore here as well to tell the police that there are too many killings. They are getting too many please. Part of our message to the police is that henceforth, if they kill any one Edo person again, they would have to kill us all thereafter.

“Enough of the police brutality and oppression. If the police are not being trained, equipped and given the incentives to do their job, Edo people are not the cause. We are tired of the police transferring their frustration on Edo people,” Chief Patrick Eholor said.

Even though police representative Uzuegbu promised to look into the issues being canvassed by the protest, Lady Mercy is not convinced. “The police are not our friend. They killed my brother who was in their custody and without informing us, sent his body to the mortuary.

“What kind of police tortures and kills those it arrests and hides their bodies? After they killed my brother, they asked me to come make a statement. Can you imagine that? I wish I could just jump on that policeman who was making those statements during the protest and tear him to pieces,” she said in tears.

Less than a month from this protest, Alltimepost.com published a story relating to the extra judicial killing of suspects in police custody. In that story, SARS operatives arrested two robbery suspects and allegedly had them summarily executed.

When the Edo state government heard about this, it summoned the former police commissioner Tanko Jimeta, who claimed that the suspects were still alive.

Alltimepost.com correspondent, Mike Osarogiagbon, doubling as a freelance journalist for the Nigerian Observer, who covered the story was also invited to government house to give ‘clarifications’ on the source of his story.

Mike was ‘detained’ in government house for five hours, and subsequently suspended by The Observer who working with the authority in one of the worst media cover-up of the 21st century.

Part of the issues that Alltimepost.com sought, inter alia, to unravel with the alleged summary execution of the suspects in that case included the following:

Why did the Observer retract the story of the alleged killing of the suspects when the police could not show proof that the allegation of extra-judicial killing slapped on them was false?

Prior to publishing this story on the latest alleged police extrajudicial killings, Alltimepost.com made spirited efforts to get both the Police image maker, Chidi Nwabuzor and the newly posted police Commissioner Babatunde Kokumo to either refute or confirm these weighty allegations.

None of them picked up their calls. Mr. Nwabuzor did not respond to text messages from Alltimepost.com, lending weight to strong suspicions that the police are indeed perpetrating an organized pogrom on members of the public and systematically working to undermine the rights of citizens under the law.

Many are of the view that newly-posted Edo State Commissioner of Police, Johnson Kokumo knows his onions in Edo State, having first served from 2017 to 2019. Kokumo assumed duty as new CP last week.

This latest allegation of extrajudicial killing is unequivocally another test of his integrity in his second coming, even though it happened prior to his redeployment.

While the June 9th 2020 protest lasted, he sent a lieutenant instead of using the opportunity to personally assure Edo citizens of his resolve to put an end to the subject of the protest.

After US police knelt on the neck of George Floyd for nearly nine minutes, leading to his death, international outcry has seen police kneeling down publicly to try to mollify American citizens.

In Edo state, and with the rampant cases of extra-judicial killings, the police would do well to heed the warnings of the convener of the protest, Patrick Eholor, that it is only a matter of time before citizens take to the streets enmasse to take the laws into their own hands if they continue with their brazen disregard for human life.

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PHOTOS from the protests:

FG should be careful, Nigerians fear only hunger, not Covid-19 – Activist

*Says Barrister Ogie, Philip Shaibu frustrated Edo CoS out of office

Fearless and consistent, Patriot Patrick Eholor has been known to speak the truth, and fight for the masses, even when there is threat to his life.


He became famous for staging many protests against some unpopular decisions of the then governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and even extended his protests against the then Federal Government, National Assembly and to any sector where the common man faces oppression.

Truly, Eholor fits into a succinct description of himself he gave to Jungle Journalist Media Limited “I am a man who is a social crusader, a man who has put his life before men and risked everything that I have, and ate fire for my people to drink water”.

His relentless campaigns led him to receive a meritorious award from the African Bar Association some time last year in far away Liberia, in the presence of President George Weah.

Now in this interview, Eholor cries out about the dangers facing Nigerians in the wake of COVID-19, and specifically talks about Kano and late Abba Kyari.

He also comments on recent resignation of the Chief of Staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki, among other things:


Covid-19, Kano, Abba Kyari:

Abba Kyari was a victim of his own impudence. Before he passed on, because of nepotism and indiscipline of these so called bosses who call themselves leaders, I have never recognised any of them as a leader, I have always seen them as bosses. Because a boss is somebody who wants everything done his own way, a leader is one who seeks your opinion, will accommodate you and you all work together.


