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Give Edo indigenes discounts, EIM appeal to Edo business owners

The umbrella body of all Edo indigenes, Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM), under the auspices of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has appealed to all Edo indigenes who own and run businesses across the globe to make a 5 to 10 percent discount for for all Edo Indigenous Card holders, when they transact any business with them.

In a Press statement signed by the organisation’s leader and founder, Chief (Dr) Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo, this will to help foster love and unity among all Edo Indigenous people, and grow the economy.

It will also be the first step towards keeping Edo money within the indigenous circle as a people for at least four times before it goes out of the communities.

Govt, trad institutions, security agencies, clergy must tackle insecurity in Edo now – Edo Indigenes

The leadership of Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide (EIM), also known as Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has said that the issue of insecurity in Edo State has become a clear and present danger.

EPIA in a Press Release signed by its leader, Chief (Dr) Bishop Enoyiogiere J Omogiade Edokpolo stated that the issue must be treated as an emergency, and not with kid gloves as it has become a thrwta to the overall existence of Edo people.

He called on the various arms of government- legislators and the state government to convoke an emergency security town hall meeting and come up with a solution immediately.

His words “It’s high time the government, politicians, traditional rulers, security outfits, and religious leaders should take insecurity more seriously than ever in Edo State, and bring long lasting solution to this clear and present danger we face.

“As we have said before in EPIA, the issue of law and order is the priority for EPIA/EIM.

” It is clear that development can not strive anywere there is insecurity. Edo has been making progress in other sectors, but now there is even an urgent need for this government to act fast in tackling insecurity in our state.

“The governor and lawmakers need to introduce a state cleansing on this negative energy and put a permanent solution to it as this has been persistent since the past decade now.

“As a matter of urgency, a Security Town Hall meeting needs to be held for us to deicide the way forward and nip this problem in thr bud. Please, its time to act, and act fast”, he stated.

Edo State, Role Model of Nigeria’s Democracy, says EPIA

By Isaac Eranga

Edo Progressive Indigenous Association EPIA also know as Edo Indigenous movement Worldwide, said with the free and fair conduct of the Edo Governorship election, Edo Indigenes have proven to the world that civilization started with the Edo people of West Africa.

This was disclosed by the Edo indigenous leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr. Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo in Benin City after the end of September 19th Edo Governorship election. He called on other Nigerian States to emulate Edo State in moving Nigeria forward.

Chief Dr. Edokpolo said Edo election attracted the attention of the world. He said Edo State became the focus of the world, saying Edo election became popular like that of Nigeria general election.

“Even the media was not exempted; the election can be described as one of the most peaceful elections in the history of Nigeria irrespective of the negative predictions of violence.

“This will go a long way to further send a clear message to all the political devourers that Edo people has gotten a clear understanding of what democracy is all about, they now focus matters to them most and not what the party leaders direct.

“Edo Indigenes have also proven that they have a mind of their own, and that to moving forward, the politicians must adopt the choice of the Indigenes and not the reverse.

“Edo can now officially be said to be the role model of democracy in Nigeria. It’s time to project Edo Indigene for presidency come 2023,” said the Edo indigenous leader.

To the winner of the election, Governor Godwin Obaseki, Chief Dr. Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo said he should always be grateful to Edo indigenes in the diaspora who mobilised their people to vote for him and spent their hard earn money to publicise him. He said Edo indigenes in the diaspora did more than enough to promote the candidature of Obaseki, i strongly recomend to the governor elect to join the Edo Indigenes in diaspora for the fight to promote diaspora vote protion to the federal government.

“I want to specially thank President of Nigeria- Muhammad Buhari and the Independent National Electoral Commission for ensuring that the election was free and fair. I also want to thank Edo Indigenous people at home for voting their concience by not selling their votes, he also call on the governor to ignore the none Indigenes who will instigate disunity or hatred among you and your fellow Indigenes and focus more on how you can unite all the Edo people irrespective of their political affiliations and not let Edo unity down.

