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Nigeria: Over 60 (30 Identified) Now killed & 90-100 (50 Identified) Injured In Obigbo Army Massacre-Intersociety

Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria
Thursday, 19th Nov 2020

The Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law is deeply sad, worried and dismayed over the continuation of Army massacre operations in Obigbo and global silence trailing same.

With our latest updates, the number of slain defenseless Igbo citizens of Obigbo residency and environs in Rivers State has now risen to at least 60 with between 90 and 100 others shot and deadly injured. Dozens have also been permanently disappeared and 200-300 others militarily abducted and held in custodies only known to the Nigerian Army.

The Nigeria Police Force, Rivers State Command is also strongly believed to be holding not less than 100 persons. All the surviving victims being held alive by the Army and the Police are strongly believed to be undergoing torture and other harsh detention conditions. There are also no credible pieces of evidence showing that the sick and the injured detainees are receiving adequate medical treatments, raising serious fears of some dying in Army or Police custody or both.

We therefore strongly call for international intervention to stop the atrocious Army operations. The Nigerian Government and Nyesom Wike led Government of Rivers State must be prevailed upon to immediately withdraw the killer soldiers deployed to Obigbo and environs and all those currently held by the Army and the Nigeria Police Force in Rivers State and neighboring Abia State must be freed unconditionally or put on fair trial.

The Obigbo massacre must not only be thoroughly investigated but also the perpetrators of the dastardly act including Major Gen Olu Irefin (GOC, 6 Division, Port Harcourt), Brig Gen SB Kumupayi (Commander, 14 Brigade, Ohafia) and Gov Nyesom Wike must be fished out at appropriate time and place and put on local and international trial for mass murder and crimes against property well as crimes against humanity.

We also wish to state boldly and factually that what is going on in Obigbo is far more devastating and three times murderous than the 20th night of Oct 2020 Lekki Tollgate Army shootings and killings targeted at gathered unarmed and defenseless protesters in Lagos State.

In other words, the number of unarmed and defenseless citizens killed so far at Obigbo in Rivers State is at least three times higher than that of Lekki Tollgate in Lagos State.

While the Lekki Tollgate killings took the lives of about 20 persons, the number of persons so far killed in Obigbo has risen to at least 60, out of which 30 have been verified bodily or by names.

On the other hand, while the number of those shot and deadly injured in the Lekki Tollgate shootings is about 30, the number of those shot and deadly injured at Obigbo has risen to between 90 and 100, out of which 50 names have so far been identified. The ongoing Obigbo Army massacre has also resulted in permanent disappearances of dozens and 200-300 Army abductions.

Unlike the Lekki Tollgate Army massacre where ‘ethnic cleansing’ was never intended even though a good number, if not majority of the dead activists were Igbo citizens; in Obigbo, the Army massacre there was and still is a full blown ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Apart from the fact that 98% of the dead and the shot and deadly injured victims in Obigbo are citizens of Igbo Nation, using “IPOB death code”, the Nigerian Army and other killer squads loyal to the Rivers State Government headed by Gov Nyeson Wike have also applied instant death and abduction code against every citizen with Igbo name or identity.

In other words, any citizen with Igbo name or identity caught during their house breaking and house-to-house search and violence is instantly labeled “IPOB member” and either killed or abducted.

Therefore, going by our earlier promise of keeping the global community with verified updates over the ongoing Nigerian Army-Gov Nyesom Wike massacre operations in Obigbo, Rivers State; Intersociety has updated and verified 30 of the dead victims and 50 names of the shot and deadly injured in the massacre. We had in our first statement of 6th Nov 2020, released names of eight slain citizens and three unidentified others as well as 22 names of the shot and deadly injured others and made a promise to launch a detailed investigation into the massacre.

The Obigbo Army massacre, now bearing semblance of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and still ongoing, had occurred since 21st Oct 2020 following a curfew and thoughtless order issued same date by Gov Nyesom Wike, which the heavily Muslim controlled and secularity challenged Nigerian Army cashed in to levy human and property war targeting members of the Judeo-Christian Igbo population residing in the area; by killing them at will and looting and destroying their properties. Homes and areas occupied by Igbo natives have been targeted and are still being targeted by soldiers and-any person with Igbo identity is instantly made to run the high risk of losing his or her life or liberty and property.

The soldiers had In keeping with their new “IPOB death code”, abducted and presumably killed scores of unarmed and defenseless Igbo citizens living in the area-with multiple dozens, if not hundreds still held in the custodies of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army located in Port Harcourt and Elele as well as its neighboring Asa-Ukwa military facilities in Abia State.

They have been held in such facilities for past 28 days or since 21st Oct without being released or handed over to the Nigeria Police Force as required by law. Hundreds of homes have been broken into and still being broken into-with their Igbo occupants abducted at ungodly hours and their properties razed or destroyed or vandalized or burnt. It is credibly estimated that the Nigerian Army is presently holding not less than 200-300 of the arrested.

