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EDO INDIGENES TO EDO PEOPLE: Stop voting for political parties, focus on Indigenes with good records

THE umbrella Indigenous organisation of the Edo people, Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) otherwise known as Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has said that Edo people must eschew themselves from focus on political parties and start considering merits before voting during elections.

Chief Dr Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo who is the President/Founder of the organisation said this in Benin City.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd during a media chat, Edokpolo decried what he said is the fraudulent methods of parties to force Indigenes to vote for incompetent men and women, while playing down on quality representation in politics.

His words: “This is a call to all Edo Indigenous people to vote for Edo Indigenes with good past records and not political parties, all political parties are fraud to the Indigenes.

“Lets all stop thinking of party and start thinking personalities before voting.
Our Indigenes are not our problem, political parties are, they are good in doctoring people to suit and satisfy their godfathers but this has to change in Edo state as we are out to sensitize our Indigenes about what to look out for before voting for anyone.

“We know as Edo Indigenes we have different types of characters in our Indigenous family but we do not have anyone to condemn or castigate before the none Indigenes and all hands most be on desk to protect the image of all Edo Indigenous people worldwide.

“This is Edo Indigenes matter and we must resolve it in unity.

“However, we must ensure that justice prevail against any Edo Indigene who tampers with funds that belongs to Edo Indigenes or marginalizes Edo people even if you are an Edo Indigene”, Edokpolo stated.

Edo Indigenes Movement pushes on with palliatives, visits Igarra, Akoko Edo

Members of Edo Indigenous Movement in a photo with the Igarra Traditional council

As part of its efforts to alleviate the plight of the vulnerable in the society, the Edo Indigenes Association Worldwide (EIM) has continued with its food and essential items distribution across Edo State.

The organisation in its last assignment, visited Igarra, Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo North Senatorial Zone, where hundreds of people benefited from the gesture.

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) which is operational nomenclature of the group, said its acting as a result of the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the people of Edo State.

His Royal Highness, Emmanuel Zaki (JP), who is the Otaru of Igarra, while welcoming members of the group, thanked them, and prayed to God to bless them “we welcome you to Akoko Edo. When your representative came to inform us that you were coming, we said we will be available to receive you. Akoko Edo is one of the largest and oldest local governments in the whole country. For you deeming it fit to come here we thank you. We also note that your association is not a political one, but an NGO. Your coming to this part of the state to share palliatives is most appreciated”.

In his address, President of EPIA, Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo explained that the association is trying its best to contribute to the lives of people in the wake of the pandemic. He stated that EPIA is focused only on the progress and prosperity of all Edo indigenes at home and abroad.

“Our organisation has come to bridge the gap between of all the indigenes for what I see here is the Indigenous role in the traditional ruler. EPIA/EIM does not have two eyes, they only have one eye, and that eye is Edo Indigenous people. We have in realised that the problem that we have as Indigenes Worldwide is the spirit of disunity.

Edokpolo in a chat with the Otaru of Igarra

This organisation has come to bridge that gap.

High point of the event was the conferment of a Chieftaincy title of Edokpolo as the Akwozazi of Igarra. ‘Akwozazi’, which means ‘man of Unity’ was conferred by His Royal Highness, Oba Adeche Saki and 12 other Kings in Akoko Edo in the area.

The new Akwozazi expressed gratitude for the honour, which he said was made possible by the united spirit of Edo indigenes across the globe, from Europe to North America, Canada, Asia and the Far East, as well as Africa.

The association also called on Edo indigenes to register into its membership by visiting its website @www.edoindigenes.org in order to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Edo Indigenous movement congratulate the Oba of Benin on birth of new Prince

The pan – Edo Indigenes movement EPIA/EIM, Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) Worldwide has congratulated His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, and the Royal Palace of the Benin Kingdom on the birth of a new prince.

The organisation, in a release, welcomed the new addition to the Benin Royal Family, noting that Edo Indigenous people worldwide rejoice with the Oba and the palace.

The message, signed by the President of EPIA/EIM Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo stated “It is with a great pleasure that we Edo Indigenous movement Worldwide, at home and in the Diaspora congratulate His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, and the Royal Palace of the Benin Kingdom on the new addition to the Benin Royal family.