Abba Kyari moved the budget allocation of the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Agriculture. Who does that? That’s why I said he is a victim of his own impudence. As we speak today, it has not been reversed. Whatever money the Health Minister needs, he will have to pass through the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture has to approve whatever he wants. Its not done anywhere. The current minister now, is finding it very difficult in this Covid 19 era.

Unfortunately, as is usual with our ministers, they feel that the president is God and they can’t approach him and tell him where they feel the pain. The president isn’t God, he was elected.

Now, there is no isolation centre in the whole of Kano. The only few that they had have been closed, some people have contracted Covid-19 and have absconded. So there are walking corpses everywhere in Kano, waiting to die, and distributing the virus.

If he has not moved the Health Ministry to Agriculture, perhaps the health sector would have been working and he won’t end up a victim of his own. So we have to be careful not to throw stones into the market as we don’t know who its going to hit.

Back to the Kano case. What can you say about Kano and the challenges of Covid-19?

We should call the lawmakers-Senators and Federal House of Representatives, who know that they were genuinely voted in, and acknowledge that they have a responsibility to represent those who voted for them, and remind them that this Covid-19 is real and they should stop playing politics with it.

First, Nigeria will wake up to be responsible to its citizens, to talk to Airtel, MTN, to talk to local and multinationals, Dangote, and those we call rich men. They should call them to come in and assist Nigerians.

Nigerians need that help because they cannot be at home and also be hungry. They are not afraid of Covid-19, they are afraid of hunger.

There was a protest in Kano where people were chanting ‘coronavirus barawo, coronavirus barawo’. It means they are ignorant, it means there is no leadership in that constituency, it means there is no governance in that area. Otherwise they will not say that Coronavirus is barawo, they would have known that its a deadly disease and has no respect for anybody

Having said that, are you aware that about 25 to 35 of very prominent people that have lost their lives within the past few days in the North? So what they have to do is to begin interstate ban. There is no movement into and out of the states. Nobody should leave Edo State to Lagos, nobody should leave Ibadan for Sagamu, Kaduna to Sokoto, Warri to Bayelsa, or leave Bayelsa for Calabar. Because there are a lot of carriers who do not even know and they are taking it from one place to another.

You need to see what happened in New York, and over 53,000 have been lost in the country. The last interview you did with me I told you over 10,000 have lost their lives. So by the day, its counting.

We have people who go to the North and buy cows, tomatoes, yams and onions. We also have our northerners who travel from the North to the South, they should stay in the North for now. If there is any people coming to the South, let us quarantine them.

It’s not enough to say they have no right to travel.
They should be in their respective quarters until we find a solution.


Resignation of Chief of Staff to the Governor of Edo State

What’s your opinion on the resignation of the Chief of Staff to the Governor?

You don’t ask me that, you journalists know what’s going on. What I think is that you reap what you sow. This thing started from Adams Oshiomhole who is my brother and my friend. Because Oshiomhole is a man that was so open in governance, he entertainer no secrecy.


He might have his own flaws, he might have his own issues but he was open to a fault. When he took Barrister Osarodion Ogie as his chief of staff, Ogie enjoyed that position without interference. But Patrick Obahiagbon, the Igbodomigodo, who is also my friend was not so fortunate. Igbodomigodo was a victim of loyalty, of kindness, a victim of honesty. Because he had an aspiration, those who didn’t want him to aspire high, who wanted to stop him did just that.

Obaseki and Oshiomhole

So Osarodion Ogie took the job of the CoS and was doing the job of the CoS, even though he was no more the CoS.

Igbodomigodo was not too happy, but because of his loyalty to Oshiomhole, he bore that burden.


Now, Akerele came from Lagos and didn’t understand the politics. The Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu whom I know very well, who loves power and will do anything to get it – he knows that, he is my friend. Even when he reads now he will smile and giggle, because he knows that I am the Observer – General in politics.

The same way, he knows the history of his boss, Adams Oshiomhole. But he and Ogie didn’t want a free hand given to Akerele. Akerele was more like just like a CoS by name. He wasn’t doing anything representative of his office. He was redundant, and may have become useless, but because he was not a useless person, he realised sooner than later that he was very useful to himself, his friends and family and said I will no longer tolerate this, it’s either I live free or die.