For instance, the areas affected by the Army massacre in Obigbo and environs are Obigbo Expressway (surrounded with armored tanks since 21st Oct till date), Old Aba Road (under siege since 21st Oct), Obigbo Roundabout (under siege since 21st Oct), Mbabo Camp (under siege since 21stOct), Ehi Road/Umunchi (under siege since 23rd Oct), Kom Kom Area (under siege since 24th Oct), Ohafia/Abiriba Quarters (under siege since 26th-27thOct and 11th-12th Nov and Obeama Area (under siege since 29th-31st Oct ), etc.

Terrified witnesses including passersby are also alleging the dumping and drowning of scores of slain corpses inside ‘Imo Gate’ and ‘Mmiri Nwanyi’ Rivers. Some claimed to have sighted some floating corpses at ‘Mmiri Nwanyi River on 29th and 31stOct and ‘Imo Gate River Banks’ on 7th and 8th Nov 2020. The witnesses were unable to photo or video the ‘floating corpses’ owing to heavy presence of soldiers guarding the areas for possible destruction of evidence or erasing traces.

Timber Road area has been under Army terror since 28th Oct. A Jewish Shabbat Mission in the area was attacked and dozens of its worshippers and officials abducted with scores killed. Umusonye/School Road and Vacation Areas have also been under Army siege, forcing several, if not many of their residents to flee. At Okpulo Area, residents including Shabbat religionists were attacked on 6thNov and on 8th Nov, the Shabbat Mission in the Area was demolished; likewise terrorization of residents of Ikwere-Ngwo Area and violent attacks on their houses including demolition of another Shabbat Mission in the Area. Houses and residents of Okoloma-Afam have been under heavy military terrorization since 12th and 14th Nov 2020.

Along Tap Junction, at least four defenseless citizens were shot dead and scores injured by soldiers in the evening of 11th Nov. This is according to eyewitnesses’ accounts. At Mbano Camp same evening of 11th Nov 2020, three persons were shot dead and at Obigbo Express Junction, two more persons were shot dead and at Ohafia and Abiriba Junction same date and time, witnesses said “between 15 and 20 persons” were shot dead following indiscriminate shootings in different terminal directions by soldiers. While some of the corpses particularly those that felled off the road or street or inside gutters are abandoned to decompose, soldiers made away with others.

The heavy presence of soldiers also made it very difficult for relations of the slain to pick up their relatives’ bodies. Late Queen Nwazuo was among those shot and killed by military’s rain of bullets fired in different terminal directions. She was shot dead in front of her shop around noon of 23rd Oct 2020. She was killed at Umunchi Junction, Ehi Road in Obigbo. Among those abducted in their sleep by soldiers are Aneke Sunday and Onyema Christopher Onyeiro.

While Citizen Aneke Sunday was abducted in his sleep around 2am in his residence around Market Road, Obigbo, Citizen Onyema Christopher Onyeiro and scores of his co residents were abducted around 11pm on 17th Nov 2020 at Isaiah Eletuo Street, Obigbo.

In all these, the Government of Rivers State and authorities of the Nigerian Army (who have refused to speak and maintained silence of the graveyard on the massacre) are stopping at nothing to ensure that the truth concerning the massacre never sees the light of the day. Gov Wike apart from going about denying that “no killings took place at Obigbo”, has also been trying to divert the public attention by urging ‘all to condemn the killing of soldiers, police personnel and burning of police stations at Obigbo rather than wasting time seeking to investigate without evidence the Oyigbo incident”.

Attempts by the NBA fact-finding committee to investigate the massacre have also been strongly resisted by the Gov and Government of Rivers State.

Updated Slain Victims Of Obigbo Army Massacre:

Their identities are: (1) Pastor Igwe (slain husband of Mrs. Amara Igwe), (2) Queen Nwazuo (slain fiancée of Mr. Monday Bakor), (3) Okoro Peter and (4) Mr. Chinwendu (the two were shot at close range and killed instantly by soldiers including busting the brain box and fluids of Late Chnwendu on 24thOct 2020 few meters away from Gov Wike’s convoy during his visit to Obigbo), (5) Jude Egejuru (died from gunshot injuries), (6) Clifford Okeke, (7) Cornelius Anya, (8) Udeme Ossy Monday, (9) Edochie Steven, (10) Ebere, (11) Wisdom, (12) Chizy (missing and presumed dead), (13) Michael Nkama (believe to have died from gunshot injuries) and (14) Chinonso Joshua (died from gunshot injuries), (15) Godwin Samuel Umahi, (17) Sunday Umahi, (18) Queen Eze, (19) Darlington, (20) Chinonso Udoh (missing and presumed dead), (21) Kufre Sandy (missing and presumed dead), (22) Justice (shot dead in front of his residence), (23) Martins (missing and presumed dead), (24) Ebite Orjinta (Ihite-Uboma, Imo State), (25) Sunday Aneke (missing and presumed dead), (26) a young nursing mother (died from gunshot injuries) and (27) her newborn baby of one month, 3 weeks and two days (yet to locate her relatives), (28) a yet-to-be identified dead citizen, (29) second yet-to-be-identified citizen and (30) third yet-to-be-identified dead citizen. The three slain bodies were shot and left to decompose along an Obigbo Street in a verified video footage.