“His arrival has added colour and mirth to the splendor of the Royal Palace of the Benin Kingdom.

“We are very delighted with our Oba and the whole Royal Palace, and hereby pray that the majesty and greatness of Benin Kingdom continue to grow in leaps and bounds, as Edo Indigenous movement pledge to support the his royal majesty to promote unity and love amongst all his Indigenes around the world.

“We also by this pray for better days for Edo Indigenous people the world over as we all rejoice with the Royal family.

God bless our Oba,

“Oba Gha To Kpere, Ise!!!”

Covid-19: Edo Indigenous Movement fetes over 1000 in Edo Central

Members of the Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide have taken the Covid-19 palliative intervention programme to Edo Central Senatorial Zone. The event took place over the weekend on 10th May, 2020.

The organisation converged at the palace of the Enogie of Ewohimin, HRH Peter Ogiefa in Ewohimi, Esan South Local Government Area of Edo State where they sought royal blessings and the permission to distribute the food items to the indigenes of the community.

Addressing the Enogie, President of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo said the opportunity Organisation is made up of Edo Indigenes at home and in the diaspora, adding that the diaspora members have contributed immensely to ensure that the food bank programme is successful. He requested that the Enogie lend his support to the pan-Edo group by becoming one of its patrons, a request the Enogie magnanimously granted.

“Ewohimi and the entire Edo Central is a very important area in the Edo nation, and we have come to distribute palliatives to our people here. Our major target is the poor, aged, young and the vulnerable, who are the most hit in this time of covid-19 and lockdown. We have come to seek your permission and blessing to share these food items with our Edo brothers and sisters here”, Edokpolo stated.

The Enogie on his part thanked Edo Indigenous Movement, and prayed that more well meaning individuals offer such a gesture to his people and other Edo citizens.

He also prayed for the leadership of the group and the success of its human developmental projects.

His words “I feel very pleased at the gesture you and your team are doing for Edo people. No matter how little it is, this project will go a long way to signal to our youths and women that they are remembered and cared for. Covid-19 has been such a challenging pandemic, but it has shown itself as an opportunity for men and women of goodwill to express care and love for our people. Keep it up. We thank you and ask you to tell our brothers and sisters in the diaspora that we got their message through this food bank exercise”, the Enogie stated.

Speaking at the distribution of the palliatives, Edokpolo expressed gratitude to members of the group in the diaspora who made major donations to make the food bank project a reality.

His words “All these palliatives wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of our North American general coordinator, Mr Brown Ehigie Osemwegie; Ken Osunbor (Welfare chairman); Mr Osaigie Ididia (Our Assistant welfare, Canada); our business and investment Chairman in England, UK, Mr Andrew Eweka.

“Others include our Ireland Coordinator, Mr Ehigie Omoruyi; Edith Westergard in Denmark who is the Scandinavian coordinator, and our Switzerland coordinator, Kingsley Omobude.

“We also want to thank all members of Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide who worked tirelessly to make this a success”, he concluded.

Edo Indigenes launch Welfare and Food Bank Project

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association has launched its Welfare and Food Bank Project.

Over 200 people trooped out to Canada World Event Centre, Benin City, venue of the food bank, to be among the beneficiaries.

The project which took off in earnest on Sunday, April 26th, had over 200 beneficiaries.

Speaking on the occasion, EPIA President, Dr Bishop Omogiade E Edokpolo hinted that the next port of call will be Edo Central.

He also commended Edo Indigenes chapters across the globe, with special mention of Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

“I want to specially thank Dr Brown Osemwegie, our North American Coordinator, Mr Ehigie Omoruyi (Coordinator in Ireland) and his Assistant, Miss Cynthia Idenudia, and the Maryland (United States) Coordinator, Mr Lugard Edokpayi.

“Others include Mr Osaigie Didia (Canada), our chairman, Welfare and Food Bank Committee, Mr Ken Usenbor in London, England.

“I also want to use this opportunity to announce that our next destination is Evbohimwin in Edo Central. We are introducing the last mile solutions by starting development from the rural to the urban area. Let’s begin with the poor before the middle class”, he reiterated.