So he said, I beg to resign. Thank you for letting me work with you. If the likes of Shaibu or Ogie had allowed Akerele to work, he would have delivered as a CoS.


Are you invariably saying Governor Obaseki has no hand in it?

I don’t know the governor too well to either deny or accept anything of him. I love the governor so well from a distance, but I am afraid of the devil in him. There is a demonic power in the governor that supercedes the genuine work he is doing.

Please can you throw more light on this?

You can see some people very nice, very respectful to your rights, you cannot predict them, but more also, whenever they are doing things that does not please God, the devil will tell them that they are doing what’s right. Continue, you don’t have to listen to anybody, continue, you should imprison or destroy anybody you want to destroy. You should not listen to any advise. That’s why I said that I am afraid of the devil in him.

Otherwise, if you look at him name, Nogheghase Godwin, my own must come to pass, you have won, its all synonymous with God. But because there is something in him that he needs delivering from, that’s why he is surrounded by those two powerful, destructive forces that we are seeing destroying his government today.

COVID-19 Lockdown: I foresee major uprising, says Eholor

Patrick Osagie Eholor, President of One Love Foundation and social critic, has stated that the coronavirus pandemic is a blessing in disguise for Nigeria and indeed Africa.

He called on the government to do the much it could to avoid an uprising.

He also spoke extensively on the death of Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President.


On lessons to learn from Abba Kyari’s death

We celebrate life. We don’t celebrate when people die rather we condone their family. My condolence goes to the Presidency, the family of the late Abba Kyari and also his friends and associates. There are lessons to be learnt from his death. Nobody can live forever. We must all depart this earth some day. What is paramount is that we should endeavour to leave good legacies behind. We should live a life worthy of emulation.

What we will be remembered for

When we leave this earth people will only remember us for our deeds. We should start reflecting on our actions here on earth. Democracy is all about the people. It is all about transparency and service to the people. When the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a similar health issue like Abba Kyari’s he got admitted into a health facility with quality equipment and was attended to by qualified health workers. Soon he left the facility recovering well and surviving the disease. It is the contrary in Nigeria.

We should improve our health sector

Just recently we heard that in a state in northern Nigeria cars were been shared to people. Such extravagance is uncalled for. The same thing happened in the House of Representatives where they were sharing exotic cars. Such collosal sums of money should have been expended on improving our health sector. We should learn from the Europeans and Americans most especially.

Are Africans cursed?

Are we in Africa cursed? Now that Abba Kyari died did he take any material possession along with him? What he would be remembered for are his deeds here on earth. I want to warn those that thrive in looting our commonwealth that it is time for them to reflect on what awaits them on their last day. It would be reasonable for us to start a positive change whereby women are considered for leadership position. It is now time to make use of our abundant human and material resources to develop the country. We have what it takes to achieve growth and development. We have resourceful people like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who is a hot item in South Africa. There are also others who are flying Nigeria’s flag high in different parts of the world.

Covid-19 is a blessing in Nigeria

Coronavirus pandemic is a blessing in disguise for us in Nigeria to take a careful look at our situation and do the right thing. The coronavirus pandemic will help us to have good leadership in Africa. Take for instance, a person like late Captain Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso(formerly Upper Volta) who on becoming President of the tiny country at the age of 30 years changed her fortune for the better. He dealt with those who hitherto were seen as untouchables. Here in Nigeria let us start the construction of edifices that will last for decades. Let us stop the brain drain. We should stop opening the legs of young girls but open their brains. We can do better.

On Governor Godwin Obaseki

Governor Obaseki coming out of his self isolation is definitely not changing things in Edo State. Though I agree with those calling on him to come out of his self isolation and start operating in line with his campaign promises. But you should be now know him as a person who does his things in his own way irrespective of whatever people are clamouring for. He believes he knows it all. Look at the issue of the distribution of stimulus packages to cushion the effect of the coronavirus pandemic in Edo State. Most people ended up getting just a packet of noodles and few grains of rice. How long can people live on that.

Government should avoid uprising

The Federal Government is using the distribution of stimulus as a cover up for its negligence of people’s welfare. It is a scam. The World Bank and other international agencies have rescued us from huge debt repayment by giving us debt relief packages such that whatever we gain from this can be used to cater for people in this stay at home season. Meanwhile, the government do not supply electricity and there is no stimulus/welfare package from them. I pray that we would not experience an uprising whereby people go into the streets to revolt and cause mayhem. With the army of unemployed people all over the place government cannot stop such a crisis if it happens.