Updated Injured Victims Of Obigbo Army Massacre:

Among the deadly injured are: (1) Chukwuma Chinonso, (2) Nwoke Okwudiri Nwonye, (3) Uche Ogbonna, (4) Chikaodi Agwu, (5) Michael Okwudiri, (6) John Emeka, (7) Agwu Enyi, (8) Obichukwu Chibuike, (9) Izuchukwu Igwe, (10) Eluu Chukwuemeka, (11) Arinze Joshua, (12) Nwakama Izuegbe, (13) Destiny Okorie, (14) Israel Asoh, (15) Emeka Heart, (16) Victor Heart, (17) Orji Amaoji, (18) Paschal, (19) Obasi Emela, (20) Chiwuzu Orjinta, (21) Sylvester Odoche, (22) Elochukwu Emeka, (23)Nwakama Uzuegbu, (24) David Godwin, (25) Chima Iwuala, (26) Theresa David, (27) Ozara Ede Anyanwu, (28) Nnamdi Udorji, (29) Obasi Emerem, (30) Sunday Okoegwu, (31) Ozuen Christian, (32) Chima Ogbona, (33) Samuel Obasi, (34) Solomon Ukezu, (35) Ndubuisi Azunna, (36) Victoria Ndubuisi, (37) Ubong Umoh, (38) Tochukwu Nicholas, (39) Anthony Obi, (40) Udorji Anayo, (41) Etim Ubong, (42) Chisom Nnamdi, (43) Eric Angel, (44) Peter Ajah, (45) Uzochukwu, (46) Godwin, (47) Emeka, (48) Arinze, (49) Mike Ujam and (50) Ugwuanyi Ogbuu.


Principal Officers: Emeka Umeagbalasi (Board Chair),

Chinwe Umeche, Esq., (Head of Democracy),

Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., (Head of Civil Liberties),

Ndidiamaka Bernard, Esq., (Head of Int’l Justice & Human Rights) and Comrade Sam Kamanyaoku

(Head of Field Data Collection & Documentation)

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8 Major Indicators Vicariously Linking The Present Government Of Nigeria To Herdsmen & Boko Haram Jihadism

Intersociety, Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria, Friday, 31st July 2020.

There are eight major indicators vicariously linking the present Government of Nigeria and its security and law enforcement agencies to ongoing orgy of terror against Christians in the country.

The jihadist terror activities against Christians especially by Jihadist Herdsmen is likened or modeled after Sudan’s “Janjaweed Jihadism” under the ousted Gen Omar Hassan el-Bashir Government (1989-2019).

The present Government of Nigeria and its security and law enforcement agencies have since mid 2015 defended and stood by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen whose frontiers have further expanded to include ‘foreign’ or ‘imported’ Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and Shuwa Arabs. These Jihadist groups are also fingered in the ongoing socio-political instabilities or crises in the Central African Republic and Republic of Burkina Faso, etc.

The Nigeria’s central Government has continuously failed woefully in its constitutional duties to protect and secure the country’s individual and group citizens irrespective of their religion, tribe and creed. Same Government has also failed woefully to protect the country’s secularity status and seemed most likely to have adopted radical Islamism as ‘a state religion’, contrary to Sections 10 and 38 of the 1999 Constitution as amended. The Government’s defense of the Jihadist Herdsmen and their heinous atrocities had included and still includes description of their anti Christian butcheries as “herders-farmers’ clash(es)”, or “killings arising from revenge and reprisal violence and criminal gangs”, or “communal clashes” such as ‘killings involving two warring Christian communities”. The latest of such indefensible Government’s cuddling and defense of Jihadist Herdsmen is a false narrative of “balance of terror” or ‘symmetric killings and counter killings’ between communal Muslims and communal Christians’.

In all these, we, the Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, are not unaware of the fact that the Government is bent not only to continue its monumental failure to act to end the butcheries but also its attempts at deceiving and misleading the world. Therefore, having, since 2010, carefully followed, monitored, researched, investigated, documented, exposed or published the killings perpetrated against Christians and Minority Muslims in Nigeria or any part thereof including patterns and trends of the attacks, we have identified eight major indicators vicariously and inescapably linking the named Government and its security and law enforcement agencies to Fulani Herdsmen Jihadism in the country. The eight major indicators are summarized as follows:

One (1): Government of Nigeria has consistently and undeniably risen since mid 2015 in strong defense and protection of Herdsmen Jihadists and their atrocities which have now escalated and spread country-wide. The central Government of Nigeria and its Armed Forces has also vicariously and officially maintained a policy of soft spot for Boko Haram and its terror jihadism in the Northeast. This, the same Government does to through window dressing and, some say, ‘conflict profiteering’.