“My final take is that he should not disappoint Edo indigenes and residents that voted him and pay more attention to Edo Indigenous people by creating empowerment for them as way to show appreciation to Edo Indigenes worldwide, the nonpartisan group EPIA/EIM , assure the governor elect that they will do everything to support
and partner with his administration in every sector to contribute to the development of Edo State ,” said he.

Edo Indigenous Movement appoints Acting Coordinator for the Netherlands

Mrs Bella Elisen has been appointed as the new Acting Coordinator of EPIA/EIM Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide in the Netherlands.

The appointment was announced by the Edo Indigenous Leader and President of EPIA/EIM, Chief Dr. Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs Elisen said; “I would like to introduce myself so that you know a little bit more about my reasons and motivations why I would like to fulfill this role in the best way possible.

“I arrived in the Netherlands in 1996. I started my professional career as an apprentice in a hair salon in Amsterdam.
After I finished my apprenticeship, I started my own business as an Independent Hairdresser.

“The business was successful for 20yrs. During my business, I learned a lot from my wonderful clients, black women from all over the word with different backgrounds dealing with Dutch society in their own unique way.

“Those moving stories, sad, happy, and hopeful at the same time convinced me that it is important for people to support each other in those difficult times.

“In the Edo society in the Netherlands, I fulfilled the role of Chairlady of “Seven Sisters Club of the Netherlands” and “Welfare Officer of Edo Union Netherlands”.

“It convinced me that this combination of experiences would be very useful for our wonderful “”Edo Progressive Indigenous Association”.

“When the role of “Netherlands Acting Coordinator” became available I was very happy to hear that they were offering me this role.

“I gladly and humbly accept this role. I promise to commit myself fully with all my energy. I hope to serve you well.

“Yours gratefully,

Mrs. Bella Elisen.

(Netherlands Acting Coordinator.)”

Edo Indigenous Movement rates guber candidates, tasks voters on manifestoes, antecedents

Founder, Edo Progressives Indigenous Assembly(EPIA), Chief (Bishop) Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo has charged eligible voters to give details to the manifestoes and previous records of those currently jostle to be governor of the state come September 19 as basis for making their choice.

The non- partisan group, founded in 2014 with the sole aim to promote amongst others, Edo indigenous language, cultural heritage and empowerment said the governorship candidates agenda constitute a major determinant to evaluate their ability to deliver the dividends of democracy to Edo people .

“We think both candidates, although there are others in the race are all Edo prominent indigenes, they have the technical know-how on how to pilot the affairs of the state. We are puting it before Edo indigenes to go and look at their manifestoes and check their previous records to determine who they will vote for,” he noted.

Edokpolor who condemned the shootings, attacks, violent clashes by suspected party thugs in the last few weeks, heaped the blame at the door of political parties in the state.

Drawing a comparative appraisal between the two contending lead candidates, Edokpolor said though the group has no preexisting records on the APC Governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu but that judging from his presentations, synergies and the ways Edo people rally round him “chances are that he will be able to come up with something credible in line with his Simple Agenda”.

On Governor Godwin Obaseki, he posited “I think he has done well in terms of international investors and digital development attraction to the state including some infrastructure. But he has done very little or less in indigenous empowerment programmes and above all, he needs to be more in touch and accessible to the indigenes because we are native people and not English.

“On that note we score him 6.2 over 10 (62 percent) and hope if he wins that he will do better in this area. I think that is the only reason he is having much pressure now in campaign, otherwise he is supposed win with zero effort” .

EPIA president said the incoming governor must cultivate the habit of dressing the way of Edo people including periodic appraisal of his manifestoes .

“How can a man show love to people he does not even dress like not to talk about speaking their language? ,” he asked.

Edo Indigenous Movement appoints new General-Secretary

Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA) also known as Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) has appointed Barr. Chris Otasowie as General-Secretary of the association.