What you need to know about the 5G, COVID-19 controversy-Rights activist

*Politicians should be made to get treatment in their local constituencies

Patriot Patrick Eholor, social rights defender in this interview, speaks on the controversies concerning Covid-19 and the 5G network:

There are various videos alleging that the 5G network is the actual thing killing people and not the coronavirus. What’s your take on this?I am not a scientist and I will not be too quick to go into things I am not too familiar with. I enjoy reading and research and from my research and conspiracy theories, there is prima facie that this could be true.I will take you back to when we started in technology. We started with the G1, then we graduated to G2, then we progressed into G3 when we started seeing smartphones. Then we began to use the 4G LTE and the masts for communication. It has been proven that these masts can cause cancer and injurious to the body.So people out there know that the 5G is injurious, whether it’s coronavirus or cancer I can’t tell. But I do know that it comes with its problems.Do you believe like the skeptics do, that the 5G will affect humanity in such a way that will be very injurious?Even the telephone that we use is already affecting us positively or negatively. It now depends on how we guard ourselves. Whatever that has advantages also has its disadvantages. But I know that it will help and make life more easy for us, but can also complicate many things.With 5G, you can have the auto driven car, people will always know where you are. Cameras can penetrate walls and you may not have privacy. It’s devices can be attached to your equipments like the fridge, and it can for instance tell you when the milk is going low.It’s like a robotized society, like science fiction. That’s why people are very skeptical. But the government and the power brokers are so powerful, and it must go their way.We fought against facial identification but today its been used to fight terrorists. So the 5G is here to stay, nothing can stop it. If you are afraid that we are going to die, forget it because no one leaves life alive. We are all going to die. Definitely something must kill a man.Are you not concerned about our security?Its not just about security, it’s about mind control, invasion of our privacy, but we are already under control anyway. They are going to go overboard to control us. You are aware that there is something called social security number. If you have it, you are already monitored. Am from Canada, we have what they call Bitcoin. If you are using your Bitcoin, someone already knows where you are using it from. I am from Nigeria, if I swipe my ATM card at Ring Road, people will know that I am in Benin.Government is already monitoring us. The only thing we have not given them the right to do is to see us in bed with our wives or our family in our private living room. But now, that’s what they are trying to take from us.They want to go beyond the ordinary to teleguide us with this modern tech.Do you think Nigeria is prepared for this?Nigeria is never prepared for anything anything. Nigeria is never in the equation of anything. I am a Nigerian, regrettably because we have leadership failure. We don’t have visionaries as leaders. We have them but not in leadership.We have so many cases of coronavirus already in the country. Do you think we are doing well in containing this virus, especially in Edo? We have done nothing, and have only been surviving on the grace of God. But the time has come for us to live on our own because God cannot come here and build hospitals for us. God cannot come and train our scientists or construct roads. These are all human endeavours. But thank God that He has shamed the miracle pastors today. You see a man like Oyedepo of Winners Chapel whom I thought is responsible enough. They are supposed to obey the law of the land. But he is the one cajoling his members that he has solution when he doesn’t.He held worship, and exposed people to getting infected whereas the whites who brought church to us are dying in numbers. I heard the Italian president crying and said that they have done everything humanly possible but now are calling on God, the I am that I am. Can you be more religious than they. These pastors cannot even be patient and what to collect tithes and offering no matter what. I think the government should hold them responsible, they are not bigger than the law of the land, and they should be prosecuted and made to face the full wrath of the law.I say this unequivocally, and without apologies.What do you think should be don’t to ensure that Edo is safe?Edo State is an embarrassment. Somebody died yesterday and today if you go to Ring Road, they are holding public marriages. I have tried to get Barr Osarodion Ogie but he is not picking. I have tried to contact the Deputy Governor, Philip Shuaibu but he is not picking. The Governor is on self isolation, he is on MIA (Missing in Action). It becomes difficult for me as a citizen to see that things are very porous and nothing is working. There is no assistance for Indigenous citizens, everything is just gimmick, we are copying and pasting, I think Edo is a joke. They should have borrowed a leaf from Lagos.Thank God we don’t have an international airport here, Edo State would have been doomed.What do you think about the state of the country? The Chief of Staff to the President tested positive and we don’t know what’s really going on as the president has not yet spoken to Nigerians? You cannot bribe sickness, you cannot bribe coronavirus. If they’re able to, they would have done so, and that’s why it’s hard for them. Is it not a shame that your president has not come out to address this nation? Who can be more vastly affected by this virus than America? Yet American president Donald Trump come out daily to relate with his citizens. Why should we in any circumstance be pleased with a president like Muhammadu Buhari? Look at the so called giant of Aso Rock, Abba Kyari. Today he is sick. There were no infrastructure, there were no hospitals, no schools. They didn’t prepare the North, they didn’t prepare the South. Today they can’t go to Germany, they can’t go to London, they can’t go to Dubai they can’t go to India. So we will suffer it together and die together.Now they will realise that sickness don’t know the difference between the rich and the poor. It’s preposterous that today, the President could only speak to us just once. We are not saying that he is a doctor and we understand that, but he has failed in his duty.Every one should support my proposal that, every political office holder should go back to his constituency for treatment. If you didn’t invest in a hospital, die there. If you did, the hospital will save you. I hope that everybody learns from this, that the money you were stealing cold have been used to develop the infrastructure of your people.As big as Nigeria is, we have no specialist hospitals, and we have qualified doctors who have left the country due to frustration. Can you imagine in this times, Lawmakers were busy sharing cars. It’s a shame,I cry everyday. I wish this will be a turnaround for everybody.