Two (2):Government has introduced RUGA (Rural Grazing Area or Settlement for Fulani Herders throughout Nigeria) and NLTP (National Livestock Transformation Plan); all resulting in forceful settlement of Fulani Herders or making them to violently occupy indigenous Christian lands throughout Nigeria. Included, too, is the Nigerian Military (Fulani) Cattle ranching program which seems to have reduced same to a “Fulani colony or Armed Forces”.

Three (3): The Nigerian Military particularly the Army has also since Oct 2016, established annual regional military operations with different code names, camouflaged and remotely targeted at Christian parts of Nigeria; during which ways are militarily and vicariously paved for Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen to move into indigenous Christian lands and occupy them under heavy military or security backing and protection. Strong pieces of evidence abound.

All the programs above are widely viewed as jihad friendly or oriented and through them the Jihadist Herdsmen have been provided state cover to move in and forcefully occupy indigenous Christian communities and their forests, bushes and farmlands across the country; from where they launch attacks and jihadist campaigns targeted at Christians, their lands, farmlands, houses and worship and learning centers. They have been responsible for burning or destruction of not less than 1,500 churches and Christian learning centers across the country since 2015.

Not a single Mosque has been destroyed or burnt in their name till date. As a matter of fact, it must be reminded that Jihadist Herdsmen have never killed a single Muslim or destroyed or burnt any Mosque or Islamic learning center anywhere in Nigeria or any part thereof. All their victims are Christians and other non Muslims. Before mid 2015, for instance, less than two percent of the farmlands, bushes and forests in over 500 Igbo communities in Igbo Land (including Igbo parts of Delta, Benue and Kogi) presently occupied or under the occupation of the Jihadist Herdsmen was occupied or under occupation by same Jihadist Herdsmen. They had existed as “Hausa Settlements” or “Ogbe Hausa”. This is also similarly the case in the Christian parts of Benue, Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, Kogi, Yobe, Taraba, Gombe, Adamawa, Edo and Delta, etc.

Three (3): Grossly lopsided composition of the country’s security forces including their commands and controls which have remained, some say, “90% Muslim controlled”. Three (3): refusing to arrest and prosecute the atrocious jihadists or hold them to account for their heinous atrocities since July 2015.

Four (4): Continued recognition of the mother bodies of the genocidal Fulani jihadists (i.e. MACBAN, FUNAM and Fulani Koutal Hore) as ‘registered organizations” and deregistration of nonviolent socio-cultural, etc groups and declaration, using draconian legal instruments, of other nonviolent ethno-religious groups as “terrorist organizations”.

Five (5): Indiscriminate and unilateral granting of state pardon to terror jihadists (i.e. “repentant Boko Haram combatants”) and their alleged enlistment into security forces as well as abandonment and persecution of victim groups or communities.

Six (6): Government’s false labeling of killing of Christians as “killings arising from herders-farmers’ clashes” and use of different false narratives to back and protect the jihadists and cover their atrocities.

Seven (7): In furtherance of the above false labeling and narratives, the present Nigeria’s central Government also tries to introduce “a balance of terror” or symmetric narrative, between the Fulani Herdsmen jihadists and the victim Christian communities by describing the brutally asymmetric killings as “killings arising from revenge, reprisals and criminal gangs”.

Same Government has till date, refused to recognize and declare Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen as a terror group. This is despite the fact that the group is internationally outlawed and named ‘world’s fourth deadliest terror group’. The “balance of terror” Government’s false narrative has further exposed the complicity of the Nigerian Government in the anti Christian butcheries and its monumental failure in discharging its constitutional duties of protecting and safeguarding the citizens irrespective of their religion, tribe or creed.

Eight (8):Nigerian Government and its security and law enforcement agencies particularly the Nigeria Police Force do not have official credible data or crime statistics particularly with respect to ceaseless massacre of Christians in Nigeria. The Government has not only failed to provide official credible data of the killings, maiming and Christian properties destroyed or burnt but also undermined, mangled and denied same when independently presented.

Government has also failed woefully in letting Nigerians and the Int’l Community know, with verifiable statistics, the proportionality or dis-proportionality of such inter faith asymmetric killings, maiming and destroyed or burnt or lost properties. That is say that there are no credible data from the present central Government of Nigeria or its security and law enforcement agencies including Nigeria Police Force and Defense or Army Headquarters, showing the percentage or number of attacks against defenseless Christian communities by the state backed and protected Jihadist Herdsmen or reprisals by the victim Christian communities, if any.