COVID-19: 5000 persons to get cash transfer, food items, as Edo Indigenes roll out palliatives

*Focuses on 60yrs and above, physically-challenged

About 5000 Nigerians of Edo origin will have their bank accounts credited with N2000 each by Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA).

EPIA is also planing to move into the second stage of cash and items distribution to more people, who have become incapacitated by the spread of coronavirus in the country.

President of EPIA, Bishop Edokpolo told Jungle Journalist Media Limited in Benin City that as part of efforts to provide palliative for Nigerians during the lockdown period, EPIA is giving to the people.

“We have completed modalities to provide financial palliative for up to 5000 through direct payment. As an Indigenous organisation, we cannot abandon our people in this time of emergency and Nigerians across the globe have been very supportive”.

He also revealed that there are about 9 thousand registered Edo indigenes whom the group intends to assist, including other Nigerians from the donations which the group has been receiving.

Edokpolo explained that more beneficiaries would emerge in the next weeks, who apart from getting cash alerts, would also be given items that they need.

The motivational speaker enjoined others to join the organisation, and solicited for more funds from those who can afford to give out to the needy:

“Support Edo Indigenes today by donating something to help our people across the state and beyond. If you are an Edo Indigene and you are not registered with us, you are requested to do so urgently as we can not support you financially without your contact.

“Should you be an Edo indigene, please apply on our website now in order to qualify for this benefit and others to come in the future. The website is edoindigenes.org

“Your mother or father must be biologically from Edo State, for you to qualify. Apply now to qualify.

“Edo Progressive indigenes Association would also welcome contributions from willing Edo men and women to assist our people this season.

“To make a donations, please visit our website @ edoindigenes.org

and fill out the form. Our bank account is also available online for donations, and food items and other essential commodities are acceptable, as we are set to present gift items to 60 years and older and the physically challenged Edo Indigenes this coming Friday“.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited gathered very reliably that a number of philanthropists, groups, well meaning Edo Indigenes and good spirited individuals both home and in the Diaspora have contributed towards the project. Some of them include the following:

Mr Edopkayi (Maryland USA),
Osaretin Best (Germany), Andrew Wong (Canada), Prince Victor Ovie and the (Noble Club of Australia).

Others include Brawn Arisco (Canada), Micheal Westergard (Danish citizen), Osaro Uhunamure (Benin), and Onohi Ehigiato (Uromi).

“We also look forward to helping Nigeria Indigenes. with our donations overflow”, Edokpolo concluded.

Ban all public gatherings in Edo State now, Edo Indigenes urge Govt

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has urged the government of Edo State to ban all public gatherings across the sate, till further notice.

The pan-Edo organisation gave this charge while reacting to the rising wave of Coronavirus in the world, warning that, with the number of Edo indigenes living in the most affected countries in Europe, it was only a matter of time before the state is overwhelmed by the disease, if adequate measures are not put in place to curb its spread.

Dr Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo, President of EPIA spoke on behalf of the group.

The motivational speaker argued that every moment is precious, as he is sure that more cases of positive patients will be detected, unless all public gatherings are banned.

The statement read in part:

“The time for Edo State Government to isolate it’s citizens is now before it’s too late. It’s very important for us all to pressurize the state government to call on emergency lockdown for 14 days and all public gathering in the state in order to have a first class control over this disease.

“Do not be surprised to know that the said person infected must have had contacts with lots of people in the community already, as we all know that family members usually visit their people who just got back from abroad, and tend to hang around them as long as possible.

“Our governor should ban burial ceremonies, church gatherings, parties, weddings, conferences and every form of public gatherings.

“Therefore, Edo State Government led by Godwin Obaseki must as a matter of urgency swing into action to track all the family members and quarantine them quickly, because from research, Edo appears to be top list on the most vulnerable states in Nigeria as a good number of its indigenes are domiciled in the most affected countries of Europe – Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

“Let’s not play politics with Corona virus if we wish to survive

“Please shut down Edo Now or be ready to accept the responsibilities and consequences”.