This was contained in a letter signed by the Edo Indigenous leader and President of EPIA Chief Dr. Bishop omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo and made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd in Benin City.

Speaking, Chief Dr. Bishop Edokpolo said the newly appointed Secretary General will help the movement to follow-up with all her record keeping and documentations.

“Barr. Otasowie has proved himself to be an astute administrator and legal luminary and having such a person as General Secretary, will be a plus to the association.

“All activities and transactions of this office is subject to the approval of EPIA/EIM President and Elder’s Council.

“You are to comply with EPIA’s guidelines and directives in carrying out all your duties in this regard”, said Chief Dr. Edokpolo.

In his acceptance speech, the newly appointed General Secretary of EPIA- Barr. Chris Otasowie said he was very humbled by the appiontment and that he wholeheartedly accepted it, and promised to assume responsibilities that the office entails.

“I have keenly observed with great nostalgia, the activities of EPIA under your able leadership and I must say without any fear of contradiction that your excellent leadership qualities has earned our noble Association a place of pride amosgst its counterparts all over the world.

“I am from Edo South Senotorial District of Edo state, specifiaclly from Ovia North East Local Government Area, with an ancenstral trace to Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

“I am a legal practitioner and currently the Principal Partner of Green Acumen, a firm of vibrant legal practitioner situated in the heart of Edo State. I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the association”, Barr. Chris Otasowie said.

EPIA was established in 2014 to empower Edo Indigenes all over the world and fight against maginaliztion of indigenes in their settlements across the board; to empower Edo indigenous people; to promote Edo indigenous language and culture all over the world; to protect the right of women, children, physically challenged and the vulnerable indigenous people in Edo State and around the world; to create food and welfare bank for Edo indigenous people in every country they are located worldwide; to promote 15% tax cuts for Edo indigenous investors; to promote bursary for Edo indigenous students; to support, encourage and protect the none indigenous investors and the law abiding none indigenes; to promote welfare packages for 60 years and above including the physically challenged , widows, homeless children and abused women among the Edo indigenous people; to promote easy access jobs and loans to Edo indigenous people including loan for small businesses; to take data of all Edo indigenous people all over the the world; and lastly, to help settle Edo Indigenous deportees or the Indigenes that voluntarily return home from the diaspora into a skill acquisition/vocational school, partnering with European bodies.

Edo Indigenous Movement partners with United Nations to celebrate World Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), also known as Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide (EIM) has announced that it will be celebrating the 2020 edition of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in collaboration with the United Nations.

EPIA, while noting that the 2020 edition will reflect the challenges of COVID-19 across the globe, argued that despite the pandemic, there has been a peak in political consciousness of Indigenous peoples between 2019 and 2020, especially in Africa.

Chief Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo who spoke to journalists on the matter in Benin City, commended Edo indigenes at home and across the world for rising up to defend and protect the rights of Edo indigenes in the face of oppressive political policies.

He also said “This year’s theme is” the Covid 19, Politics and Indigenous Peoples”, and Edo Indigenous Movement is using this opportunity to call on all its indigenes worldwide not to relent effort in promoting their indigenous empowerment and put their state high before any one on earth.

“No matter what anyone says against Edo, there is no place like home”, he emphasized.

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
is observed on 9 August each year to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population.

This event also recognizes the achievements and contributions that indigenous people make to improve world issues such as environmental protection.

It was first pronounced by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1994, marking the day of the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in 1982.

CORRUPTION: Edo Indigenes to investigate Edo NDDC, institute litigation if…

The leadership of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), has warned that they will institute litigation against the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Edo State branch if found complicit in the corruption galore going on in the agency.

Edo Indigenous Movement Leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr Bishop J.O.Enoyiogiere Edokpolo gave this warning in Benin City, Edo State capital while speaking on the gravity of the NDDC scandal.

He said that the country should be embarrassed that the issue of corruption seem unending as different ministries, agencies and even national assemblies seep with the odious stink of corruption.

“I am not surprised but is obviously angry that at this stage of our national life, we are still battling with this thing called corruption. Unfortunately, its now at a level where it looks impossible to eliminate, because those who are supposed to enforce its elimination are all into the game.

“But we at EIM and EPIA do not believe in the power of corruption over our people. This is because of the strong cultural value behind every Edo indigene. We want to however warn that, as Niger Deltans, and naturally, benefactors of the NDDC projects and plans, we will not fold our hands and watch a few individuals corner or pocket wealth meant for the people.

“We warn Edo NDDC that we are embarking on a fact-finding mission, and woe betide if the agency is found wanting. Edo Indigenes will fight corruption at the level of the NDDC with all that we have got. We will not sit back and watch one man or a group of people squander our commonwealth, or pocket what is the right of our people. Let no man think he can do that here in Edo State.

“We all must play our different roles to ensure that we eliminate corruption in this country”, Edokpolo stated.

EPIA appoints Engr. Barry Igbeare as Acting Diaspora Coordinator General

Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA), also known as Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM), has confirmed the appointment of Engr. Barry A.O. Igbeare as the association’s Acting Diaspora Coordinator General.

This was contained in a letter signed by the President and Founder of EPIA- Chief Dr. Bishop J.O. Enoyiogiere Edokpolo. The letter spelt out the following responsibilities of Engr. Igbeare to include coordinating, uniting, empowering, meeting, promoting, and putting the interest of all Edo indigenous people first at all times.

Other responsibilities include holding of Diaspora meetings with all coordinators and committee Chairmen in Diaspora ones in 6 months.

On his part, Engr. Igbeare thanked EPIA for appointing his as Diaspora Coordinator General and promised to do his best in achieving the aims and objectives of EPIA.

“I look forward to working with all of you to promote the interests of Edo Peoples all across the world. As a businessman specialized in International Real Estate & Certified Property Specialist, Retail and Agriculture, I have been residing for decades in Europe, particularly in Italy.

This long standing residence abroad has given me a vantage position to interact with and offer my help to our people who are trying to find jobs and get their papers of stay in a foreign land.

“In a private capacity, I hope to continue offering such help and will also strive to see how we can all pull our resources together in EPIA to improve the lot of Edo people everywhere in the worlds”, Engr. Igbeare said.

Civic memberships and community involvement of Engr. Igbeare among global leadership roles and resumes include:

Member, European Forum for Immigrants in Brussels.
Member, European Council on Immigration, Euro Parliament, Brussels.
Member, Italian National Council on Immigration, Rome.
Member, Regional Council on Immigration, Emigration for European Political Service and International Public Relations. Region Emilia Romagna, Italy.
Member of FIMEC (Italian Federation of Credit Brokers).
Member if FIAIP (Italian Federation Professional Real Estate Agents).
Co-Founder, Edo National Elders Council, Italy.
Ex National President of National Union of Nigerian Associations in Italy.
Member of certified International Property Specialist, USA.
And many more.

Member Regional Council on Immigration, Emigration for European Political service & International Public Relation. Region Emilia Romagna Italy.
Member of FIMEC (Italian Federation of Credit Brokers).
Member of FIAIP (Italian Federation Professional Real Estate Agents)
Member of National Association of Realtors U.S.A.

Member of Certified International Property Specialist U.S.A.
Ex National President of National Union of Nigerian Associations in Italy.

Vice President Friends of Nigeria International Association Committee composed of 48 mixed members of Italian Parliamentarians Rome Italy.
Ex Vice President Italian Nigerian Chamber of Commerce Milano Italy
Co-Founder of the Organization of Nigerians in Diaspora Europe- Italy
Co-Founder of Edo National Association in Italy.
Co-Founder Edo National Elders Council Italy.