In other words: there are no credible Government’s records or from its security and law enforcement agencies showing the number of attacks against Christians since mid 2015 by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen, number of Christians killed, number of their lands seized and occupied by the Jihadists and number of Christians’ properties including dwelling houses, worship and learning centers destroyed or burnt or lost to Jihadist Herdsmen. Government or security or law enforcement records are near totally absent, if not totally absent regarding the number of Jihadist Herdsmen arrested and investigated, convicted and jailed since mid 2015 for killing Christians or seizing or destroying their properties especially their sacred learning and worship centers. Independent records have continued to indicate that such perpetrators are often not arrested, but shielded by the security forces.

On the other hand, there are also no credible records from the same Government or its security and law enforcement agencies showing the number of attacks against Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen or Fulani citizens or settlements by the victim Christian groups or communities, number of Fulani citizens killed, number of their lands seized and occupied, number of Fulani properties including dwelling houses, Mosques and learning centers destroyed or burnt by same Christian “avengers”. The present Government of Nigeria and its security and law enforcement agencies should also answer the following questions: how many Muslims or Muslim farmers have been killed by Jihadist Herdsmen in Nigeria since mid 2015 and how many Islamic properties such as Mosques and learning centers have the same Jihadist Herdsmen destroyed or burnt?

Therefore, since the central Government of Nigeria is now introducing locally and internationally, ‘balance of terror’ narrative or symmetric violence ratio into the anti Christians’ massacre, we challenge them to furnish Nigerians and the Int’l Community with credible official records or data or ‘crime statistics’ regarding the above highlighted. The failure of the Government in this regard will mean same shutting up its mouth permanently and licking the wounds of its monumental failure to act to protect the vulnerable and persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

On our part and independently speaking, the evidence on the ground grossly shows the contrary or contradicts all the Government claims. Apart from attacks on Christians in Nigeria being brutally asymmetric or ‘98%/2%’ ratio; or radical Islamists’ attacks or violence against Christians 98% and reprisals against such attacks or violence 2% or less; the Nigerian Government, adding to its monumental failure to protect Christians and fish out and punish their attackers, has also repeatedly repelled such reprisals if rarely risen or rarely about to occur. Under the same Government, any reprisal killing of a Fulani Herdsman is given widest media attention locally and internationally; with wheel of justice speeded up against the perpetrator(s). But when Christians are massacred, Government rolls out industrially its media censorship and inaction including aiding and abetting; for purpose of dwarfing or mangling same.

Both in principle and in practice, the present Government of Nigeria has provided and still provides maximum protection for Fulani settlements and their jihadist groups and turned and still turns blind eyes including little or zero response to early warning or distress calls on the side of the persecuted Christians and their properties, especially when under attack or about to be attacked. Naturally, individual or group victim citizens’ reprisals become inevitable when governing or securing authorities woefully failed in their duties to protect them and go after their attackers; or whereby same governing or securing authorities take sides and shield the perpetrators and cover up their atrocities.

In the case of persecuted Christians and their communities in Nigeria or any part thereof, they have remained substantially pacifist, nonviolent, peaceful and law abiding; allowing themselves to be massacred at will; only for the same Government and its security and law enforcement agencies especially the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police Force to torment and punish them for being nonviolent. Even in the midst of vicious, systematic and coordinated attacks or violence against them by the Jihadist Herdsmen, the Government does little or nothing to protect and secure them other than to criminalize and collectively frame them up with all manners of false labeling and accusations.

Links below contained conspiratorial statements of the Federal Government, the Kaduna State Government, the Nigerian Army and the Kaduna State Police Command, directly or indirectly justifying the ongoing massacre of Christians in Southern Kaduna; these are same Governing and Security authorities constitutionally charged with responsibility of securing and protecting individual and group citizens’ lives and properties irrespective of their ethnicity and religion:

Presidency: https://globalsentinelng.com/2020/07/22/presidency-blames-revenge-killings-for-worsening-insecurity-in-southern-kaduna/.
Kaduna State Government: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/regional/nwest/404891-why-insecurity-persists-in-southern-kaduna-el-rufai.html
the Nigeria Army: https://www.thecable.ng/military-commander-we-have-limited-manpower-to-tackle-southern-kaduna-killingsand https://www.premiumtimesng.com/regional/nwest/405610-southern-kaduna-crisis-not-ethnic-cleansing-military-commander.html
Kaduna State Police Command: https://guardian.ng/news/police-deny-fresh-killings-in-southern-kaduna/
A counter statement by SOKAPU: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2020/06/01/kaduna-community-urges-security-agencies-to-recover-30-corpses-of-victims-of-attacks/


For: Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chair, Amaka Damaris Onuoha, Esq., Head of Campaign & Publicity, Samuel Kamanyaoku, Head of Field Data Collection & Documentation and Obianuju Joy Igboeli, Head of Civil Liberties & Rule of Law