Patrick Eholor salutes Oshiomhole at 68

Founder of One Love Foundation, a human right advocacy group, Patriot Patrick Eholor has sent a congratulatory message to the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Eholor in the message, expressed joy at the successes of Oshiomhole at different helms in the course of his political service, from his days as governor to present.

He wrote “As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that your life will be filled with strength, wisdom, grace, and health. I hope your year is filled with joy!”

Activist Patrick Eholor gathers friends, family to celebrate wife and daughter

Frontline social rights activist, Chief Patrick Eholor threw a surprise birthday party for his wife and daughter, Mrs Ivie Dianabeth and Audrey Orobosa early today. The early morning party began at 6.30 am, a breakfast party and attracted members of the family, relatives, friends and well wishers.

An elated Ivie Eholor who cried tears of joy told our reporter that she was pleasantly surprised because she was not expecting the party at all.

She said “I was extremely surprised. I didn’t expect my friends, in short, he was able to get my close friends, my family members, his own friends too, in short everybody was here. He really overwhelmed me and I am full of joy.

“I really love and appreciate my husband, Chief Patrick Eholor. He is one great man and an ideal husband and father. He is everything you can ever wish for in a husband, he is always there when you need him. I pray that God should always strengthen and give him more life and good health”.

She also prayed for better fortunes in her new age-

“Am expecting to be bigger and better. I know am not where I used to be, but I even want to be better than I am now, and achieve my heart’s desires. I know that before the end of this year, I will achieve them” .

Chief Eholor has this to say on the birthday celebration-

“We are all here to celebrate my wife and daughter. The essence of life is to celebrate our family and friends when they are here, because there are those of them that we don’t get to know until they are gone. That’s why I decided that we hold this breakfast with friends and family, it was really nice and she was overwhelmed”.

“I feel very happy for her and my daughter. I ma grateful to God for making it possible that I reciprocate to her. Our women do a lot but men don’t realize it. If you have a good wife and give her a house, she will make it a home, and she has made my house a home and made my life more meaningful. I am an easy man to be tolerated. I work with the media and work so hard and is hardly at home, but family is first in my life, and I dedicate this day to her”.

Honourable Osaro Obaseki who was among the guests also gave his well wishes to the celebrant –

“We really appreciate what our brother Ultimate Equals has done, and we are again saying happy birthday to our wife. We wish her more happy years, in good health, and she will have more children for us. God will bless Ultimate Equals to keep doing this again and again for her”.

On his part, Engineer Olotu Olotu described the birthday gathering as a special occasion for family and friends to unite- “I wish the celebrant a very happy birthday. At times like this when you congregate around family, you realize that this is just the essence of living–family. Our brother has always been this way, by bringing us his brothers together, for one celebration or another. I use this medium to appreciate him so much for this. He will live long in prosperity, and I use this medium to wish madam a very happy birthday. She will live life to the fullest, and enjoy everything that has to do with matrimonial fulfilment. She will also have more children for us. It is well with the family of Ultimate Equals”.

Photos from the event: