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PHOTOS: Ndi Igbo Royal Heritage launches masterplan to develop Igboland into World Class Economy 

A new pan-Igbo organisation has launched a socio-cultural, economic and technological masterplan with a view to developing Igbo land into a world class economy.

Unfolding the grand model of the plan, President General of the organisation in Enugu, Dr Paul Okoye said Igbo people must invoke and begin to implement the Asian Tiger template that has made Asia the economic giants of the world.

He was speaking during the official unveiling of the organisation, which took place at Ofuobi Africa Centre, Enugu, Nigeria.

Addressing journalists, Okoye argued that Igbos sadly, have deviated from their mission and are fixated in a rigmarole, developing other nations and neglecting homeland.

His words; “Igbo land is presently in tatters and we are of the opinion that a new Igbo initiative must begin, devoid of the usual blame game. I do not believe that the problem of the Igbo is Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Efik or whoever. The idea is to liberate the Igbo with a global view, motivating the people to focus on our strengths rather than living in the past. It is going to involve all of us; people at home and in the diaspora, the clergy, the youths, members of the academia, everyone. We will be targeting the youth and re-orientating them towards a path of socio-economic renaissance so they become proud of whom we are once again. We are republicans in nature, but misapplying that will remain detrimental to us as a people until something is done.

“In the new programme, the ‘aku ruo ulo’ is one of the priorities, because it is abundantly clear why Igbos have invested little in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The way out of the impasse is to create an enabling environment. The youths are stronger, more creative and brilliant. What they need is an enabling environment to excel,” he said.

He also revealed that NIROH’s journey began after the civil war from late Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, and was unanimously passed on to him.

Dr Okoye, an Italian-based technocrat with world class degrees from institutions in United Kingdom and Switzerland believes that Igboland can be developed into a world class economic environment through the combined efforts of umu Igbo.

He says that NIROH’s mandate in the short and long terms include;

*Unification of the Igbo Nation at home and in diaspora;

*Re-orientation and reprogramming of the upward social mobility of the Igbo people and its ascension;

*Improving the infrastructural development in the Igbo nation;

*Identification with core Igbo groups both at home and in diaspora who have an infinite pride in and commitment to the fatherland;

*Promoting the Igbo cultural essence and correctness;

*Promotion and realisation of the Igbo rich cultural heritage in line with the mandate of Obu Ezumezu Ofo Ndigbo Royal Heritage Worldwide;

*Galvanisation of the Igbos especially the youths and the mainstream towards patriotic services to fatherland;

*Provision of a rallying point for the Igbo cohesion and essential unity;

*Restoration of confidence in the Igbo people;

*Promoting a comprehensive discussion for the immediate and lasting restoration of the Igbo social and cultural ethos, geared towards the renaissance and development of the conventional social ethics rooted in virtue, honour and value and encouragement of research, documentation and social actions on various issues that affect the Igbo people and the Igbo Interest.

The programme was punctuated by colourful music, dances and entertainment from all corners of Igbo land.

Photos from the event:

Too Much Trouble in Igboland, We Must Rise, Defend our Land-Dodor Okafor

1. Why was Willie Obiano Peter Obi’s favoured successor after he ruled Anambra state for an unprecedented 8 years?

2. Why did Orji Kalu consider Theodore Orji the best man to lead Abia State in 2007? Was Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi the best man Sullivan Chime could have favoured to succeed him in 2015?

3. Was the interest of Abia public considered in 2015 when Theodore Orji went above and beyond the call of duty to rig the guber election for the befuddled Okezie Ikpeazu?

4. Why are Igbo leaders wicked to the land? Why does selfishness always override the interest of the general public?

5. Why did Rochas Okorocha turn against the very people that braved all odds, fight monsters and spirits to elect him in 2011?

6. In the past 20 years of democratic governance in Nigeria, the only 2 standout governors we have seen in Igboland are Peter Obi and Sullivan Chime. What happened to the rest? The educated and the stark illiterates?

7. Why did public acclaim and media honors become more important to Chimaroke Nnamani that he suddenly forgot that he was elected to provide quality governance to the Enugu electorates?

8. How did a US trained medical officer become so rustic that he elected to roll with cultists, criminals, and armed robbers than seek the company of wise men in leading the state? Why or where did Chimaroke Nnamani lose it?

9. Ikedi Ohakim was a humble man who never imagined he would one day smell the governor’s office at Owerri. When fortune however thrust him to the pinnacle of power in his home state, this little known fellow suddenly became an emperor and began to oppress hardworking men and women in Imo.

10. How about Chinweoke Mbadinuju? Was he charmed by some cosmic forces that he saw no sense in being sensible as a governor?

11. What happened to the land that once produced M. I. Okpara and Akanu Ibiam? How did we substitute Micheal Okpara’s foresight with Okezie Ikpeazu’s debauchery? How did Imo fall from the Olympian heights set by Dee Sam Mbakwe to the idiocy of Rochas Okorocha?

12. How were Zik’s vision and wisdom succeeded by the love of sycophancy that has been the hallmark of governance in Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Enugu?

13. Could we have offended anyone in Anambra that Peter Obi was directly succeeded by the clueless Willie Obiano? I am of the conviction that it is about time we began to seek some spiritual understanding to these oddities? How did Okezie Ikpeazu become governor?

14. We can blame the Theodore Orjis of this world, the Peter Obis and Orji Kalus for imposing mediocres on the land but we must ask: how on earth did a Theodore Orji become so powerful that he single single-handedly decided who governs a state with more than 2 million adults?

15. Abia today is like a wasteland. Pensioners have not been paid in more than 2 years, civil servants are dying of hunger and the youths cannot find labour for their hands.

16. There are no fully functional general hospitals in all of Igboland and what you have as public schools especially in Abia and Imo states are legalised centres for exam malpractices and other forms of immorality and drug abuse. In much of these schools, you will hardly find any serious teaching and learning going on.

17. What future awaits a land whose education is in shambles? It is unfortunate many commentators are not paying necessary attention to these because they are largely on the payroll of the political elites.

18. How does anyone drive a 100 million naira Range Rover on Imo roads? Have we become so silly that we have no wisdom to recognize that we make a mess of the white man’s invention when we put their machines on these bad roads?

19. The biggest enemies of Ndigbo today are the political and economic elites in the land. They are the reason we have characters like Ikpeazu, Ugwuanyi and Obiano as governors while Oyo has Seyi Makinde who is doing everything possible to reposition Oyo state for glory. In 10 years time, some lunatics will look at the giant strides made in Oyo and blame Awolowo for starving our children during the Biafran war.

20. Imagine where we could have been if Oseloka Obaze was governor in Anambra, Alex Otti at the helm in Abia, Frank Nneji in Imo and another good mind at the centre of things in Enugu? These men would not be moved by the sight of money, they would not be intimidated by godfathers and they would not cower before Abuja…

21. No, our elites would rather frustrate them than watch them become governors. We prefer early morning drunks, old men who run after teenage girls and men who have no esteem as governors. Yet, when our land is overtaken by the economic plague of poverty, joblessness and diseases, we prefer to blame Awolowo who died eons ago or abuse Zik for not doing what a George Washington would have done.

22. Sadly, while we remain stuck in the lunacy of wickedness and crazy leadership, other lands are advancing the frontiers of the economic development, taking leadership positions in ICT, healthcare and agriculture…

23. Do you know that UNN VCs and officials loot more funds than what their counterparts from other universities in other parts of country do? Interestingly, the VCs of UNN have come from only two “core Igbo states” in the last 20 years. When are we going to blame Hausa-Fulani for the shadow UNN has become?

24. In UNIZIK, ABSU, and several other universities in Igboland, vice chancellors trained with public funds are doing everything to fraustrate people from disadvantaged economic backgrounds from acquiring university education and yet- we say nothing about those.

25. Do you wonder why we have more Igbo “agberos” in Lagos and Abuja than those from other tribes? Well, no prize for guessing: the answer is simple- we have Ikpeazu, Ugwuanyi and Obiano as governors- men who have no clue about progressive governance.