Mobile/WhatsApp: +2348174090052

Email: info@intersociety-ng.org

Website: http://www.intersociety-ng.org

Killing Of Christians Beyond Igbo-Biafra Affair, Intersociety Replies FG

Wednesday, 10th June 2020
OGovernment Is Panicking:nitsha, Eastern Nigeria

Government Is Panicking:

Nigerian central seat of power, the Presidency, is obviously panicking and trivializing the ongoing genocide against Christians in Nigeria. The Presidency is also deliberately diverting the attention of the international community over same. By the international statement released on Sunday, 7th June 2020, the body language of the country’s Presidency is clearly understood and has internationally confirmed its ‘inability and unwillingness’ to stop the anti Christian butcheries, fish out the perpetrators and have them punished. The statement also ended up exposing the remorselessness, complicity and inactivity of the Presidency.

Killing Of Christians Beyond “Igbo-Biafra Affair”:

Reducing the facts laden genocide against Christians in Nigeria to ‘IPOB’s 85,000 GBP monthly international sponsorship and conspiracy against the Federal Government of Nigeria’, is a clear indication of how remorseless and unrepentant the Presidency is, concerning the referenced butcheries. It further shows Government’s affront and total disregard to sanctity of human lives and their dignity of human person, particularly those of the butchered and mutilated Christians. It is also an attempt to reduce the anti Christian butcheries to ‘ethnic or Igbo-Biafra affair’.

Presidency Has Failed In Its Int’l Commitments & Made Mockery Of Same:

There has been total negligence, disregard and undermining by the Presidency, of Nigeria’s commitments to the African Union and the United Nations. The Presidency’s statement specifically constitutes a threat to the Purposes of the United Nation and its international peace and security. This is on account of the hopelessness of the statement; with capacity to embolden the perpetrators to kill more and encouraging the victims’ communities and threatened others to resort to ‘self help’ defensive methods. The statement also exposes the ‘willingness’ of the country’s Presidency to sit by and allow the country to explode into ‘complex humanitarian catastrophes or emergencies’-whereby the control capacities of the AU, the UN, the West and their humanitarian and crisis management agencies will be overstretched, if Nigeria exploded into full scale or widespread religious violence.

Treaty Laws Observed In Breach:

Nigeria has signed and ratified or domesticated the following international rights, security and humanitarian treaties and protocols (treaty laws); but have them substantially observed in breach. They include the UN Covenant on Civil & Political Rights and the UN Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights of 1976; the UN anti Genocide and Torture Conventions of 1948 and 1985; the UN Convention for Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance of 2009; UN Women & Child Rights Conventions of 1984 and 1990; the UN Statute on Refuge of 1951; the Int’l Criminal Court of 1998; UN Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials of 1979 and UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force & Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials of 1990. Others are the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948; the African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights of 1981 and UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People of 2007 and the Geneva Conventions or Laws of War of 1949, enacted to regulate inter State and intra State conflicts and treatment of non combatants including refugees and IDPs affected by intra and inter State conflicts.

Breach Of The Int’l Principle Of Complementarity:

Under the International Law especially the Rome Statute for Int’l Criminal Court, ratified by Nigeria in Sept 2001, Nigeria is obligated, under ‘the Principle of Complementarity and No Impunity’ not to shield state actor and non state actor perpetrators of atrocity crimes such as ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ perpetrated under no situations of intra state warfare and ‘War Crimes’ perpetrated under situations of warfare; but to ensure that they are fished out and brought to justice using local criminal legislations and courts. From available records and evidence, the two sets of heinous crimes are substantially perpetrated in Nigeria especially under the current central Government. The Principle, on the other hand, directs firmly that whereby the country becomes ‘unable’ and ‘unwilling’ to have the perpetrators fished out and brought to justice, the Nigerian Government must fish them out and hand them over to the ICC or allow and cooperate with the ICC at ensuring that they are fished out and made to face international trials at The Netherlands. It is sad to say that this grand Principle has been grossly observed in breach.

Rights Abuse Somewhere Threatens Human Rights Everywhere:

We had expected the Presidency in its statement to show genuine concerns over the anti Christian butcheries and expressed profound gratitude to all those that have forensically documented the butcheries and spoken out. They include local and international rights and religious NGOs and the media; the internationally respected persons including politico-legislative actors and diplomats; as well as local and international Christian leaders and leaders of the victims’ communities (i.e. Adara Dev Association and SOKAPU in Southern Kaduna and Berom Nationality in Plateau, etc). The Presidency also pretended to be unmindful of the fact that human rights concerns are jealously guided and can be likened to a famous Chinese adage that says “it does not matter whether a cat is tall or short, fat or tin, black or white, as long as it catches a rat”.

In other words, Human Rights are globally indivisible and indissoluble and a violation of them or any of them somewhere is a threat to them everywhere. Issues of Human Rights are also beyond borders, boundaries, rivers and oceans, cultures, political territories and religions. Human Rights are better practically explained and understood using the Abraham Maslow’s Fundamental Human Needs Theory. In Nigeria, there presently exists in the country’s Human Rights Enforcement a principle of ‘Be your neighbor’s keeper or watchdog’. In the enforcement of Section 46 of the 1999 Constitution under the Chapter IV or Fundamental Human Rights, issues of ‘biological locus’ as mandatory ground for parties instituting rights abuse court cases have been laid to rest or expanded to include ‘any concerned body or individual citizen can sue’.

Local & Int’l NGOs Are Also Victims Of Jihadism In Nigeria:

By the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime & Abuse of Office (1985): “victims of Crime and Abuse of Office are persons, who, individually or collectively, have suffered harm including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss or substantial impairment of their fundamental rights, through acts or omissions that are in violation of criminal laws operative within member-States, including those laws prohibiting abuse of power. The victims include, where necessary, the immediate family or dependant of the direct victim and persons who have suffered harm in intervening to assist people in distress or to prevent victimization”.

Presidency Cannot Beat A Child & Ask Him Not To Cry:

The Presidency should have in its international statement admitted its colossal failure at addressing the killings with a firm promise to make amend including going hard on the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen who have been responsible for most of the anti Christian killings particularly in Southern Kaduna, Plateau and Benue where the Jihadists kill, maim, abduct, rape, rob, loot, plunder, seize, occupy, possess, rename and religiously convert at will with impunity and under state cover. The Presidency’s statement is nothing but ‘beating a child and threatening him not to cry’. The Presidential statement was also an indirect way of describing Nigeria as ‘a zoo or animal kingdom’; a sort of ‘Hobbesian state of nature’ where the mighty rule and crush the weak, making life short, nasty and brutish and the society riotous and anarchical.

Foundation Of Presidency’s Journey To Nowhere:

It is on record that the present Nigerian Government murdered sleep when after grabbing the country’s Presidency in late May 2015, it introduced and institutionalized ‘Fulani governance style’ instead of governing the country conventionally and pluralistically.

This is more so when Nigeria is a country of 200 million citizens, 386 ethnic nationalities and multi-religiously and culturally composed. Nigeria also has 36 States and 774 Local Government Areas. For purpose of running limited government governed by Democracy and Social Contract Doctrine, “Chapter 11” or Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy was enshrined in the 1999 Constitution; likewise Section 14 (3) for purpose of preventing lopsided composition of key federal offices or domination of same by a particular ethno-religious section.

Section 10 was also enshrined to prevent adoption of a particular religion as ‘State religion’. It is in defiance of these multi socio-religious compositions and multi socio-political friendly constitutional provisions that the Buhari Presidency came up with unwillingness to practically govern the country with the subsisting Constitution of 1999 and other compatible body of laws. Instead, the central Government discretely adopted what looked like ‘sentiments and biases’ and ‘self help’ methods as its governance modes. This is to the extent that the country’s Constitution is now applied or enforced selectively or according to whims and caprices of the country’s present leaders.

Although the Constitution (1999) as it is, is not a perfect document, but it is likened to “worst civilian government being better than the best military regime”.

Jihadist Fulani Killings As ‘Legitimate Policy’:

The worst of it all is that the Government of Nigeria does not listen to informed opinions, pieces of good advice and constructive criticisms offered. As a matter of fact, the Nigerian Government wears the sackcloth of impunity and incorrigibility, to the extent it does not see the atrocity crimes as ‘leadership failures’, or ‘governmental anomalies’, or ‘atrocities by its affiliated renegades and their patrons in its corridors of power’. Rather, these conduct atrocities are seen and treated by Presidency as ‘a legitimate policy”; the same way the West regarded ‘Atlantic Slave Trade’ of 1441 to 1888 as “legitimate trade”. Totality of these explains why it is like hitting the rock advising the present Government or getting same to change and make amend. Graphic examples abound; with Southern Kaduna as one-where no fewer than 116 defenseless Christians have been hacked to death by the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen since the beginning of Jan 2020 with over sixty others still missing. The Jihadist Herdsmen have also killed not less than 500 defenseless Christians since the beginning of this year or past five months. This is on average of 100 defenseless Christian deaths per month. The Nigerian Presidency is so conspiratorial or inactive that the Jihadists now operate unchecked.

They have moved further southward where they were recently surveyed and found to have violently occupied not less than 400 Igbo communities and villages.

Gov Ganduje Of Kano State Says It All:

Just few days ago, the Governor of Kano State in Northwest Nigeria, Mr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje confirmed officially that the “Presidency has opened the country’s borders and allowed the ‘Herdsmen’ from neighboring African countries to enter massively and settle in Nigeria with arms or assault rifles; resulting in (religious) killings’. The worried Governor who governs the country’s largest Muslim State, also called on the Federal Government to stop and discontinue with the policy. With all these said we still wonder why the Presidency has decided to go ahead and make international mockery of itself in the referenced statement.

Presidency’s Int’l Sponsorship Blackmail Is Dead On Arrival:

On the issue concerning the Presidency’s allegation of international and ‘IPOB’ sponsorship of “Christian NGOs”, we are not surprised. It is a tragedy in Nigeria that those in the position of leadership are never interested in rendering leadership services, but to rapaciously enrich themselves through state coffers (borrowed and generated public funds). To them ‘leadership position is all about how much that enters your pocket from Government coffers’ and not the amount or quantum of leadership services rendered to the citizenry. These explain why they see the legitimate activities and services rendered by independent bodies including rights and democracy NGOs as “sponsored”. Because every aspect of their public office dealings is heavily monetized or quantified in monetary terms, they see any other societal service as ‘sponsored’.

Amnesty International Was Also Falsely Labeled & Accused:

The Nigerian Government’s frivolous accusation of respected local and int’l rights and democracy NGOs as ‘being sponsored’ has become widespread and its trademark to the extent that Amnesty International has consistently been threatened and accused of “supporting Boko Haram and ISWAP and their terrorist activities against the Nigerian State” or “being sponsored by local and int’l terrorist organizations” including Boko Haram, ISWAP and ISIL. There has also been state actor clandestine sponsorship of hired protests against the internationally respected human rights watchdog as well as Government sponsored publications against the group. One of such recent malicious publications is contained in the link below: https://globalsentinelng.com/2020/05/31/how-isis-al-qaeda-affiliates-manipulate-amnesty-international-other-ngos-to-survive-in-africa/?fbclid=IwAR10IleVdk03DrEM1rglWR0uSjcofPEOvdcKp5ole5pO0Ilq4D2s2tqL_eA (“How ISIS, Al-Qaeda Affiliates Manipulate Amnesty International, Other NGOs To Survive In Africa”).

Intersociety therefore makes bold to say that in its advocacy activism, “sponsorship” is a strange language.

This is because we exist not to make ourselves billionaires using the cover of ‘activism’ but to render record time and lifetime services to humanity. This is to the extent that we have operated and still operate without any foreign body or international grant sponsorship since 2008 when Intersociety was formed. That is to say that we have never received a Euro, or a British Pound, or a US Dollar from any international grant body. This explains the independent, thoroughness, credibility and detribalized nature of our research works and publications. It is not as if we are opposed to legitimate foreign grants, but our clear message here is that we must function and do our advocacy activities with or without foreign grants.

For instance, all our computations and advocacy campaigns concerning the massacre of Christians in Northern Nigeria particularly in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Benue and others were done free of charge or without group sponsorship; likewise our campaigns against the massacre of Shiite Muslims in Nigeria, dating back to Dec 2015 in Zaria. The wide foreign and local media coverage of the named advocacy activities was also done free of charge, as we were never charged or asked to pay a dime. In our recent research works concerning the infiltration and forceful occupation of 400 Igbo communities and villages, by Jihadist Herdsmen, published with wide local and international publicity on 27th May and 4th June 2020, about N200, 000 or equivalent of $500 was spent.

How Intersociety Survives:

For the avoidance of doubt, in doing our works, four sources are used to have them successfully executed. They are: in-kind supports or free professional resource donations including expert advice and technical assistance; individual cash donations or cash sums periodically and voluntarily donated by some concerned citizens (usually less politically exposed persons) in appreciation of our works; headship funding or periodic cash sums allocated to Intersociety by the founder and his family; and headship skills/goodwill/ICT or deployment of field and educational skills from the founder who has been rights and democracy campaigner since 1995 or past 25 years. ICT or Information Communication Technology also plays pivotal role in the activities of Intersociety where it is maximally deployed for purpose of ‘activism made easy’.

Commendation & Special Appeals:

We hereby commend all those that have locally and internationally researched and documented the anti Christian butcheries by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and others especially in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Borno, Gombe, Kogi and Nasarawa States; and lately Niger State as well as the Southern parts of Delta, Edo, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and Abia States; and spoken out against same. They include local and international rights and religious NGOs and the media; the internationally respected persons including politico-legislative actors and diplomats; as well as local and international Christian leaders and leaders of the victims’ communities (i.e. Adara Dev Association and SOKAPU in Southern Kaduna and Berom Nationality in Plateau, etc).

We passionately appeal to them not to rest on their oars and leave no stone unturned until the Nigerian Government is compelled to do the needful including apprehending the group and individual perpetrators (i.e. Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen) and ending the ‘industrial scale’ violence against Christians in Nigeria or any part thereof.

For: Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law

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